Chatting Cats: Our Playdate With Emmy

Hey everypawdy, it’s me, RaenaBelle, comin’ to ya’ live from the tempurrary location of the Three Belles Ranch. I’s gotta tell ya’, the weather outside is frightful. It’s stormin’, and rainin’, and hailin’, and there’s even tornadoes swirlin’ ‘bout. We couldn’t have picked a better day to have a playdate. After all, stayin’ inside and safe can be borin’, lessen you have somekitty to play with. Hurry sissy, she’ll be here any minute now. Help me set up the travel tunnel.



Raena looks at storm thru window from floor



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Challenged on Wenesday

Keep every promise you make and only make promises you can keep. (Anthony Hitt)

dw-DezipromiseDSCN5086 (748x800)

Awnty Ellen fwum 15 and meowin’ tagged us fur da Quote Challenge da udder day. Da rules awe to name and link back to yous challenger. Post at least 3 of yous favowite quotes, and pass da challenge along. So here we go.

Our openin’ quote is one dat be very close to mommy’s heart, as all of our quotes will be. Mommy sez a purromise has a much stwonger connotation than words like, okay, I will, sure, no purroblem. A purromise is yous word and bond. Afur mommy’s accident when she was healffy and always reliable, she made lots of purromises. And she kept every one. Today mommy makes far less purromises, but she still keeps each and every one. Ifin mommy sez she purromises you sumfin’, then yous can count on her to do it. We fink it’s weally purrtant dat yous mouff not be writin’ checks yous body can’t cash. Dat by da way is not on our quote list, but it is a quote made famous by Bo Diddly. And one dat mommy uses when she dusn’t make purromises. She sez hers mind is still sharp as a tack but hers body keeps her fwum duin’ a lot of fings these days.

dw-Lexi downfaceDSCN4490 (1150x1280)

Our next quote is weally relevant today when so many awe twyin’ to erase periods and events of history. Sed by George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past, are condemmed to repeat it.” Good, bad or ugly da past exists and we can’t change it. But we shuld learn fwum it. Yous own past has made you da purrson you awe today. Events have led you to where you awe today. Even tho’ we be poor and mommys body be a mess, she sez she wuldn’t change a fing. Everyday of her life has been a learning adventure dat has led her to da here and now. She sez she be gwatefull dat it’s hers short term memory dat be da purroblem cuz she has da memories of da lessons of her past to guide her.

Our third and final quote was a toss up. We saved da bestest fur last. So many peeps hav quoted this one in a variety of different ways dat no two sites cwedit da same purrson over and over. So weez’ll just say dat mommy’s gwandpa (may he rest in peace) taught her to “Live each day to da fullest, cuz you were never promised a tomorrow.” We fink it’s purretty self explanatory. And Jesus said in Matthew 24:36, “But of that day and hour knows no man, no, not the Angels of Heaven, but My Father only.” We kuld go on and on and on, but you kinda get a sense of who we awe in da qotes weez chose to use. Fanks fur da challenge awnty Ellen.

 dw Dezi lays head off top1

Now, weez posed to pass this on. Weez not sure who all has been challenged, so weez just gunna choose a few and ifin yous wuld like to take up da challenge yous selff, purrlease feel furee. Just follow da rules outlined above. Weez challenge: Katie Isabella, Timmy Tomcat, and Bad Cat Chris.

Till da next time…………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

Flat Scout Caturday

Well it’s time fur anudder episode of Caturday’s flat scouts cat scout and this week weez had a gweat visit wiff Sammy P of 15 and meowing. Weez call him Sammy P cuz we have anudder Sammy at scouts too. Yous might know him, and fur sure hims will be visitin’ so weez’ll wait to tell ya’ ‘bout hims. Anyways, Sammy P’s flat got here Monday afternoon. Hims had been twavelin’ a long time and was purretty tired so hims chilled on da twee a bit. He is such a gentlemancat. Hims came in a tie and bwought da pawsumest made wiff luv toys fur sis Lexi and me. Hims didn’t wanna seem to take hims tie off so da furst night hims even slept in it. Da next day mommy took us all fur a stwoll after weez finished bwekky. He weally liked da stwoller. Hiims didn’t wanna get out when we got back in and so mommy sed hims kuld lay wound in it. It has a plush seat so no purrawllem. When hims finally got out, hims jumped up in da wheelchair.


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Later dat day weez had company comin’ so mommy spent a lot of tim getting’ weady. We all laid wound and chilled out till our company awwived. And even Sammy p got his foto taken wiff our pawsum guest. Weez’ll tell ya’ all ‘bout dat visit tomowwo. He even went to dinner wiff da ladies. Later dat night we found out why Sammy didn’t wanna take hims tie off. See those post peeps ain’t very careful and hims got a little bent on hims furst outin’ and had a little cwimp iin hims neck. So sis Lexi sat hims down and told hims all ‘bout how embawwasses she had been goin’ to BlogPaws wiff hers neck neckid. But nopawdy pointed or stared, stead she was met wiff an outpurrin’ of luv and support. And dat it was da same fur him. Wasn’t nuffin’ hims kulda helped and nopawdy was gunna make fun of hims cuz of it. So hims took off hims tie and loossened up and had a gweat time. Mommy even twied to help hims wiff it as bestest she kuld.


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Sammy P: And I so precieated it too, Dezi and Lexi and aunty Audra. And You girls are such sweeties. Dezi really does give up the scratcher lounger when Lexi wants it. I even got to lay on it a while till Lexi came out and Dezi told me I could lay anywhere else, but that if her sissy wanted da lounger I should give it to her. They have so many pawsum places to lay I didn’t mind giving it to Lexi. They have lots of great toys to play with and their mommy grows them grass all the time.


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Yeah Sammy P weez do have sum gweat toys. We have sum amazin’ furiends and awnties dat have sent us lots of goodies and we luv to share. Sammy P weally liked hangin’ on da Liberty twee and lookin’ out da door. Hims sed it was weally quiet out here and weez told hims it’s cuz weez live in da kuntwy amung da old folks. So da only ‘citement is when da ambulance and fire twucks come or weez make it. MOL Weez weally enjoyed our visit wiff Sammy P and hims welkum back anytime. Hims will be headin’ out Monday fur da next leg of hims twavels. Weez gunna miss him but we can’t wait fur da next scout to awwive at our door.


Come by on Fursdays to read more 'bout me (Izzy) and Tristy's travels
Come by on Fursdays to read more ’bout me (Izzy) and Tristy’s travels

Ifin yous enjoy our flat scout tales be sure to check back wiff us on Fursdays and Caturdays fur more tales of da virtual and weal twips of da cawdboard twavelin’ Flat cat scouts. And ifin yous wanna join up, click here to be twansported to cat scouts wight now. (will open in new window)


Till da next time……………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi wiff guest Sammy P


Funday Monday!!!

Meowllo evewypawdy, awe yous all enjoyin’ da long weekend?  Yous know, hoomans nevew cease to amaze me.  Here it is Labor Day, a day celebwatin’ da Amewican labor movement, and yet most evewypawdy’s got da day off.  In udder words, they’re not workin’/laborin’.  What’s up wiff dat?   Oh well, Happy Labor Day to yous all and enjoy yous day off.  Course now dat weez liv in a 24/7 society not evewypawdy got da day off.  Maybe they be da ones weez oughtta be celebwatin’.  MOL  Well meez not gunna write a long winded posty today, but me did wanna shawr sum pawsum fings wiff yous.  And no dat dusn’t mean weez got good news, or any news fur dat matter ‘bout da floors in ow pawtment.  Not suwe ifin weez kuld pull mommy off da ceilin’ ifin weez had good news ‘bout dat.  Yous know hers wuld be way past ‘cited.  

Well da udder day, ow furiends ovew at 15 and meowing had a contest fur a subscwiption to Countwy Livin’ magazine.  And meez won it fur mommy.  Dat wulda been pawsum nuff in itself, but Miss Ellen went one better and sent Lexi and me a kupple toys too.  Hers sent us a handmade, cwocheted wiff luv catnip apple, and a catnip mousy.  Fank yous so much Miss Ellen dat be so fawtfull of yous and weez weally do purreciate it.  As weez told yous, mommy unpacked sum stuff so there wuz enuff room fur hers to make a video of me playin’ wiff da mousy. Hers got fotos too dat weez will shawe wiff yous. 


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Weez also been gettin’ sum boxes of goodys fur mommy fwum sum of ow furiends.  And of course lots of them included fun fur us too.  Weez got noms and toys and tweats.  Weez suwe do purreciate all of yous fur dat.  Weez luv ow mommy so vewy much and hers takes pawsum cawe of us and sees to it dat weez got evewyfin’ we need even ifin dat means hers goes wiff out.  And hers nevew complains.  Dat be what a mommy is and duz.  As yous know, mommy nevew had 2 legged childwen, so weez be hers only childwen.  

And member when me told yous weez wuld be writin’ wegulaw fur The Daily Mews?  Well ow first awticle as wegulaws is out.  Don’t fur get to go and check it out and subscwibe so yous not miss an issue.  It’s completely fwee and there’s a little sumfin’ fur evewypawdy.  There’s even an occasional contest or two.  So purrlease giv it a look see.  Paw da foto to go to da home page of The Daily Mews, and paw da word “awticle” above to be twansported to ow posty there. 


One mowe little fing.  Weez been gettin’ lots of questions ‘bout how Lexi and me be duin’ in da middle of all da chaos.  First let me say Fank yous fur yous concern.  Weez purrawly handlin’ it much better than mommy.  You see, bein’ Service cats weez kinda used to a little chaos.  And mommy also we-awwanges da house (da fings hers can safely move) evew so offen so weez get used to change.  And of course we go out wiff mommy and get exposed to all kinds of fings and smells and peeps. 

We awe a little stir cwazy cuz ow house wuz packed up so tight weez didn’t hav room to get wound, but havin’ boxes evewywhere dusn’t fweak us out.  And all of ow toys wuz packed away cuz mommy fawt it wuz just posed to be fur dat one day.  But mommy has unpacked a lot of stuff, taken out most of ow toys and given us a foo to play wiff.  And weez got sum new ones fwu da mail dat mommy lets us hav, so weez playin’ again.  Da smell isn’t gweat and da wet isn’t gweat, but we awe managin’.

Mommy on da udder hand, worries ‘bout us and gettin’ sick and wantin’ all ow stuff put away where it belongs.  Cuz altho’ weez okay wiff it all mommy finks weez wuld all be better off once fings go back to normal fur us.  Altho’ da only move meez evew made wuz fwum da yucky bweeder to mommy’s house (me wuz dopted da same day we wuz wescued),  sis Lexi has moved a lot in hers lifetime and sez mommy wuldn’t go anywhere wiff out us.  So me is takin’ sum of meez cues fwum her.  All da boxes not bodder sis Lexi so there’s no weason fur them to upset me.  And me is a cat after all.  And as such me luvs boxes.  

As fur da motel they’re talkin’ ‘bout puttin’ us up in,  since we awe used to change, so long as mommy be there, we awe okay wiff dat too.  Weez won’t lie and say weez walk wight into da room and own it, but it only takes a kupple hours and weez awe okay and actin’ like weez at home.  So, fur all of yous wunnewin’ out there, weez okay, but fanks fur yous purrayers.  Mommy can suwe nuff use them cuz hers not okay wiff any of this, and hers be fed up!!!    

So, here’s to a Funday Munday hope yous plannin’ sumfin’ gweat.  

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Til da nex time…………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses   

Dezi and Lexi