Feline Friday: Wait! This Is The Wrong Doctor

Hey Raena, wha’ch’a doin’? Me’s thought you and mommy already went to the doctor this month.

Dezi lays on floor



          Yeah sissy, when mommy said we were goin’ to the doctor the other day who would’a thought she meant I’s was goin’ to the doctor?. I’s didn’t wanna go to the doctor. Trust me, I’s told her all ‘bout it the whole way there too. Seems mommy saw me makin’ faces when I’s bit mine’s lip, and decided it was time to try out a new V-E-T to see ifin they could tell her why mine’s breath stinks even after havin’ mine’s teethies cleaned. As most peeps know, we’re not all that purrleased with our regular V-E-T, so mommy hoped this new one at the Ardmore Animal Hospital would be better. 


Well? Were they Raena?  


          Hmmmmpht  Not by a longshot, sissy. Let me tell ya’…We passed by ‘em 3 times tryin’ to figger out how to get to ‘em. Once we furinally got there, mommy couldn’t find a ramp or any handicapped pawrkin’. Can you believe in 2019 somepawdy would build somethin’ and not be handicap accessible?   



Raena at the ardmore Animal HospitalC’mon mommy, let’s just leave. I’s don’t feel sick.




Really Raena, they’re not?  


          Nope sissy, they’re not. After climbin’ 4 steep steps with me in the stroller to get to the door, mommy asked where their ramp was and got told they don’t have one. Then, mommy looked down at the floor while we stood waitin’ to be checked in and found she was standin’ in dried up smeared poop. Somepawdy had an accident and nopawdy bothered to clean it up. ‘Stead, they just let it smear all over the floor and dry up. Mommy said that should’a been her furst clue that we should have turned ‘round and left, but we were already there, so she decided to stay. After we got checked in, they put us in a room right away. Befur lettin’ me outta the stroller, mommy checked out the table and nearly gagged. Seems the poop offender must’ve been in that room, cuz it was all over the table too. Mommy found some disinfectant and paper towels and cleaned the table off.   


Raena sits pretty on table at vet




Oooooooh Raena, that sounds disgustin’. Me’s can’t believe nopawdy bothered to clean the table in the room. What ifin whatever that kitty or woofy had was contagious?   


          That’s what mommy said sissy. Needless to say, the floor was filthy too, so I’s wasn’t allowed to get on the floor. When the doctor came in, she seemed nice enuff. That is till she wanted to take me to the opurratin’ room to knock me out to steal mine’s bloods. Mommy told her that she doesn’t let us out of her sight, so the only way I’s was goin’ anywhere was with her in tow. But, she didn’t want me knocked out just fur blood stealin’. So, the doctor said she’d try to do a blood draw in the room. That’s when things took a turn fur the worse. 


Raena sits on table at vet




You’re kitten? How could it pawssibly have gotten worse Raena?    


          Well sissy, the doctor purrtended to try to steal mine’s bloods while the tech purrpussly pinched me and made me jump. Mommy couldn’t believe what she saw till they did it a second time. That’s when mommy snatched me away from them and said we were leavin’.   


Raena on table at vetNow can we leave mommy?




They pinched you?  


          Yep sissy, they were bound and determined to get me away from mommy. I’s bet they were gonna try to kill me or somethin’. There’s no tellin’ what goes on in the back where they won’t let peeps come. Mommy said based on the filth in the rest of the place, there’s no tellin’ what the back was like. And she doesn’t trust any doctor that be that secretive. And once they pinched me, mommy said she ought to have their license. She also exclaimed loudly as we left, “If you’re afraid of cats, you should have just told us that. You’re never going to have an easier cat to draw blood from than the one you just tortured.” Needless to say, we didn’t really learn anythin’. Altho’, mommy did find out that I’s got a tooth on either side of mine’s mouth that bites into mine’s lip and gums every time I’s chew. And I’s got a bit of gingivitis. All I’s can say is that I’s hope I’s don’t have to go back to the V-E-T any time soon.  


Raena at the vetWe’re outta here!!!




Me’s sorry they were so mean to you Raena. Me’s glad mommy didn’t let ‘em take ya’ to the back tho’. You might not have ever come back. Unfurtunately, me’s sure mommy’s already searchin’ fur another V-E-T. Any time mommy thinks there’s somethin’ wrong, she does whatever she has too to get us better.  


          Ya’ reckon mommy’s pullin’ a fast one and she’s takin’ me to another V-E-T today sissy?  


Nah Raena. Me heard her on the fone with the farmacy. Ya’ll are fur sure headin’ to her doctor today.  


Dezi lays on hotel bed




          We better be sissy. I’s gonna link us up with Comedy Plus fur Feline Furiday befur I’s go. It’s s’posed to storm all day again, so are you gonna be okay here by yourself?  


Yep Raena, me’s gonna take a nice long nap. See ya’ll when ya’ get back. Don’t furget to stop and get some treats now ya’ hear?.  


Party Update: We’ve been having some computer and internet problems this week. It could be the storms, the hotel connection, or our computer, we’re not completely sure. But, we’ll be sending out the scavenger hunt questions this weekend to those who agreed to post them on their blogs. We’re still accepting photos until end of day May 25th fur those who want to be included in the pawrty post.You can dress up or come au naturale, we just want you to come. We’ll be by to visit as soon as we can. T’ween the weather and mommy’s health, we’re way behind.  Fank you all fur your patience and unnerstandin’.



Till the next time…………………………………………………….Be Blest!!!  


Dezi: Vibrant Blue  

Raena: Navy Blue




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  


Deztinee and RaenaBelle

27 thoughts on “Feline Friday: Wait! This Is The Wrong Doctor

  1. Poor little Raena. Hope Mommy reported this Vet made my want to gag just reading about it. Such a beautiful little girl this won’t smooth her path sering another Vet. Love you Raena and Dezi x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hisss! Wat a horrible hooman at the Vet!!! Mum Natascha and us got all upset readin bout ur experience at dat Vet. Sumtimes, one just cant believez how awful sum hoomans r & how sum of dems have totally the wrong job. We hopez u recovered frum dat bad Vet visit and feel relaxed and happy again!

    We iz sendin lotz of luv, paw hugz & head rubz to you both and ur luvly Mommy ❤
    Murli, Samantha, Sonic & Mum Natascha ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, my that was not a good vet place at all and we are glad you and your mommy left. We hope you all are staying safe with all the bad weather going on there. We hope too your mommy can fine a real nice vet to take you to where you can can get quality care and be treated right. Hugs and nose kisses

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Meow-wow Raena Belle that place sounds UKCY to THE max! An hertin you to diss-tract you so they cuud take sum blood??? That iss NOT ON!! Miss Audra you tried….LadyMew sayss do you reememburr all THE aggro shee went thru with ‘angel’ Dharth Henry??? An how shee got blackballed from any Vet’ss here.
    Thanx to Aunty Mary-Ellen shee found Dharth Henry a propurr Vet. An mee has gone to this Vet since mee was a kitt so mee iss not scared to go upss countree to see Vet Man at all!
    Mee an LadyMew are furry sorry you went thru this Raena Belle An Miss Audra…an why iss there no ramp fore a wheelie chair or scootur??? Here it iss a LAW efurry place MUST bee accessibull!
    purrsss an purrayerss BellaDharma an {{huggiesss}} LadyMew

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  5. Daisy Mae here, I saw you had a Tabby Cat Club. My sister but not from the same litter was a Tabby Cat. I’m not sure what kind of cat I am but am I able to join your Tabby Cat Club? Mom Crystal says since I’m black and white I’m probably Tuxedo Cat but since I was taken in she really doesn’t know for sure.
    Daisy Mae.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah Daisy Mae, me’s sisfur Lexi was a tabby cat and me’s a Lynx point which means me has tabby meowkings, so they let me join too. But, me doesn’t do much since sis lexi died. It was mostly her club. You are mostly a tuxedo colored domestic short hair, so me doesn’t think the tabby cat club is the right place fur you to join. But don’t worry, Raena can’t join either. 🙂 You could join the cat scouts ifin you’d like. We have great fun. You can check it out at catscouts.com.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena


  6. First Daisy Mae and I are really sorry for your vet experience. We’re especially excited about the party. We love parties. What kind of of pictures do you want? We want to join in if we can. We love you my kitties. Love your blog

    Liked by 1 person

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