A Very Good Day

OMC Time be flyin’ by. Here it is alweady almost da weekend again. Mommy’s makin’ sum headway and we almost hav da whole bedwoom floor back. So since we hav all dat room back again, Lexi and me hav been purracticin’ fur ow vewy own race. Weez been runnin’ at full speed fwu da house. And fur sum weason’ dat just weally amuses mommy. Hers been sittin’ down and watchin’ us and gwinnin’ so much weez fawt hers face wuz stuck. Of course yous all know dat sis Lexi be on up there in years, but hers weally duz play like a yungster. And wiff all da boxes wound hers got all these ladders and steps dat help hers reach fings hers hasn’t been able to jump on by hers selff these last foo years.

0dw Lexi going to chair from tree

So mommy wuz in da kitchen washin’ da bwekky dishes and hers heard da sound of funder wumblin’ fwu da house. Well da last time mommy had looked at da wedder and outside fur dat matter, da sun wuz shinin’ and there wuz no rain in sight. So hers gwabbed da dish towel to dwy hers hands and came to da edge of da dinin’ room where hers wuz met by a flash of white fluff and then a black stweak. Mommy stopped dead and then  WHOOSH a flash ob black followed immediately by a flash of white floof and POUND, POUND, SQUISH! Lexi wuz chasin’ me and then me wuz chasin’ hers. And when weez got to da bedroom weez hopped fwum 1 box to da udder and landed on da bed and rolled wound. We boff looked up and saw mommy standin’ at da doorway wiff da dish towel hangin’ fwum hers hand and hers eyes leakin’ all ovew da place. And Lexi and me wuz boff just layin’ there lookin’ at hers and then mommy came ovew and crawled on da bed wiff us and held us close and da wumble of purrs stawted. 

0dw Dezi on tree at door

Mommy pawlogized fur all da upset weez been fwu lately and da messy house and havin’ all ow stuffs packed up and bein’ cawted off to motels and not havin’ da room to run and play fur so long. And lexi and me nuzzled in a little closer and meowed to mommy. Yous know what weez wuz sayin’? Dat weez didn’t cawe and dat it wuz okay. Cuz da whole time mommy wuz wight there wiff us. And dat’s all weez needed. Now don’t get me wong, weez enjoyin’ gettin’ mowe and mowe of ow pawtment back and bein’ able to play, but weez wuldn’t want it ifin mommy wusn’t here wiff us. Once ow little luv fest wuz ovew, mommy went back to washin’ da dishes and Lexi went to take a nap and me went to watch ovew mommy while hers worked. And of course me had to play in a foo boxes while hers unpacked and wiff a foo toys when hers took bweaks. All in all……a vewy good day. Open-mouthed smile  And guess what? Weez gunna do it again tomowwo.   Smile  

 0dwDezi in boxa

Weez got sum gweat news, but mommy sez weez hav to wait a bit to tell it to yous all. In da meantime weez wanna say fank yous to Savannah and hers mommy fur puttin’ tugedder this fundraiser to help us wepkace a foo fings dat wuz lost in da floods. Ifin yous haven’t checked it out yet yous can by clickin’ here. And weez wanna fank da wunnewful anonymous donor dat visited and left gween papers fur us yesfurday. So Fank yous, weez weally purreciate it. 

DSCN2030 (800x600)   

Til da nex time……………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


65 thoughts on “A Very Good Day

  • Yow Dezi me n Mum so agreez wif Miss Audra! We not wanna end up homeless or in Hospital or dead ’cause of sum stoopid Hu’man what feelz beein drunk iz okayz!
    Phank KATGOD fer a quiet week so far 😉
    Lub Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0x0

    Liked by 1 person

  • Yow we iz shure glad da man at yer place waz put out!!! Mum spoke to da head purrson here n iffin diz happenz wif sumone here too many timez (not shure how many “TOO’ many iz) den dey can put da purrson out….
    We just wantz peece n quiet Dezi! 😉
    Lub Nylablue x0x0x0x0

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep Nylablue, so do we. Mommy wuz always old afur hers time. Even when hers wuz a teenager hers didn’t pawty and cause a lot of ruccus and didn’t want hers neighbors too eevew. And fur suwe hers didn’t and dusn’t wanna worry ’bout dyin’ cuz of sum dwunken fool.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


  • 😉 Both firez were started by MEN Dezi!
    We figure both were intoxikated n deecided to cook sumfing on dere stovez…
    Diz iz bery scarey n Mum spoke to da Head purrson yesturday. We are wurried too many peeple drinkin lotz n cokkin iz gonna bee da end of us!
    We so wantz to move but as ya nose; we haz no where to go!
    paw kissez
    Lub Nylablue xxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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