Mommy Got A Box

You’re here. As purromissed me is turnin’ da blog over to mommy today cuz she has a really special box to tell you ‘bout. So without further adieu heeeeeeeeeeere’s mommy.


Thank you Dezi. I do have a great box to tell everyone about today. I know some of you may have already seen one or more of these boxes around the blogosphere, but I was thrilled to be chosen to receive for a review the November Cat Lady Box. And when my box arrived even the girls got a surprise. We had received the Crazy Cat Lady box. Let me tell ya’ a little about the company before we get to the really good part. Dorian Wagner, the founder, decided it was time to debunk the old cat lady stereotype. That doesn’t mean that she or others, including me aren’t still crazy about cats; we are. The point is that we’re not the one people see in media every now and again with a hundred unkempt cats. Cat ladies come from all walks of life and financial standing. We all have one thing in common, our love of everything cat. So with that in mind Dorian began a company with a mission. To provide cat ladies with their own subscription box each month filled with little tasteful cat themed treasures for us to show off our love of cats. And even better still, 5% of the monthly profits are donated to shelters and rescues. You can also shop for single items from past boxes on the Cat Lady Box website.


Cat Lady box collage includes a foto of a cat face watch, treats, tote bag

Now let’s get to the box itself. There are 2 different boxes to choose from, the Cat Lady Box or the Crazy Cat Lady Box. The only difference is what’s inside the box. The Crazy Cat Lady box contains items for the cat lover and a couple of goodies for the cats as well. The Cat Lady box  containing 2-3 items for the cat lady herself is only $34.99 a month and the Crazy Cat Lady box that includes a couple of things for your furry purrer is $39.99 a month. Shipping is free to the U.S., $6.95 for Canada and $12.95 to the UK.

Cat Lady Box collage. Photo 1 is #Dezi looking into box, photo 2 is a #Cute Cat #keychain. Photo 3 is a closeup of the #"Cat faced" #Watch and photo 4 is #Dezi getting into box

Now let’s get to the box I received. When it arrived I couldn’t wait to open it. I had seen others review past boxes and knew I was going to love whatever was inside. And there is certainly no disappointment there. When I first opened the box I saw a small box that  typically contains jewelry. We women can spot a jewelry box at any distance. lol  I love jewelry so I had to check that out first. And OMC I saw the cutest Cat Face Watch ever from the Tiniest Tiger Studios. The band is tastefully done in animal print. Combined it makes a fun and sophisticated way to show off your love of cats. It’s water-resistant with a stainless steel case and gold toned hardware with a quartz movement.

#Cat Lady box collage with Lexi looking into box, an climbing into box
I’z got mine eyez kuvverd waytin’ fur da kitty surprize.

Next was the Cat Outline Keychain by Empurrium. It’s a made with love (handmade) high quality wipe clean vinyl piece. It comes complete with a split ring so it easily attaches to any accessory you’d like including your keys. Laid across the bottom of the box is an adorable “Cats Are My Bag” black tote by Xenotees. A great little shopping tote to show of your love of cats. And an adorable art card featuring an abstract cat by Francesca Rizzato. She gets inspiration from her three cats, and you can see more of her artwork in her Etsy store, MiaoMiao Design. Also included was a note from Dorian and a 10% off coupon for gift subscriptions. And yes, this would make an excellent gift for the cat lover in your life.

Cat lady box collage with Lexi and Dezi playying with the catnip drumstick and a photo of the Cats are my bag tote
Mmmmmm Drumstick

Last but not least are the items for the girls. Both were a big hit. First up, the Cloud 9 cat treats. We got a sample of these treats a couple of years ago and the girls loved them so we are thrilled to have received a full size in the cute little cat head container. They are high in protein, low in calories, grain free and minus fillers, by-products and preservatives. Also included is the Catnip Drumstick by Housecat Club on Etsy. It’s a big hit as well and sooooo cute. I would personally like to thank Dorian for creating such an amazing deal and for allowing me to review the November Crazy Cat Lady box. If you can’t tell, I give the box, the company, all the companies involved and Dorian 2 big thumbs up. Of course no money exchanged hands here, but the box I received free is amazing.

#Dezi and th Cat Lady box

Dezi, thanks for letting me tell everybody about my Christmas pick for the cat lovers.


Thank you mommy. Da Cat Lady Box wuld fur sure make a great gift fur Christmas or anytime of year. How ‘bout just to say I luv you? Dat’s another great reason fur a gift. Sis Lexi and me do luv da drumstick and those treats. We give those 4 paws up each. And we too wanna thank Dorian fur lettin’ our mommy have a little sumfin’ special. Dat doesn’t happen very offen and we’re sure glad when it does. She luvved it so much she had da leaky eyes everytime she looked at it. And thanks to all of you who came by to check it out. Now, run on over by clickin’ here and get your very own. You have till December da 20th to confurm and receive a December box. Weez gunna wrap it up now so me can go and play with dat drumstick some more.


Till da next time…………………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi, Lexi and mommy A

37 thoughts on “Mommy Got A Box

  1. Hey girls, Didn’t really read your post cause Mom has a CatLadyBox sitting on her dresser unopened. You don’t have to tell me the virtues of the CatLadyBox…besides mom didn’t want to know everything in it. Mom sent a CatLadyBox to her sister-in-law and niece for Christmas. They are a little pricey, the CatLadyBoxes I mean, but hey, this is Canada…….the outter Mongolia of North America. hehe


    Liked by 1 person

    1. MOL Dat’s okay Shoko, weez so glad yous mommy got a surprise too. They awe a little spensive specially fur y’all but mommy sez they’re worff it. Weez sure your gifts will be purreciated.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


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