We’ve Come a Long Way Baby

It’s Our Blogoversary!!!


Yep, sure nuff. Can you believe it? 2 years we’s been part of this wunnerful world known as da Blogosphere. We’s met so many pawsum peeps and anipals. Wanna know what me’s furst posty sed wiffout havin’ to go fru me’s archives? Well here it is.

Deztinee Izabella  (yep dat’s da title)

#Dezi laying in chair


Meowllo and welcome to Deziz World. Love ya’


Yep, dat was it. And it took us 8 drafts to get it. Not sure what we kuldn’t get right. Back then da fotos we uploaded were so big (file size) we was gunna run outta storage space afur da furst year. MOL  We’s still workin’ on updatin’ all da old postys with smaller versions of da same fotos. Anyways, me’s 2nd posty wasn’t much better. Wanna see it?

Laramie Alexandra “Lexi”

#Lexi posing for the camera in her Sits pretty pose


This is my sisfur Lexi. She is a great sisfur and helped train me to be a service cat fur our mommy. She is still as active as a kitten, and we love each other very much. Wez love and adore our mommy and enjoy helping her everyday. We can’t wait to get to know all of you. Purrlease follow Deziz World to become part of our adventures.


Yep me took 2 whole postys to innerduce us and only 2 peeps liked ‘em and we got 8 comments each. You didn’t know me was ever dat short winded did ya’? Me’s next kupple postys was tellin’ ‘bout how we ended up together wiff mommy, and how confusin’ this bloggin’ stuff was. It’s so amazin’ how much can change in just a short time. Now lookit us; 2 years later and we’s “Influencers”. Writin’ reviews, havin’ give aways, and mommy’s even learnin’ to edit our fotos. But bestest of all…

We met all of you!!! 


2nd Blogoversary badge, thank you for being our friends


Of all da pawsum things dat have come from us bloggin’, we count da furiends we’s made to be da bestest. We hope to follow in da pawsteps of those who were here afur us, and still be here in another 20 years or more. We luv sharin’ our lives and bein’ a part of yours. Da Blogosphere is a family, and one we’s purroud to be a part of.  We share in da good times and da bad. Da happy and sad times and new additions and loss. No matter what, your friends in Blogville are here fur ya’, and dat makes us feel so blest. Sissy ain’t movin’ like a kitten anymore, but she’s still wiff us and we’s so grateful fur dat.


So we’s not havin’a  big party today, but dat dusn’t mean we aren’t celebratin’. We do wanna Thank you all fur everything. We wuldn’t be here without ya’.


When was a time you were grateful fur your furiends in the blogosphere?


Till da next time………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi and mommy A 

55 thoughts on “We’ve Come a Long Way Baby

  1. Concaturlations to you Lexi and Dezi and Mommy A:) Thank you for joining us in blogsphere! We luvs you all verrrry much and send you lots of love wishes and hopes for good times ahead in blogsphere:) You both are so very sweet and such loved kitties:) You are a blessing to your Mommy and also to me and Ellie:) Minnie loved you too:)
    {{{{Soft kitty loves}}}}

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