Blest Sunday Thank Yous

Meowllo and welcome to a brand new Blest Sunday. As you all know this is our favorite posty of da week. It’s da time we recount any blessings from da past week and tell you all how very lucky and blest we are to have you as pawrt of our lives. We think any oppurrtunity to give thanks and say I luv you should never be passed up. Life is so short, and we don’t wanna waste a minute of it. So, let’s get to our furst blessing of da week.

 Dezi in a frame surrounded by blue flower petals

As you know, cuz we told ya’, sis Raena wasn’t eatin’. Now kitties really shouldn’t go without eatin’ in general, but fur sure a growin’ kitty needs every meal to grow healthy and strong. Mommy does everythin’ she can to purrvide us with da bestest pawssible food, thus it’s quite ‘spensive. Once our noms ship out from Chewy, there’s no more money fur anythin’ else. So ifin we turn up our noses at da food dat arrives, we’re in somethin’ of a pickle. Well, dat’s ‘zactly what happened this month. Sis Raena tried to bury every plate in da house. She just didn’t wanna eat anythin’ mommy offered her. Of course mommy began to say her “eat” purrayers and Raena asked you all fur some purrayers. And voila, Furiday saw answered purrayers when Raena ate her plate of food and half of me’s plate and asked fur more. WooHoo  Keep those purrayers comin’ cuz Raena seems ‘bout as fickle as dat pickle.



       Sissy, don’t furget to tell everypawdy ‘bout mines spa day.



Well Raena, since you so rudely innerrupted, why don’t you tell them ‘bout your spa day. (Dezi thinks back to her spa day and shivers) 

 Raena in a frame with blue flowers


       Fank ya’ sissy, I’s will. Two pawsumly Anonymous awnties donated to our PayPal fur mines spa day, so it’s fur sure gonna happen on October da 8th. I’s told mommy to be sure and put a reminder on da calendar fur dat day and to ‘member to take da camera. She says I’s might not want mines foto taken dat day, but I’s can’t ‘magine ever not wantin’ mines foto taken. I’s luvs da camera and mommy says da camera luvs me. Anyways, I’s gotten a little side tracked here. I’s wanna fank you awnties Anonymous fur makin’ sure I get mines spa day. 


Me’s glad you’re gettin’ your spa day Raena. And yes, a meowsy big Fank you to our awnties Anonymous. There’s even enuff to get Raena a special treat dat day. As always, we are so grateful to have all of you as our furiends and furamily. We luv you all and purray God’s blessings on each of you. Me’s gonna wrap it up now and head on over to da cat tree fur a mid meownin’ nap. 

 Raena in lap and reaching for the camera strap


       Don’t furget Sunday Selfies with da Kitties Blue, Sissy.

 Dezi l;ays in lap and sleeps

Me didn’t furget Raena, but since you’ve already said it, let’s wish everypawdy a pawsumly blest Sunday and go take a nap.



Till da next Time……………………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle  

42 thoughts on “Blest Sunday Thank Yous

  1. Now if only Minko would do that with his noms too…well, at least he does eat with the petcretary helping him.

    How lovely that your spa day was taken care of so to speak. Oct 8 is not too far off…tehee! We will be pawyering for a good stay at the spa, Raena:)

    Loved the selfies!
    Have a great week!

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  2. Thank Cat you’re eating again, Raena. You are so adorable, we always look at you just a minute longer and then we look at you, Dezi, so we know hoe Reana looks like when she is getting older ❤ Absolute purrfect Selfies again! Double Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead 🙂 ❤ ❤

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  3. I cried when I took Angel and Chuck in for their ‘spa’ day, but since then, I’ve taken five other cats in for their days, and I’ve managed to catch many more cats for plain vet visits! Glad that you are eating again, Raena!

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  4. Happy blesser Sunday to Yous two! Mes not so happy. Jo Jo keeps beating Mes uop. She says she is the queen now so Mommy has to keeps Mes separate. Kozmo is still my best furrend though and he sneaked in the bedroom 2 times when Mommy went out to keeps me company. Mes thinks Mes win keeps him,but JoJo…mes not so sure.

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  5. Aww … HEART MELTED. You two are something SUPER, SUPER special! Sounds like Raena’s learning how to be a cat 😉 There’s a meme that shows a forlorn cat say something like, “And now since she bought a case of my favorite flavor, I can’t eat it anymore.”

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    1. MOL Yep we think you’re right. Fankfully she’s eatin’ again, cuz mommy just keeps puttin’ da same stuffs down. She told Raena da “we’s poor” speach and dat she was sorry but dat’s just da way ot os. And then she purrayed a lot. And furinally, Raena’s eatin’ again.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena

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