Blest Sunday Living The Good Life

Happy Valentine’s Day. Me is a blest kitty girl fur sure, and it’s me’s turn to tell mommy thank you. Mommy, me hasn’t been with you fur nearly as long as sis Lexi, and me’s sorry a kitty had to die so you kuld save me. But me is so glad you came to me’s rescue dat cold November day. Me’s furst kupple weeks of life had been horrible and me was knockin’ on heaven’s door when you saw me da furst time. Me kuld sense yous heart was still broken, but me knew you had tons of luv left to give. And ifin me was gunna die, me didn’t wanna do it in a cage or shelter. Me wanted to know da luv and comfurt dat came from yous touch and voice. It took all da strength me’s little body kuld muster to crawl up into yous lap. But once there me turned on me’s purr boat and looked into yous eyes and then fell asleep.

Baby Dezi her first week at home

Me’s body was so tired and me kuldn’t member da last time me had eaten. Me shulda still been nursin’ but there was no cat mommy in sight. And then you picked up me’s tired little body and sed, “You’re my Destiny and Deztinee will be your name.” Me had no real idea what any of dat meant, but once you took me outside and put me in da carrier, me knew you wasn’t leavin’ me behind. We had a long drive ahead of us and me wasn’t sure me was gunna make it; but me did. When you took me’s limp flea ridden, worm infested, bloated body out of da carrier me let out a soft mew of thank you. Me kuld rest now. But dat’s when you went to work. You made me a bottle and made sure me ate me’s fill and then bathed all those lifes’ blood stealin’ fleas off me. And then you cradled me in your arms and told me everything was gunna be alright. Me slept peacefully fur da furst time in me’s short life while layin’ on yous lap. This was da life. And fur da furst time me thought me might just make it.

Baby Dezi on top of her first cat tree

Well dat was 6 1/2 years ago now and me did make. Me didn’t just survive, me thrived. Me’s livin’ da good life and fallin’ deeper and deeper in luv with you and sis Lexi every day. Me hopes me’s 10 littermates found their furevers too. Me wuldn’t ever wanna magine a life without you mommy. You have given me so much luv sumtimes me thinks me’s heart will burst. So on this Valentine’s day and every day mommy, me wants you to know dat me luvs you more than anythin’ in da universe.


 Dezi napping in mommy's lap

With All My Luv

Your Deztinee

Lexi needs prayers

Purrlease send sum purrayers fur sis Lexi.

30 thoughts on “Blest Sunday Living The Good Life

  1. you are sure the destiny… and I’m so glad your mom found you and you found her… perfect match :o) I hope with you that all your brothers and sister found a good home and that they feel blessed too…. Happy Valentines Day!

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  2. What a SWEET Valentine’s message to your Mom Dezi……I know you brought a lot to your Mom just as she has given a lot to you. We are what we are because of our Moms giving us “the life” we are living………….I hope you three ladies had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

    Love, Sammy

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