Blest Sunday

It’s anudder Blest Sunday and we awe feelin’ very blest. Sis Lexi be getting’ better by da day. Dat nasty UTI is almost completely gone and she’s eatin’ weally good again too. What else kuld we ask fur?. We also wanna send out a meowsy big Fank you to awnty Debra fur donatin’ to sis Lexi’s medical care fundwaiser. It’s still open and acceptin’ donations ifin yous wuld like to give. Mommy be usin’ dat money fur sis Lexi’s care only. Even when she was climbin’ da walls wiff caffeine wiffdrawel mommy wuldn’t touch sissy’s gween papers. Mommy and me be so happy dat sissy be feelin’ better and dat so many peeps luv her and awe willin’ to help her out. We also wanna fank da anonymous whoever dat sent mommy a can of coffee. Hers feelin’ much better too. She’s got da caffeine flowin’ fwu hers blood again and can focus a little better now. MOL Hoomans and their caffeine. Do yous hoomans need a caffeine fix of sum sort?


dw-Color Cube Dezi
Get me outta these boxes. MOL

Weez wanna let you all know dat weez gunna be tellin’ more Service animal twainin’ stowries comin’ up this week and we will be havin’ anudder give away. And twust me, yous don’t wanna miss this one. We say yous not wanna miss any of them, but this one is way to much fun to miss. Weez won a give away dat Travis had wecently and we got 2 bags of da Bravo tweats. One bag was chicken and chicken liver and da udder was salmon. Yous know how much we luv da fureeze dwied tweets, and these awe no diffewent. OMC awe they ever yummy. Fanks fur havin’ a pawsum give away Travis, Crocket and Angelique.


dw-Lexi Watercolor
This be a watercolor of sissy. Purretty cool huh?

Da wevver be hot and dwy. Summer is finally here and weez enjoyin’ it. Me won’t lie and tell ya’ it’s purrfect like Sammy’s had, cuz sum days just be a little too hot. But at least there’s no snow on da gwound and da rains and floodin’ has stopped. Da road outside our pawrtments is still closed off cuz of all da floods, so we have to take da long way wound to get anywhere, but at least it’s dwyin’ up now. So all in all, weez blest.


Me told you yesfurday dat da (Flat Scouts) Cat Scouts awe makin’ visits to all da udder scouts and earnin’ more points towards purrmotion. Me had mommy and sis Lexi help me make a little invite so da Scouts who visit us will feel more welkum. We just can’t wait fur our furst visitor. It’s gunna be so much fun. We be blest and blest again.

 Scout Invite

How ‘bout yous all? What blessings have come yous way this past week?


Till da next time…………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi