Weekend Happenings And Fun

(Dezi jumps in mommys lap singing meowing at the top of her lungs) Mommy, it’s finally Furiday awen’t you glad?


Yes dear of course I am, but why are you so happy about it?


Cuz mommy most of meez Cat Scouts activities happen on da weekend and this weekend be no ‘ception.


You’re right about that sweetheart. Y’all do stay busy don’t ya’?


And we have fun too mommy. So me was finkin’ since our weekends be so busy wiff fings like Cat Scouts dat maybe we shuld tell Service animal stories durin’ da week and take a bit of a bweak on da weekends. You know we still have a kupple more give aways this mumff too. And even tho a lot of our twainin’ stowries be a little on da amusin’ side, they can also be a little heavy in content. And of course we luv writin’ our Blest Sunday posty.


Well dear I think that sounds like a great plan. So you’ll tell another training story in the series on Monday?


Dat’s wight mommy. Me needs sum time to write ‘bout udder stuffs too. Cat Scouts wecently stawrted a badge wound “Flat Scouts”. It’s where us Scouts make a mini flat us and then go and visit udder scouts. Boff da twavelin’ scout and da host scout earn points fur their purrticipation. And those points go towards our purrmotions. And mommy, me put out a open invitation to all da scouts to come and stay wiff us. Me knew you and sissy wuldn’t mind. And, meez alweady had a few dat sed they wuld be contactin’ me soon to make awangements to come and visit. Me fawt we kuld hang on da Fandango Liberty Cat Twee, go fur a few stwolls and me kuld even give ‘em a lesson in wheelchair basics. What do yous fink mommy?


Well honey I think that sounds like a plan but some of your friends might be afraid of the wheelchair, so you need to check with them before assuming they would want to be anywhere near it.


Me will mommy. Don’t worry, it’s gunna be gweat fun.


Hey,, did anypawdy feenk bowt azkin’ me what I’z fawt bowt awl diz?


Well sissy me fawt it wuld be okay wiff you too. Yous be da bestest big sisfur anykitty kuld ask fur. And you be so luvvin’ and acceptin’ dat me was sure you wuldn’t mind.


Awl-rite Dezi, sloe up on da sweet tawk or youz gunna git kabiteez. I’z doent mind youz fellow scoutz kummin’ too bizit, it’ll beez fun.


Fanks sissy. You know most of them luv you too. So they wuld be comin’ to see you as much as me.


I’z lubz dem too Dezi. Deyz awlwayz bin soz nize too me too. Soz who beez kummin’ furzt?


Me dusn’t know sissy, but hopefully sumkitty scout will be awrivin’ soon. And fur all yous scouts out there dat read meez bloggy, ifin yous missed meez invite, then purrlease accept this one. Yous all welkum fur a visit to our house. Weez’ll have so much fun. And sissy and me share weally good, so yous not have to worry ‘bout havin’ toys to play wiff, tweats to eat and a place on da big bed lessen yous purrfur da kitty beds. This is just one more of da pawsum fings we do at Cat Scouts. So ifin yous been wantin’ to join, now wuld be a gweat time. Click here to get stawrted.


And as always, We be joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Pawade Blog Hop. And don’t furget to go on over and check out all da udder pawsum blogs. And check out Rascal and Roccos new design. Is dat not cool or what?


Dezi = Blue

Lexi = Green

Mommy = Black


Till da next time…………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi