Is It Time tu go tu da V-E-T

OMC Meez wus so supwised by how many of yous hav VETs dat yous like.  Meez wus so glad tu heaw dat.  But meez wusn’t supwised at all by how many of yous not so cwazy ’bout da twip der and back home.  A lot of yous sed dat yous spend da whole twip singin’ da song of ow ancestows.  MOL   One of da fiwst questions wees get asked, even afuw ‘what’s a Service Cat?’ is….. How du yous get da cats tu wide so well in da caw??  And den wees get wesponses like: meez cats wuld teaw us all up, or meez cats meow at da top of der lungs da whole time, and so many mowe.  Mommy tells dem dat yous can’t keep a cat locked away in da house all yeaw long and den pull out da cawwiew 1 time a yeaw and ‘spect evewfin’ tu go smoovly.  Cuz at dat point deys associate da cawwiew wiff  bad fings, and also da VET.  Weally, ifin da only time yous evew get out is when sum stwangew pokes sumfin up yous neddew wegions and sticks yous a foo times and pwys yous mouff open and digs wound in yous eaws and den pushes yous back intu a little box wiff baws dat yous can barely stand up in wuld yous be ‘cited tu go??  Or wuld yous maybe be hidin’ and singin’ da song of yous people tu??    

So da fiwst step in makin’ da twip tu da VET mowe pawsitive and less stwessful fuw evewpawdy is tu make it fun and pawt of da woutine.  Now as any of yous dat wead meez blog knows wees don’t hav much in da munny depawtment so meez not tellin’ yous tu go tu da VET all da time and spend munny.  But let meez say dis, deys don’t chawge yous nuffin’ tu go inside and sit down in da waitin’ woom fuw a bit.  Now sum of yous gunna say, “but meez VET is tu faw away.”   And meez unnewstands dat, ows is 45 minutes away so is not always pwactical.  But ders lots of places yous can go.  One of da fiwst fings mommy dus tu twain any animal is tu get dem used tu da caw and twavelin’.  Dat means dat da cawwiew or stwollew (whatevew yous use fuw twanspowt stays out and cozy like so dat yous little fuwball can get used tu it and leawn dat it’s a good fing. When fluffy goes in and welaxes fuw a nap or a play, giv dem a tweat and pwaise dem.  See whewe meez goin’??  Good fings hapun in da bawwed box besides bein’ manhandled and shuvved inside.  

Luvvin' meez stwollew. Makes fuw a comfy nappin' spot.
Luvvin’ meez stwollew. Makes fuw a comfy nappin’ spot. ♥

Once fluffy is likin’ da cawwiew close dem in fuw vewy showt pewiods of time and take dem out da doow tu da caw.  Don’t go anywhewe yet and be suwe tu giv dem tweats and welease dem when yous come back in da house.  Now dat fluffy’s good wiff da cawwiew and goin’ tu da caw, stawt da caw and pull out and den back in and intu da house and welease fluffy.   Don’t fuwget da tweats and pwaise. 🙂   Now yous weady fuw a twip wound da block.  Not tu faw, just nuff so dat fluffy knows yous ain’t in kansas   da dwiveway and home anymowe.  MOL   Ifin fluffy stawts singin’, yous stawt singin’.  Mommys favowit songs tu sing tu us awe, ‘You are so Beautiful’ and ‘You are my Sunshine’.  And den ders da made up ones.  Mommy can be vewy clevew, and of couwse wees luv hers fuw it.  

Now dat yous goin’ wound da block and fings awe good, go fawddew and pick dat place whewe yous gunna  stop and go in.  Membew du dis mowe den once!!!  And go tu lots of diffewent places.  Da pet stowe, a dwive fwu, anywhewe will wowk.  Yous want tu get fluffy used tu goin’ in da caw and havvin’ good fings hapun.   Ifin yous VET is faiwly close purrlease go der a foo times. (Da smells and sounds awe impurrtant, so even ifin yous VET isn’t close at sum point yous need tu go der.  Also any VETs office will wowk.  Membew, ders no chawge fuw sittin’).  At sum point yous wanna make an appointment  wiff yous VET and take sum of fluffys favowit tweats fuw da VET and techs tu giv tu hims. (or just call and talk tu yous VET most awe happy tu help out at no chawge)  No pokin’, no pwoddin’, no exam.  Just pettin’ and tweats.  it usually only takes a foo minutes fuw dis pawt and dat’s why lots of  VETs will du it fuw a small fee or fuw no chawge.  Aftew all, yous supplyin’ evewfin’ and all yous need is a foo minutes of der time.  Dr. C did it fuw us afuw hims left fuw da day.  

Most VETs don’t take appointments wight up tu closin’ so deys hav a foo minutes fuw dis kind of fing.  And sum  make meet and gweet appointments fuw new clients and yous can ‘splain what yous duin’ and deys will schedule yous intu one of those slots.  In da end, yous shuld hav much mowe peaceful and less stwessful dwives tu da VET.  And maybe yous will wanna take kitty mowe places.  And den nex yeaw fluffy will be askin’ yous,  “Is it time tu go tu da VET?? ”     Fluffy is nevew tu old or tu yumg tu leawn tu enjoy widin’ in da caw.  


Til da nex time…..Hav a Pawsum Furiday!!!


Copyright © 2014 {Audra High} All Rights Reserved


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥              

♦ Dezi ♦

81 thoughts on “Is It Time tu go tu da V-E-T

  1. That’s wonderful advise girls! I didn’t have to do that with my guys, I guess I was lucky ten times. But each of them do not like any carrier and I did try what you said on many different times too. They don’t even want to see a carrier in the house MOL. But I take them in their harness and sit in the back seat with them while papa drives. It seems to make them more comfortable so the car ride is relaxing to them. Gizmo sleeps the 45 minutes we have to drive and Leo loves to watch the world go by out the window. Love Ya’s Bunches!


    1. Yeppews awnty Mary Beth lots of kittys like tu look out da window when deys wide in caws. But mommy has tu dwive and ders nopawdy tu sit and hold us ‘cept hers and sum states hav laws ’bout animals bein’ in yous lap while yous dwive. So dis wus just an all wound posty wiff tips fuw a one purrson twip.

      Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful post Dezi! Marty would ride in the car happily if he didn’t have to use the PTU, but I am afraid he might excape. Hope you all are doing well!
    Marty’s Mom


    1. Fanks Marty’s Mom. Meez glad hims wides purretty well. Hav yous seen those kitty/doggy caw seats?? Hims wuld be able tu see evewfin’ and be out of da PTU but also be safe fwum escapin’. 🙂 Wees duin’ fine and hope yous well also.

      Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥



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