Can You Tell What’s In The Can

Well it’s another miserable Monday and we’re all still here. We kinda went AWOL this weekend cuz sis Lexi wasn’t duin’ so good. Late last night she finally pulled out of it a bit and wanted to eat. We was so happy. Me dusn’t really unnerstand what’s goin’ on when sissy be havin’ a bad time so mommy not only has to take care of sissy, she also has to comfurt me. She duz a gweat job but it leaves her totally exhausted. Anyways back to sis Lexi’s eatin’.


As #ChewyInfluencer’s we received a gweat variety pack of Tiki Cat Gourmet Carnivore canned cat food this month free of charge in exchange fur our honest opinion. As ya’ know, free or not, we always tell it like it is. We’s only ever tried da chicken and duck so we were excited to get to try more flavors. We got a 12 pack of 2.8 ounce cans. Da chicken and duck we like so much was included along with beef, turkey and fishies includin’ tuna. Furst let me tell ya’ dat when you open a can of Tiki Cat, you wuld never know you be lookin’ at cat food. Inside each can is shredded, cut and/or sliced pieces of real meat in juices or a consommé and no stinky smell. Meat is da furst ingredient in every can and there’s no carrageenan. So since sissy hadn’t really eaten all weekend, mommy gave her a can of da Tiki Cat fur dinner last night. Me was purrpared to let her have me’s can too cuz me wanted her to get full and me had a can at breakfast.

dw-TikiCat2-166004 (640x497)

Now let me tell ya’ a little more ‘bout da Tiki Cat foods afur we get to da tastin’. All da foods we tried are grain and gluten free. Carbohydrate, starch and flour free as well. They are made with whole meats and be 55 % protein, 35 % fat and 0 % Carbs. Of course it contains da extra vitamins and minerals required to meet da nutritional needs of all cats and kittens. So on with da taste test. What did sis Lexi think ‘bout her dinner?


I luvved it Dezi. I really like da chicken and duck but I have also luvved every flavor we got in our variety pack. And it tazted even better lazt night when I waz soooooo hungry. So I give da Tiki Cat 4 pawz up. Did you like da one you had fur brekky?


Mmmmmmmm Thiz iz gooooood.
Mmmmmmmm Thiz iz gooooood.

Me sure did Lexi. Me also gives Tiki Cat 4 paws up. And mommy sed cuz of da gweat ingredients, and lack of da bad and controversial ones, she luvs it too. And she gives it 2 fumms up. And since we both like it and lick da plate clean me magines dat’s another reason mommy likes it. You can get your own Tiki Cat at fur $11.77 – $17.17. And while you’re there check out all da other pawsum supplies Chewy has. They offer free Fed Ex shipping on all orders of $49.00 and over and flat rate on any purchase unner dat. You can also schedule automatic shipments of your pets favorite foods and supplies so you never run out. And don’t worry, you can cancel, skip, delay and/or edit your auto ship anytime. Chewy has gweat Customer Service peeps available 24/7 so you’re never stuck payin’ fur sumfin’ your anipal won’t eat. So what are ya’ waitin’ fur? Head on over and check it out now. There’s a new Chewy blog hop sponsored by da Golden Woofs and Oz the Terrier on da 3rd Tuesday of each month where you can check out all da other blog reviews of da months Chewy offerings. We will be linkin’ up tomorrow when it goes live. And ya’ might wanna check it out. We can’t review everythin’ ourselves and you never know what else you might find dat ya’ wanna pick up fur your anipals.


Me’s gunna wrap it up fur now and see ifin me can get mommy to give us sum of da treats we’s gunna be tellin’ ya’ ‘bout in another posty.


Is recognizing the food you feed to kitty/doggy purrtant to you?


Till da next time……………………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi   

35 thoughts on “Can You Tell What’s In The Can

  1. Sure hope the eating continues on the up and up…and Minko…well, we wish he would do some real eating too…the odd bite he does take is far from a meal…well, at least meowmy makes sure he gets all the noms he requires to stay thriving…but like you said, its a lot of work…but…well…love makes one do a lot of things:))

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