Blest Sunday Thank Yous

Well it’s Blest Sunday and we are most certainly blest. Yes, sis Lexi has gone to heaven and we miss her terribly; but we loved a lifetime while she was here. She helped mommy train me to be a pawsum Service kitty, and she loved me with her whole heart. She shared her toys, food, treats and most of all mommy with me. She was da bestest sissy ever. And fanks to our pawsum furiends, her ashes will be comin’ home to us.

Dezi looking up on the steps

When mommy kuld finally see thru da tears, she looked over da donors infurmation and we have quite a few awnties dat wanna remain anonymous, so we decided to list only furst names just in case mommy got her lines mixed up. You know tears don’t act like a magnifyin’ glass, they’re more like a blurring glass. We wanna say a meowsy big Thank you to everypawdy fur all your purrayers and support durin’ Lexi’s illness. And a meowsy big Thank you to all who helped with da green papers fur VET bills, testing and now her cremation. So Fank you to all our anonymous awnties, uncle Pete, Timmy and family, awnty Lisa, Cat and Nugget, Brian, uncle Terry and family, awnty Ellen and family, uncle Mike, Pete and family, awnty Lene and Princess, uncle Gordon and awnty Jean and furries, awnty Melissa and Obi, awnty Mary, awnty Gretel, awnty Ann, awnty Petal and furries, awnty Carolyn and furries, awnty Mary and furries, awnty Debra and furries, awnty Susan, awnty Margaret, furries and family, awnty Susan and family, awnty Mary and furries, awnty Donna, awnty Teresita, awnty Rebecca, awnty Jacquiline and furries, awnty Vonda, uncle John, awnty Susan and furries, awnty Kathel and Charles, furries and family, and awnty Karen and furries. Purrlease furgive us ifin we missed anypawdy. There is green papers to put toward me’s care and da trainin’ and care of a new Service kitty…as soon as we find one.

Dezi laying on the steps in a colored sketch photo
Me missed Caturday art yesfurday so me thought me wuld put in a little artsy foto today.

We are so blest to have so many amazin’ and wunnerful furiends. Me will be writin’ ’bout me’s grievin’ purrocess but we’ll try to put it all in one posty. We decided it might help others, as we animals don’t grieve da same as humans and there’s been a lot of talk recently ’bout whether or not we grieve at all. While talkin’ to a furiend who had a doggy who had begun to act out after losing her doggy house mate we realized dat humans don’t always unnerstand our thinkin’ or grievin’ purrocess. Our hope in writin’ ’bout it will be dat others might be better equipped to help their fur babies ifin da time ever comes fur them.

Dezi half face selfie from the steps
Well me got a little too close and cut off part of me’s face, but you get da idea, right? MOL

Me is joinin’ our furiends da Kitties Blue fur sum Selfies today. Go by and check out all da great selfies and consider joinin’ up yourself. Durin’ me’s absence, me knows me missed some birthdays and other special days as well; so me wuld like to pawlogize and say Happy Birthday, Happy Blogoversary/Annivarsary and Gotchaday to all those we missed. To all who lost a loved one, know dat we purray fur all our furiends daily, so you were and are in our purrayers. And take a minute each day to give thanks fur one of the many blessings in your lives.

What blessing are you giving thanks fur today?


Till da next time………………………………………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses