We’ve Been Memed: #BlogPawsorBust

Well here we are half way thru another week. Lots of ya’ member our excitement last year when we were able to go to BlogPaws in Nashville fur da very furst time. Kittens, did we ever have a good time. It was a whirlwind and over way too soon, but we learned so much and met so many pawsum bloggers and company reps. Me had never been on any long trips like dat, but it was really fun. Sis Lexi luvved it. She luvs to travel and go on adventures wiff mommy. Now you may be askin’ your self just why me’s talkin’ ‘bout this, right? Well it’s cuz BlogPaws Arizona is comin’ up real fast and we wuld luv, luv, luv to go. But as most of ya’ also know we don’t have da green papers fur things like dat. But BlogPaws runs a contest every year called #BlogPawsorBust to give 3 bloggers da oppurtunity to win a trip to da pawsum conference.



Now mommy has been tryin’ to find us a sponsor among da companies whose purroducts we use. Part of dat purrocess is bein’ turned down, and we know a lot ‘bout rejection dat’s fur sure. So over da holidays mommy opened us up a Zazzle store. We had big hopes of makin’ da greenies, paper not treats; fur BlogPaws and even to pay da VET and buy noms. But alas, we haven’t even made enuff yet to buy a bag of treats. MOL  Course there’s a minimum you have to make afur they’ll even pay ya’ what yous made and we’s got a long way to go yet.



Wiff our Blogoversary comin’ up it seemed da purrfect time to post ‘bout BlogPaws. A lot of ya’ noticed sum of da changes we made to our bloggy after returnin’ home from BlogPaws last year. And a lot of pawsitive things happened fur us. We’s been honored to work wiff quite a few different pet companies to bring products and give aways to you all. So we can only magine more pawsumness ifin we kuld go to BlogPaws again this year. Fur those of ya’ not furmiliar wiff what a BlogPaws conference entails let me just give ya’ sum highlights. There are gweat classes to teach ya’ ’bout bein’ a better blogger, takin’ better fotos, appealin’ to da brands and even how to make money. Guess mommy fell alseep in dat class. MOL  You also get da chance to meet wiff reps from sum gweat pet brands. Member our review/give aways from last year? You know da Pet Safe toys, Pagoda fountain, SmartCat litter and more. And maybe da bestest part of it all is meetin’ up wiff your furiends in purrson.


So dat brings me to da contest. There’s gunna be 3 winners over all and 3 prizes.

1st prize:  A trip fur 1 includin’ airfare, 4 nights at da host hotel and conference registration. (WooHoo)

2nd prize:  4 nights at da host hotel and conference registration.

3rd prize:  1 Blogger conference registration.

Fur sure we wanna win dat Grand Prize. To enter we have to submit a captioned foto wiff mommy and us at BlogPaws 2016 usin’ 1 of da 4 foto templates they purrvided. (Da fotos you’ve been lookin’ at)  Here’s our purrdicament. Mommy can’t decide which one to submit. She had it narrowed down last night, but still kuldn’t decide on just one. You know her captionin’ and foto editin’ be lackin’, so she isn’t sure we have a winner yet. So me told her we shuld ask all of you to help us decide.



You know we can’t wait to sit around in da #Phoenix Courtyard sippin’ lemonade and lookin’ out at da #Mountains and deserts. Da sky seems so blue and da #Clouds so soft and pillowy we kuld just stay outdoors fur hours. We luv horses and kuld spend a leisurely afternoon watchin’ da #Horses drinkin’ from da #Water troughs and listenin’ to da wind blowin’ fru da leaves on da #Trees. We might even be able to find a good tree fur climbin’. MOL  Or maybe we kuld go ridin’ on one of those #Horses. Mommy luvs da desert and #Cactus, she grew up out West. #Cactus be so amazin’ how they can live in such hot and dry conditions by holdin’ in their water supply. Mommy sez their purrickly thorns are their way of of stayin’ safe. Not many animals includin’ humans can handle a #Cactus without getting’ stuck.  



Tell us which foto you like bestest and a caption ifin ya’ think you have one dat wuld be better. (We know sum of ya’ are gweat at captionin’ and memes are not mommy’s thing) We sure do purreciate you all helpin’ us out.

And we have a winner fur da Morris’ Happy Kitty Kit. Ingrid Rickmar better known as Pipo and Minko of We Bees Siamese. 


Till da next time………………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

28 thoughts on “We’ve Been Memed: #BlogPawsorBust

  1. We need to get our act together and get a captioned photo to enter the contest too! We aren’t very good at that kind of thing, but we like your photos, girls! The cactus one is our favorite though — it made us laugh. We voted for that one! Good luck, and hope to see you in Phoenix!!!

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  2. My favorite is the cactus one and I think your caption is perfect! Good luck…..we know we’ll never be able to get to Blogpaws but we “go” through all the photos afterward and it looks like quite a wonderful event!

    Hugs, Sammy

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes, we loved that cactus one too…we giggled and MOL’ed!!

    It would be so pawsome fur you to be able to attend!

    We wish you all the best in your contest! And thanks again fur the win of that fun giveaway you had!

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