Blest Sunday: The 2021 Annual Blessing Train Final Run

Hey! Hey! HEY!!! It’s Christmas day, and the final ride of the 2021 Blessing Train!!! I’s gotta tell ya’, we’re sooooooooo excited!!!



Raena lays on cat tree, Blest Sunday template



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Making It Special with Furiends

Well  here we awe, day 2 of da Niagawa Falls twip. Yesfurday wuz so much fun me can’t even magine today bein’ better. But it wuz. Sis Lexi wuz able to fly up and join us early this meownin’. And had talked wiff meez mommy and awwanged fur sissy to be able to join us today. And then he got togedder wiff sum of ow furiends and had them join us  at bwekky so we kuld all go and see da Butterfly consevatowy. Isn’t Andy Pawsum?   Weez stawted wiff mowe fun at da falls and then we all went to see da butterflies.  


Butterfly cons A,D,M,R,E Y,L

Meez so glad yous kuld all come wiff us to da Butterfly Conservatowy. This is gunna be so much fun.  Timmy do you see da west of yous furmily? Me did.

 Timmy: Yes Dezi they’re right there. I guess they made a potty stop.

Andy: It’s okay dude, we’re not in any hurry.

Dezi: Oh sissy meez so glad yous kuld come today.  

Lexi: Soz am I’z Dezi.  Andy nu youz wuld be serpurrized. I’z glad youz Marty and Ralphie kuld joyn us too. 

Marty: Us too. This is going to be fun.


After we all toured da conservatowy ow furiends wanted to do sum memento shoppin’, so we all agweed to meet up at da bus to go home and they left. Me had a supwise fur Andy. Me had planned a little picnic and da conservatowy sed weez kuld hav it on da lawn. What a twip. This has been so much fun and me weally enjoyed da time me got to spend wiff Andy. And  all ow furiends and meez just luvved dat hims supwised me wiff sis Lexi. We awe weally close, and me luvs her vewy much so of course me wants her to be evewywhere me goes.  Anyways, after da picnic weez packed up and headed back to meet evewypawdy to catch Sammy’s twavel bus and head home. Hope yous enjoyed da fun of ow virtual twip to Niagawa Falls.  

0DA Falls Butterflies

0DA butterfly picnic


See yous all back home. This has been lots of fun, but there’s lots of things to do back home. Mommy’s been gettin’ wound a little slow da last kupple days so hers hasn’t dun much to da house.  Hers has also had to deal wiff sum business type stuffs so hers gunna be hawd at it da west of da week and this weekend. Mommy purrawmissed a bottyful and clean oraganized house fur meez Meowday whish is quickly appwoachin. Me will be 5 years old on November 1 st. wlEmoticon-openmouthedsmile.png


And me wuld also like to fank all of yous fur givin’ to ow fundwaiser. Yes, we did get mommy a chair, but we still need a dwy mattwess and sum pet stairs fur meez wunnewful sis Lexi. Hers is still vewy active but hers can’t jump as high as he once kuld and so there awe sum fings dat awe gettin’ hawder and hawder fur hers to do. We awe vewy close to meeting ow owiginal goal, and we can’t fank yous all enuff fur dat. And me wants to say a meowsy big Fank yous to Clonney and Neytiri fur yous donation, luv, purrs and good fawts. 🙂  Yous can check out da fundwaiser here

Till da nex time……………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi