Fursday Is Furiday When You Pull An All-Nighter

Oh Furiday what took you so long? We was so confused we kept callin’ Fursday, Furiday. MOL  Now you may be wunnerin’ why we was so confused, right? Well let me ‘splain. As you know mommy uses a wheelchair in da meowning’s cuz she can’t get ‘round on da legs God gave her till she gets her medicine and her muscles and all wake up. Anyways, those wheelchairs run on rechargeable batteries. Seems everything runs on batteries these days. And you know, nuffin’ these days is made to last includin’ da batteries in those wheelchairs. Over da last couple of weeks da chair has been getting’ slower and slower. See once we learn how to drive da wheelchair mommy let’s us turn up da speed a bit. But here lately even on full out wheely mode da chair wuld barely creep along and when it hit a little bump it would come to a joltin’ stop and start beepin’ at us. So mommy knew it was time fur new batteries but she didn’t know who to call. See da company we got da chair from is no longer in business. And Medicare likes to work with da same company they bought an item from fur repairs. We don’t why, we just know there’s a lot of red tape to switch companies.


Dezi standing in wheelchair and looking out the door
Me’s welkummin’ Furiday and da sunshine

Anyways, mommy had to ask around to find out who everypawdy was usin’ since they all got their wheelchairs from da same place. Mr. W has someone out here workin’ on his chair all da time, so he finally gave mommy a nummer to call to get new batteries fur her chair. When mommy called ‘em they set up a pointment with her fur yesfurday furst thing in da meownin’. She didn’t get to choose a time or she wulda chose sometime in da afternoon of course. Anyways, knowin’ dat she can’t get ‘round in da meownings she knew she wuld have to stay up all night Wednesday and continue takin’ medicine so she kuld function when da repairman got here Fursday. Me has to tell ya’, me doesn’t like all-nighters. We all miss out on prime snugglin’ time. Fankfully it doesn’t happen all da time. Sis Lexi gave up ‘round 4 a.m. and she went off to da bed to get some sleep. Me on da other hand wasn’t leavin’ mommy’s site, so me laid down in one of da cat beds we have dat be unner mommys desk. Me kuld ketch a little shut eye and still watch over mommy. Needless to say we both kept noddin’ off. Mommy sez she’s getting’ to old fur these kinda things.

Lexi lays in wheelchair and looks up
It’z about time da we got new batteriez fur da wheelchair

Well Fursday finally arrived and mommy fed sissy and me a little early so da repairman wuldn’t innerupt our brekky, and then she sat down to wait fur da call. We’s not in da GPS so she spected him to call fur directions since he was comin’ from da big city (Oklahoma City). Well she waited and waited and waited some more, but no call came. Finally a little after noon da repairman called and sed he wuld be at our house in about an hour. Mommy was exhausted and fit to be tied. All she kuld say was, dat we kulda went to bed and got all those snuggles we missed out on. Oh well kulda, wulda, shulda, right?

Lexi lays in wheelchair

Da repairman finally arrived ‘bout 1:30 p.m. and sed he had batteries in his truck. So he turned on mommys wheelchair and tried to navigate it outside. They never do anythin’ in your house. Mommy hates dat cuz she doesn’t trust them, but she has no choice lessen she wants to go outside and watch ‘em. Da batteries were so drained dat when he got to da front door, da chair wuldn’t even go over da little hump. He had to manually push da chair all da way out to his truck. It’s not dat far to da parkin’ lot from our partment, but it took 15 minutes fur him to get dat chair outside. It was kinda chilly yesfurday, but repair man was workin’ up a sweat. Anyways, he replaced da batteries and brought da chair back to da house and left and mommy sed, “WooHoo, girls it’s nap time.

Dezi laying in wheelchair
Me needs a nap.

We’s got a purropurrly workin’ wheelchair again and can finally go faster than da tortoise. So needless to say me had to play a little this meownin’ afur deliverin’ da chair to mommy. Me went speedy zip zoomy and ran smack dab into da bed. Neither mommy nor sis Lexi was amused. At least we’s finally caught up with da days and it’s still Furiday. MOL  So as far as we’s concerned, we’s had two Furidays this week. We’ll be round to visit as soon as we can, mommy’s still tryin’ to ketch up on da rest she missed and sissy and me are tryin’ to ketch up on da cuddles. As we do every week, we’s joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Parade blog hop. Check it out, ya’ might make a new furiend or two. Me’s gotta go get some more cuddles now, so me will see ya’ later.


When was da last time you stayed up all night?

After an all nighter are you alert or walkin’ in a haze?

Would you like to have 2 Furidays a week?


Till da next time………………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi