Blest Sunday: The 2021 Annual Blessing Train Final Run

Hey! Hey! HEY!!! It’s Christmas day, and the final ride of the 2021 Blessing Train!!! I’s gotta tell ya’, we’re sooooooooo excited!!!



Raena lays on cat tree, Blest Sunday template






          (Zebby comes running down the hall) We sure are. What are we excited about RaenaBelle? Are we ready to open presents yet? Is that what you’re meowing about?





No Zebby, it isn’t and it definitely isn’t. Christmas is about far more than presents. It’s the day we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. He’s the greatest gift anypawdy’s ever been given. However, meowing of pesents, I’s wanna purrsonally say a meowsy big thanky thank you to everyone fur your luvs, furiendship, and supurrt. I’s also wanna say thanky thanks to awnty Vonda, and Valentine, Myrna, Esmeralda, Bessie, and awnty Kerry, fur sending Zebby and I’s presents. You know, (Raena whispers) I’s do luvs Zebby, and I’s so happy that in spite of his lack of manners, he has gifts fur his furst Christmas. (Raena meows loudly and sarcastically) Ya’ know, we couldn’t have a Christmas tree this year cuz he doesn’t have any boundaries, so the only thing that makes it look like Christmas around here is the gifts.





Raena sits pretty looking over shoulder on chair, mouth agape




          What are you meowing about Raena, I’s got manners! (Zebby rolls his eyes) Meowing of those manners, we also wanna thank awnty Anonymous, and Brian, Dolly, Simon, and Seal fur the gift of green papers. We are so grateful, there really aren’t words fur it, so Raena and I’s are rumblin’ full force at 150Hz (the loudest a cat purrs according to a 2005 study). Mommy and Raena has always told me, and I’s 100% agree, we have the bestest furiends in the universe. So, can we open our presents now?





Zebby sits profile and full face




No Zebby, it’s time fur the final run of the annual Blessing Train. Let’s get to it, and purrlease be sure to visit the purrticipants.





Animated Blessing Train Engine





Raena and Zebby 2021 boxcar



The Blessing Train pulled outta the station and made it’s furst stop all the way in Scotland to pick up our pawsumly sweet and amazing furiends, Spike, the Scottish black Cat and awnty Christine. Ya’ gotta check ‘em out, he’s one handsum panther; and they post some beautiful photos of a natural Scotland among other things. Thanky thank you fur your furiendship and joining us fur another year of Blessings.





Spike and Christine 2021 boxcar




          The next stop took us to pick up our furiends, the gawjus ladies of Zoolatry, vavavavoom June and awnty Ann. I’s gotta tell ya’, that Ann is some kind of talented. Ifin you need a graphic fur any occasion, she’s the lady to talk too. And that June, she’s such a sweety. Thanks fur being our furiends, and joining us fur another year of Blessings.





June's 2021 boxcar




Our next stop took us to pick up our furiends, the luvvly ladies Daisy Mae and awnty Crystal. Two of the sweetest ladies you’ll ever meet. Together, the post some amazing photos and some cool book reviews. Thanky thank you fur being our furiends and joining us fur another year of Blessings.





Daisy Mae and Crystal 2021 boxcar




          Then the Train headed straight over to Messy Mimi’s to pick up our pawsum furiends, Dansig, Link, Enigma Sissycat, Tripod Sissycat, and Little Girlie. You’ll always find a piece of useful or interesting infurmation at their place along with some great photos. Thank you fur being our furiends and joining us fur another year of Blessings.





Messy Mimi 2021 boxcar




Our next stop took us to pick up our special furiends Sammy, Joanie, Emmy, Rosie, Penny, Trouble, Brody, Lucy, Ethel, Bridget, and Drake. You know we think it’s very impurrtant to have plans in place in case you (your peeps) can no longer take care of your fur babies. Ifin that were to happen in our house, we would join the crew at 15 and meowing. Let me tell ya’, there’s always something cool happening at their place. Thanky thank y’all fur being our furiends, our plan, and fur joining another year of Blessings.





15 and Meowing 2021 boxcar




Then we headed over to pick up our sweet and pawsum furiends, Peek-A-Boo, Onyx, Collette, and awnty Tessie. They’re all sweet as a Georgia peach and just as purrecious. You won’t want to miss out on the fun at their house. Thanky thank y’all fur your furiendship and fur joining us fur another year of Blessings.





Peek-A-Boo, Onyx, Collette 2021 boxcar




          Next up, we picked up one of my role models, the sweet and always floofy, Valentine, and his beautiful sisfurs, Myrna, Esmeralda, and Bessie. That Val can spin a yarn and tell a tale like you’ve never heard. Trust me, he can keep ya’ on the edge of the cat tree. Thank ya’ sooooooo much fur being our furiends and fur joining another year of Blessings.





Valentine, Myrna, Esme, Bessie, 2021 boxcar




          We then headed over to pick up two of the cutest woofies around, Dalton and Benji. I’s bet we’d have a great time playing in that big old backyard of y’all’s. They’re always poised and posed and have some great photo shoots and a howlin’ good time. Thank you fur being our furiends and joining us fur another year of Blessings.





Dalton and Benji 2021 boxcar




And then the Blessing Train headed to Canada to pick up our bestest meezer gal pals, Shoko and Tyebe. Let me tell ya’, these blue eyed beauties are a hoot and a half. Fur those of ya’ not from the South, that means they’re more fun than you can handle. And, they’re just as sweet. Thanky thank you fur being our furiends and joining us fur another year of Blessings.





Shoko and Tyebe 2021 boxcar




We then headed down to pick up our dear furiends, Raz, Noelle, and Reesie. Their blog is called Friends Furever. I’s gotta tell ya’, the name tells ya’ all you need to know about ‘em. They’re just sweeter than honey. And, there’s always some kind of adventure happening over there. Thanky thank y’all fur being our furiends and fur joining another year of Blessings.





The Florida Furkids




          Our next stop had us picking up our furiends, and another of my mancat role models Brian, his beautiful sisfurs Dolly and Seal, and Raena’s crush, Simon. Let me tell ya’, kitties, their health, both emotional and physical, and in general are often treated as an afterthought in the pet industry. However, with mancats like Brian as our advocates and spokescats, we can make pawsitive changes fur all kitties searching fur their adoptive furever. As my buddy Brian says, Adopt, Don’t Shop! It’s not all seriousness tho’, they sure know how to have a good time at their place. Thank you fur your furiendship and fur joining us fur my furst year of Blessings.





Brian's Home Blog 2021 boxcar




The Blessing Train then headed all the way to Jerusalem to pick up our cute as a button furiends, Queen Trixie, Caspurr, and Shimshi of the J-Cats. They’re always up fur fun and celebrations. They’re the bee’s knees. We wish y’all a Happy Hanukkah. Thanky thank you fur your furiendship and fur joining us fur another year of Blessings.





The J-Cats




          And then we headed back to the USA to pick up our pawtastic furiends, the 12 Cats on the Hill, angels Sassy and Pepper, Amby, Annie, Adam, Sparky, Pixie, Millie, Charles, Bobby, Shadow, Maggie, Mittens, Garfield, and awnty Vonda. They don’t blog, but have been our very special furiends fur many many years now. Thank you fur being our furiends and joining us fur my furst year of Blessings.





Vonda and the 12 Cats on the Hill




Next, we head up North to pick up mine’s adorable ginger pal and yours, Teddy. It’s like a Caturday night hoedown at his place. From walk abouts to poetry  Thursdays, and Teaser Tuesdays, you’ll always find something that suits your fancy. Y, I’s learned all about mine’s luvs fur the bacon from him. Thanky thank ya’ fur being such a pawsum furiend to us and all, and fur joining Zebby’s furst year of Blessings.





