Blest Sunday, Thankful Sunday

It’s anuvver Blest Sunday here at our house and hopefully at yous house too. We do luv our Blest Sunday postys but this one be extwa special cuz we be fankin’ all of ya’ dat helped get sissy hers antibiotics to get better. We told ya’ yesfurday all ‘bout how and when da UTI stawrted and dat cuz of so many givin’ gween papers to da fundraiser fur Lexi’s medical care we was able to get hers antibiotics. And today weez wanna purrsonally fank you all. Wiffout you sissy wuld at da very least still be sufferwin’ and in pain. But kitties can and do die fwum complications of a Urinary Tract Infection. Mommy has lost 2 kitties dat way and was terwified she was gunna lose sis Lexi too. So yous will never twuly know how fankful we awe.


So a meowsy big Fank you to: uncle Mitch, awnty Sylvie, awnty Lene, awnty Janet, awnty anonymous, uncle Mike, Ms. Tricia, Ms. Ellen, The Cat’s Meow, uncle Mr. Terry, awnty Kim, awnty Julie, awnty Gretel, awnty Karen, awnty Amanda, awnty Ingeborg, awnty Sandra, awnty Jennifer, Ms. Janet and Ms. Belinda. As we sed yesfurday weez leavin’ da fundraiser up cuz even tho’ sis Lexi got antibiotics fur this she still has CKD which can’t be cured, only managed wiff ongoin’ tweatments and moniterin’. Yous awe all da bestest awnties, uncles and furiends/framily we kuld ever have and we luv each and every one of you. Weez sendin’ lots of luv and purrayers yous way. And to all of you who suppowrted sissy wiff yous purrayers and good fawts, we luv and purreciate you as well. We unnewstand dat times be hawd and not everypawdy can affurd to give gween papers and you all know weez believe in da power of purrayer, so weez never discount da ones we weceive. We know da video below be weally dawrk and just not all dat good in generwal, but we do hope yous enjoy it.


Ifin yous can’t see da video, click here to watch.

Now as you all know last week weez posted a pawsum give away fwum PetSafe. Da winner got to choose da color Pagoda dwinkin’ fountain they wanted. Fank you to everypawdy who entered. We put all da names into Random and a winner was chosen. And da winner is……………..our furiends and meez fellow cat scout Timmy Tomcat. As most of ya’ know Timmy be da weason we have a bloggy today. Timmy and hims furmily chose da red fountain fur their home. Purrlease send us yous mailin’ addwess Timmy so we can get yous fountain on its way to you.


Yous have 1 day left to enter our Weruva give away. Ifin yous haven’t alweady, click here to get entered.


Well what a Blest Sunday it is. Weez passin’ along a little blessin’ to udders. We hope yous all wealize just how blest you awe. Yous never been purromised tomowwo and yous can’t change yesfurday. But you have today so make da most of it and give fanks fur da blessings in yous life. Weez also joinin’ our furiends da Kitties Blue fur Selfie Sunday.


Till da next time……………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi