All Before Noon

Well it’s not even noon and mommy’s been cleanin’ non stop. Course by da time you read this it will be well after noon. Anyways, me tried to help her with all dat cleanin’ but she didn’t seem all dat impressed with me’s attempts. Let me ‘splain. After getting’ up this meownin’ and goin’ thru our normal routine we headed to da kitchen so mommy kuld make sis Lexi and me sum brekky. She always has a drink cup with melted ice from da night afur dat she has to wash up afur getting’ down to da business of puttin’ our noms in our plates. So mommy got out our plates and put them on da prep counter and then turned da water on to wash up da drinkin’ cup. Now lots of ya’ will member dat mommy has times when she doesn’t feel her extremities, da legs, arms, hands and feet. But thru da years she has learned to make ‘em work even when she doesn’t feel ‘em, it just takes a lot of concentration.

Dezi stretching the arch backed pose on the vanity

Well this meownin’ was one of those times. Unfurtunately mommys’ concentration musta been somewhere else, cuz when she went to pick up da drinkin’ cup, it slipped right outta her hand and fell to da floor splatterin’ sticky watered down drink all over da place. She saw it fallin’ and didn’t even try to stop it. And once it hit da ground, she just stared at it pourin’ da remainin’ liquid all over da floor. Me meowed and sis Lexi hissed tryin’ to break thru mommy’s meownin’ haze. Mommy shook her head as ifin to shake off da haze and sed, “Oh my cats, I’ve gotta clean that up.” She reached down to pick up da cup and me saw da puddle of liquid on da floor and went over to mop with me’s floofy tail and paws. Yep, me just walked right into dat puddle and sat down and started da tail swoosh. Back and forth went me’s tail and da liquid went splashin’ even further onto da floor. Me even swooshed sum right up in sis Lexi’s face. Me is such a good helper. And me knew sissy kuld use a drink after takin’ her antacid, so she shulda purreciated havin’ a drink delivered right to her mouth, right?.

Lexi with mouth open laying on the floor
My mouth’s not that big!!!


Well it seems nopawdy was impurressed with me’s help cuz sissy hissed at me and mommy threw out da paper towel she had been usin’ to clean her legs with and started hollerin’, “Oh Dezi, NO! Now you’ve gotta have a bath too.” A bath? Uh no, not afur brekky me thought, and took off runnin’. Sis Lexi was in hot pursuit as me’s tail swooshed and continued to scatter sticky liquid thru out da house includin’ more in sissy’s face as she was so close behind me. By now mommy was hot on her tail and hollerin’ da whole time, “Dezi! Get back here, NOW!” Back there, me thought? So does she want me to help or not? You know sometimes you just can’t seem to purrlease anypawdy. Sissy retreated to da bed fur a little tongue and spit bath and mommy scooped me up and to da pawdee box room we went fur a purropurr bath. Me smells really purretty now, and all afur brekky.

Dezi laying on the floor and licking paw
Hmmmmm me thinks mommy missed a spot.


Mommy got da floor cleaned as bestest she kuld so we kuld get our brekky afur lunch, and sed she wuld get to da moppin’ with an appropriate tool later. Least da floor, sis Lexi and me ain’t sticky any more and we did get our brekky afur lunch. And mommy finally got to sit down and have a purropurr cup of coffee. Me guesses mommy will still tell peeps dat we can’t do chores like moppin’. You know tomorrow is ifin pets had fumms (thumbs) day. And me bets dat ifin me had those fumms me kulda really cleaned dat floor to mommys likin’. And me kulda made her a cup o’ joe too. And we wuld be able to work da flashy box to ketch some of mommys’ funny antics. Just think of all da things we cats kuld do with fumms. Me wuldn’t have to dictate me’s postys, me kuld drive da wheelchair with me’s paws ‘stead of me’s mouth, and we kuld take over da world. Well, me’s gunna go dream ‘bout all da things we kuld do with fumms.


Have you ever had a hazy moment that resulted in a mess?

How would you (or your pet) use thumbs if they had them?


Till da next time……………………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi