Blest Sunday Cat Beds

Meowllo everypawdy and welcome to another Blest Sunday. Me has sooooooooo much to tell ya’ there’s no way me can tell it all today. You know me’s a little chatty and long winded but me’s sure you all don’t have da time to read a book today. So me will have to break up all me’s news into a few postys. So let me see…where should me start?

 Dezi atop the cat tree

About a week or so ago we got a pawsum box from awnty Mary Beth, uncle Garth, Gizmo and da gang. Now me had never had a cat bed, me hadn’t even seen one till a couple years ago when they sent me and sis Lexi our furst kitty bed. Mommy figgered we would never use one cuz we sleep in da big bed with her; so she was a little afraid dat she wouldn’t have any fotos to post of us enjoyin’ those beds. But guess what? We luvved ‘em, ‘specially me. You’ve seen me’s video. In case ya’ haven’t, check it out below. Ifin ya’ can’t see it there, click here.

Anyways, back to now and da box we recently got from awnty Mary Beth. Mommy opened da box and inside was a couple of coffee related gifts fur mommy’s birthday and these 2 huge black trash bags. Now wait a minute. Let me tell ya’ me thinks mommy was just as ‘xcited ‘bout da trash bags as she was ‘bout da coffee stuffs. So mommy emptied da box and those trash bags and lo and behold there was 2 brand new bootyful cat beds. In case ya’ couldn’t make it out in da video above, me has literally massaged and suckled those old beds till there ain’t any of da softy fleece on a few sides. So awnty Mary Beth had decided to send me a new one. But wait…she sent two kitty beds ‘stead of one? Dat was pawsumly nice of her, but me can only sleep in one at a time, so me isn’t sure why she sent me two beds?.

 Box of goodies ffrom awnty Mary Beth

Dezi sniffs new cat bed from Gizmo and the gang

What’s dat mommy? Oh da second bed is fur me’s new sisfur? Well doesn’t awnty Mary Beth know we’re havin’ trouble findin’ one? Ya’ know a couple of shelters and rescues wouldn’t even talk to us once they found out we didn’t live in da same city/town as them. A couple of da rescues charged over $200 fur their adoption fees but they didn’t have any kitties anyways. And then ‘member dat rescue dat insisted you adopt two kitties? Of course they threw ya’ a bone by givin’ ya half off on da second kitten, but as much as you might like to have three kitty’s da ‘pawrtment manager would kick us out. And then of course there’s da two kitties (different kitties/litters/peeps) we thought was gonna be ours who died befur you could get down da road to pick them up. We already wrote ‘bout one of them.

 Dezi checks out new cat bed

What’s dat mommy? Yes, she knows? Me’s new sisfur will arrive when she’s ‘posed too?. Well okay, in da meantime, me will just break both these beds in, okay? Well me’s sendin’ out a meowsy big fank you to awnty Mary Beth, uncle Garth, Gizmo and da gang. Me luvs da new kitty beds and me’s sure me’s new sisfur will think da same thing. What a blessing our furiends are. We are so thrilled to have all of you in our lives.  We thank God and ask Him to look out fur and bless you all everyday. ‘Member today and everyday to take a minute to count da blessings in your life.

 Dezi inspects the new cat bed from Gizmo and the gang

Me would like to take a minute to tell ya’ll ‘bout this pawsum new Cat Dancer toy. You all know dat me discovered this great toy recently. Mommy had never bought me one cuz she didn’t know what to do with it. It’s a wire with some cardboard tubes but no handle fur mommy to use to play with me. Recently da company created a new Cat Dancer with a handle. And not just any handle but one dat could be clipped to a cage so dat shelter kitties could enjoy it and have a little play time while waiting fur their furever homes. They’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to raise da money fur purrduction. And ifin ya’ support da campaign you can even get your very own. Ifin you’re innerested you can check it out here. You know spendin’ so much time in shelters and rescues lately made mommy ‘member dat a lot of these kitties get very little inneraction day in and day out and even fewer get to play, so we luv this idea and wish da Cat Dancer peeps da bestest of luck. Me wouldn’t mind havin’ one of these meself.

 Cat Dancer Pro

Me’s joinin’ da Kitties Blue fur Sunday selfies. Ifin ya’ like takin’ selfies, ya’ might wanna link up too. Me’s gonna go break in one of da new kitty beds now, so we’ll see ya’ soon.

 Dezi with the new cat bed up close

Do you (your kitties) like cat beds?

If you (your kitties) like cat beds, do you have a favorite shape and/or material? 

Till da next time……………………………………..Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


42 thoughts on “Blest Sunday Cat Beds

  1. Wow. How wonderful of Mary Beth, Garth, Gizmo, and the gang to do for Mommy and you. I have one kitty bed but Oscar has only slept in twice. He sleeps in a different place every time so I would have to have about 30 beds. LOL!!! He likes to be under something a lot. I hung a cover over the side of the couch and made it like a tent. He loves that. He sleeps in his new carrier some too. He sleeps on my bed at night some and goes upstairs a lot during the day. So I never know where he will be from one time to the next.
    Hope you and Mommy have a good week.
    Love you both so very much.

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  2. We’ve collected many different styles of cat beds, but in the end, Angel and Chuck seem to like sleeping in boxes. I put pillows or pads inside, and sometime they use those…or they just find an empty box and nap. Or a chair, or the throw rug. One just never knows where they will end up, which is why The Hubby and I play “Count The Cats” once or twice a day!

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  3. That’s a beautiful new bed Dezi! I never have liked cat beds myself…….Mom and Dad have tried several types out and I’m just not interested. I prefer the floor/rug/sometimes a blanket in the winter (fleece of course) but not a bed. I also don’t sleep with my peeps! I’m a loner! HAHAHA

    Hugs, Sammy

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    1. Oh m,e cats Sammy, you don’t sleep with your pawrents? And here me just ‘magined you did. You look like such a luvver. Oh well, mommy says lots of mancats don’t sleep with their peeps. Another reason she luvs us girlys. MOL

      Luv ya’



  4. Dear Dezi, It sounds as if your bounty keeps on growing! The cat beds are wonderful, and cat dancers are always good, even if we kitties don’t “get” them at first! Have a wonderful week. Maggie/Felix

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  5. Those beds sure are great, Dezi. We are glad you love them so much, and we know that your new sister will, too. We like that Cat Dancer with a handle; we have older kind without a handle, and that’s a terrific improvement.


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  6. Wow, two cat beds to try out Desi. Kali and I each have a cat bed but we use each others beds. All’s fair and all that jazz. You certainly let your cat bed take you back to your early days. Good for you. I use mom’s dressing gown or what’s left of it and space out.MOL


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    1. Yeah Shoko, me does dat dat same thing to mommy every day to help her body wake up. MOL Sis Lexi and me used to sleep in each others beds too, so me ‘magines dat’s da way it’ll be with these too. We’ll see.

      Luv ya’



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