Birthday Strolls

Dezi cleans paw while playing with the nip nana

Meowllo everypawdy, Isn’t it a wonderful day today? Me’s 7th birthday was yesfurday and da pawrty got started with a bang. We’ll be celebratin’ all month long. We’re gonna keep it short today cuz mommy was already spent from Mondays post ‘bout Shad, and then we just wore her out yesfurday. Me got to go strollin’ several times yesfurday. And each time we would walk through da door, Raena was there patiently waitin’ fur her turn. Well, she wasn’t actually patiently waitin’ cuz we could hear her meowin’ all da way across da ‘pawrtment complex. Let me tell ya’, dat girl has some separation issues.

 Raena lays in the house on the Liberty cat tree

       Dat’s not fair sissy. I’s just wanna be with mommy.

 Dezi in stroller

Dezi sits in stroller

Well Raena, me thinks she’s got it. Anyways, mommy furgot one thing yesfurday and dat was to check da batteries on da cameras. You guessed it, 4 fotos later they both died. Da one in da Canon is just kaput. There ain’t nuffin’ left to charge there, so mommy’s gotta look into a replacement battery at some point. By da time da Nikon was charged, it was dark, so no more strollin’. But dat’s okay, there’ll be purrlenty more oppurr-tunities this month. Me wanted to fank you all fur da birthday wishes and da cards me received. Mommy hasn’t had a chance to make heads or tails of anythin’ yet, but me got e-cards, email cards, and posted cards. They were all pawsum. We have da bestest furiends in da universe. 

 Raena rides in stroller

       Sissy, don’t furget to tell them what mommy said.

Fanks fur remindin’ me Raena. Writin’ Shad’s story Monday was very difficult for mommy. And based on her purrevious experiences, she had expected a lot of judgment and animosity from peeps. What we got instead was lots of luv and support. Mommy wanted everypawdy to know how grateful she is and how blest we are to know all of you.

Dezi plays with nip nana

Looks like we’re in fur storms today, so we’ll be ‘round to visit as soon as we can. Gotta go now, there’s a nip nanner callin’ meez name.



Till da next time………………………………………..Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses



Deztinee and RaenaBelle 

29 thoughts on “Birthday Strolls

    1. Oh me did. Fank you. And da pawrty’s still goin’ strong. Mommy’s exahsted but Raena and me are just gettin’ revved up. Me’s gotchaday is gonna be here soon. MOL Big kitty hugs comin’ ya’ll’s way.

      Luv ya’


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    1. Yeah, we’ve always had dat purroblem. Mommy thinks we got a dud battery. But at this point, there’s nuffin’ left to charge. Hopefully we’ll get a better bqttery next time. Big hugs to ya’ll.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena


  1. When we were overseas, we learned there were camera which used AA batteries, which were economical and readily available. IF you ever need to replace your camera, you might want to see if those are available in the US.

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    1. MOL Oh awnty Jeanne, dat’s so funny. Mommy purrposely looks fur rechargeable battery opurrated stuffs as opposed to those dat use typical batteries. Da reason is dat those batteries don’t last very long and cost a small furtune. She can’t afford to buy them very offen. We wouldn’t have nearly da fotos we do ifin we had cameras runnin’ on aa, aaa batteries. Both our cameras are ’bout 3 years old and this is da furst time we need a replacement battery. However, da cameras get charged a few times a week cuz they get dat much use. Ifin regular batteries were used, da cameras woulda been in a drawer 2 1/2 years ago, cuz we wouldn’t have had money to buy batteries. It’s so funny to find someone wantin’ old fashioned bastteries.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena

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    1. Yep Pete it was pawsum. We’re not sure how to tell, so me’s just gonna write what’s on da battery, k?
      Battery Pack NB-4L
      3.7V==760mAh 2.9Wh(Li-ion)

      Whew, mommy says she can’t see so good anymore, but dat’s what da battery says.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena

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