2021 Teddy boxcar




          Our next stop takes us all the way to the beautiful New Zealand to pick up our dear furiends, the Dash Kitten crew, Sienna, Miranda, angel Harvey, Jack, Toulouse, Silver, and Natasha. Ifin you ever wanted pointers on taking great photos or videos, then look no further. Awnty Marjorie, the human, takes incredible shots and breaks it down fur ya’. ‘Course, with the kitten crew, how could they be anything but spectacular? Thank ya’ fur being our furiends and fur joining my furst year of Blessings.




2021 Dash Kitten boxcar 2



2021 Dash Kitten boxcar 1





The last stop befur returning to the station finds us across the pond to pick up our epicly epic furiends, Basil and the B-Team, Basil, Humphrey, Amber, Smooch, Pandora, Posie, Fudge, Snowy, Melvyn, and Parsley. Due to an email glitch (ours), they are a late edition; but I’s think they ended up in the purrfect spot. Don’t you? Let me tell ya’, ifin you’re lookin’ fur an adventure, they’ll sure take you on one. We hope to someday join the B-Team as extras and go on an adventure with them. And, what a library that Amber has. Their human is supurr talented and crafty as well. We are so grateful fur your furiendship and fur joining us fur another year of Blessings.





2021 Basil and the B-team boxcar




What an amazing line up, huh Zebby? (Zebby enthusiastically nods) Purrlease remember to stop by and say hey to each entrant. We so appreciate y’all suppurrting us each year and joining in the fun of the Blessing Train. It has become one of our family’s Christmas traditions. We believe that regardless of what’s going on around you, you are Blest. Sometimes, ya’ just have to be reminded to look around and see the Blessings.







2021 Blessing Train, Spike, june, Daisy Mae, Messy Mimi



2021 Blessing Train car 2



Blessing Train 2021 3



2021 BT final photo 4



2021 BT photo 5





          So true RaenaBelle. I’s so glad mommy teaches us to count our Blessings. And this Blessing Train has left me happy as a clam at high tide. I’s can’t wait to do it again.





Raena and Zebby 2021 Christmas card




Yep Zebby, we be walkin’ in high cotton right now. But, you’ll have to wait till next year fur the Blessing Train to run again. In the meantime, I’s sure we’ll find something to get up too. Fur now, tho’, we wanna wish everypawdy a very Merry and Blest Christmas. We luvs you all so very much and are so happy to have you as pawrt of our extended family.





          Does that mean it’s time fur presents, Raena? (Raena nods) Yippeeeeee I’s’ll go link us up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selifes and meet you in mommy’s lap.



Merry Christmas!!!





As we do each week, we’d like to remind you to take a minute today and every day to Give Thanks fur the Blessings in your lives. Thanky thank you fur being Blessings in ours.





Till the next time………………………………………………………….Be Blest!!!





Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses





RaenaBelle, Zebadee, and mommy A



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  2. The Blessing Train is so beautiful and long this year, sweet friends! A belated Merry Christmas to you, and wishes for a wonderful new year! XO


  3. What a wonderful blessing train this year. We love you all. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.xx😻😻💜💜🐾🐾🐾


  4. What a nice long blessing Train!!

    Happy Christmas Greetings to all of you!
    We love being your furends, too!

    Sorry we are late…we were doing Christmas!! LOL!
    Purrs from our Angels, Pipo & Minko!
    Wags and wiggles from Dalton & Benji
    Hugs from Petcretary!


    1. A belated Merry Christmas everyone. Mommy has some things for y’all, but because of the wreck, wees left wif out transportation for now. Mommy has to rely on friends or the neighbor, to go to the hospital to see her brofur. We promise as soon as we can we’ll get everything in the mail! We love you! 💜🧡💜🐾😽🐈‍⬛ A. Maggie Meme and family


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