Scouts Are On the Way

It’s Caturday and we have visitors on da way. Member me told you dat da Cat Scouts wecently stawrted a new gwoup called da flat scouts. It’s where scouts make flats of themselves and then twavel to visit udder scouts. Yous purrawlly alweady been seein’ a few posts cuz sum of da scouts have alweady been to visit a few udders. But their finally stawrtin’ to come our way. Now we have always told you dat we publish only da twuff here on meez bloggy wiff da ‘ception of virtual happenin’s. Fur da most pawrt that’s not gunna change cuz we believe da twuff is da only way to go.

 dw Dezi Skyscraper

Now dat bein’ sed, we wanna take a few liberties wiff stowries when our cat scout furiends visit and base sum of it in twuff but embellish a bit to make it more fun. These stowries will only be posted on da weekends unless we tell you udderwise. And we will always include a disclaimer ‘bout da validity of da stowries (what’s fact and what’s fiction). Weez gunna twy our hand at a little cweative writin’ here on da bloggy where we have such pawsum cwitics We can’t wait fur da furst scout to awwive. Mums da word on who it is, yous just gunna have to wait and see. Now ifin yous been finkin’ ‘bout joinin’ Cat Scouts, now’s da time. Just click da name and stawrt havin’ fun.

 dw Lexi Skyscraper

As we always twy to do on Caturdays, weez joinin’ Athena and Marie fur da Caturday Art Blog Hop. Paw da name to see lots more pawsum artsy postys.


Till da next time……………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi