Blest Sunday: The 2021 Annual Blessing Train Final Run

Hey! Hey! HEY!!! It’s Christmas day, and the final ride of the 2021 Blessing Train!!! I’s gotta tell ya’, we’re sooooooooo excited!!!



Raena lays on cat tree, Blest Sunday template



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Dezi: Cat of the Week

Well meowllo and how ya’ duin’?  We be slowly ketchin’ up wiff everypawdy.  There’s still quite a foo of yous weez haven’t gotten visited, but weez awe gettin’ there, and hope to get all caught up this weekend.  So awe yous all weady fur Christmas?  Ifin not yous better hurry cuz there’s only 2 weeks left.  Can you believ it?  Mommy sed hers sure can’t.  Weez been seein’ lots of you wecievin’ secwet pal gifts and sum of you awe openin’ them wight away and udders be waitin’ till Christmas. We can’t wait to see what you all got.  What fun it’s gunna be.  We hav been gettin’ so many wunnewful cawds boff email and snail mail.  We feel so blest and all warm and fuzzy. Fank yous all fur includin’ us in yous celebwations.  

 Cat of the Week Basil

Dezi glitter

Well da pawtment inspection went okay.  So faw so good, we made it fwu da day wiff out gettin’ a write up so chances awe no wight ups this mumff.  Course da mumff is yung.  MOL  Anyways, Fanks fur all yous good wishes and purrayers fur us and da inspection. 

We also got a letter in da mail sayin’ sumfin’ ‘bout ow caw bein’ wecalled.  Ow caw isn’t new, but it’s fairly new to us. Weez only had it 2 years now.  Anyways, we wuz posed to call them to schedule a pointment to get da purrawlem fixed .  So mommy called over and found out dat da wecall hers letter wuz ‘bout wusn’t da only wecall on ow caw.  There wuz a wecall back 10 years ago dat never got fixed.  OMC Not good.  So da wepair shop sed they wuld order da pawts and giv us a call to schedule a time fur us to bwing da caw in to get fixed.  So yesfurday hims called and sed they had boff da pawts and wanted to schedule us in on Furiday. So looks like weez gunna be going to hav those fings fixed dat make ow caw dangerous.  Me can’t wait to go to town again.  They sed it wuld purrawlly take ’bout an hour, and then there’s da dwivin’ time to get there and back  and run sum errands.   

 Dezi CoTW 10th Dec 2014

Now there wuz a bit of confusion ‘bout shoppin’ wiff a cop, so we fawt we wuld kinda splain it all to you.  Me finks most of you hav heard of da angel twees.  Dat’s da twee fur da kids hoo be less fortunate So dat they too kuld hav Christmas purresents.  Well a kupple years ago da communities decided to take it to da nex level and took up donations of gween papers stead of toys, clothes, etc..  And  then they wuld giv this munny to those kids and send them on a shoppin’ twip wiff a police officer so dat they kuld buy da fings they wanted. Da kids get $100.00 each to shop, and a cop.  Da police man takes them to whatever store they wanna go to and spend an hour (on average) pushin’ da cawts wound and weadin’ da stwuctions and stuffs dat da kids can’t do.  Meez gotta tell ya’ we wonder ‘bout how these kids actually qualify fur this purrogwam cuz they be walkin’ wound da store wiff there iFones and pickin’ out da mostest spensiv toys da store has.  Me gotta tell ya’ weez not qualify but weez fur sure awen’t nearly as gweedy as those kids.  We heard sevewal of them tellin’ their cop dat they didn’t wanna spend any of their munny on furmily members.  It’s purretty skeery when yous fink ‘bout it,  cuz they awe gunna grow up and become selfish gweedy adults sumday.  Anyways dat be “shoppin’ wiff a cop.”

 Dezi & Lexi

And me also wanted to tell yous all dat on of ow sweet furiends Basil has decided to hav a Cat of da week where hims duz an innewview and makes sum weally cool fotos, and hims chose us to be da very first.  Yous kuld be da nex Cat/Dog/Rabbit/ Pig/whatever of da week, all yous gotta do is let hims know yous innewwested.  Can yous believ it.  Meez is so very excited. Just paw on hims name above and be teleported to hims bloggy to wead meez innewview.  And meez fotos today awe courtesy of Basil.  Fank you again. Basil, me had a blast.  

So, till da nex time…………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi