Chatty Me Is Back

Meowllo everypawdy, me’s back. Mommy and me wanna thank everyone who called, sent cards, commented, sent financial help and fur all da purrayers, luv and support. Stay tuned fur me’s Blest Sunday posty. Mommy wants me thank you all fur luvvin’ sissy and me. We’s been so touched by da outpourin’ of luv and to know sissy was special to others cuz she fur sure is/was to us. Me has so much news, but me will try not to take up too much of yous time today. We are still havin’ catputer purroblems, but fanks to awnty Mary Beth and uncle Garth, we are gettin’ dat worked out, so hopefully we will be back up and runnin’ full speed ahead soon. In da meantime, we don’t have access to da live writer we use to write me’s posty’s so we hope da fonts and sizing are readable fur everypawdy, we have no control without da live writer.

 Dezi peering into the camera

Mommy had planned to post me’s grievin’ purrocess as it was happenin’ but as you know we took a whole week off. Losin’ sis Lexi has been really hard on mommy and me. We really purreciate all your patience with us. Since we didn’t chronicle me’s grievin’ from da start we don’t know ifin it’s sumfin’ you all wuld be innerested in or not. Me’s title has a lot to do with me’s grievin’ cuz me didn’t mew with mommy fur over a week. You can let us know in da comments ifin you wuld like to read a posty ’bout it. Me will tell ya’ dat altho’ we thought day one was hard, it really hit me a few days later and dat’s another reason we took extra time off. And we also wanna let everypawdy know dat sissy’s ashes will be comin’ home where she belongs.

Dezi gettin' love pats from mommy
Me’s been spendin’ a lot of time lap lovin’ with mommy.

Mommy has been tryin’ to find me a helper, but there just aren’t any kittens hardly to be found. She did find a couple dat she won’t be able to see till next week, so da search is on. She keeps purromissin’ me sum help and me just keeps lookin’ fur sissy. After all she’s been da only helper me’s ever known.

Dezi spiraled times 6

In other news, you all member we put mr. W’s kitty Buddy on a 30 day challenge at da furst of da month, and we’s gunna be updatin’ ya’ on how he’s doin’ soon. And we got sum great treats and noms from Chewy this month to try out dat we’s gonna be tellin’ ’bout next week. So like me said, lots of things are goin’ on here. Oh and we still have dat big ‘partment inspection comin’ up next week too. (hisssssss) 

Dezi in a gold frame surrounded by green and cream roses,
Me missed St. Pat’s day. Here’s a kiss fur you all.

Anyways, me’s rambled on enuff today. We just wanted to let you all know we’s still here and comin’ back. It just took mommy a little longer than she ‘spected to get back. Da grievin’ is in no way over, but we realize life goes on and we need to jump back in so neither of us falls into a deep depression. We’s joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da weekly Pet Parade. Go by and check out all da pawsum anipals of da blogosphere. Purrlease give us some time, we will be round to visit you all soon.  

Till da next time………………………………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses