It’s A Jelly Bean Furiday

WooHoo It’s Finally Furiday!!! Lot’s of ya’ hav asked why weez not been talkin’ ‘bout da old/new pawtment and all da new stuffs. Well, let me tell ya’ why. A foo days ago weez asked what fotos yous all wuz innewested in seein’, and most of ya’ wanna see da whole pawtment. See da fing is, weez had planned to show ya’ da whole pawtment specially since ya’ kinda alweady saw it when weez posted da fotos of da mess da movers left us wiff. But weez wanna show it off when it looks good. So, yous all gunna just have to wait till mommy gets da boxes put away. Weez not slobs after all and so weez wuld rather show yous a nice pawtment where yous can see evewything. And yous know da veep ordered mommys new fwidge when hers told hims dat they put a smaller one in here, and it wusn’t sumfin’ dat kuld ship out wight away, so weez still don’t hav it yet. It’ll be here by da 8ff of this mumff. So once evewyfin’ gets here and mommy gets us all togedder again, yous will get to see evewyfin’. Okay? Do weez hav a deal? Good. Smile 

 0dw Dezi and nip nanana

Now me weally weally wanted to shawe an adoptable kitty wiff yous all this week but fings didn’t quite work out like meez planned, so me went to sum of sis Lexi’s old pals and told ‘em me wanted to shawe  a bootyful kitty and so here she is. Her name be Jelly Bean. She’s still yung and very sweet and cuddly and vewy twustin’ of hoomans. Weez not know zackly what happened to hers eye. Da vet wemoved it because it had been injured by a pawssible kick fwum a nasty hooman hoo also cut off pawt of hers tail. And yet she still luvs to be petted and luved on by hoomans. So twustin’ still. And yous know it won’t get hers down. Weez hav a furiend dat can’t see nuffin’ at all, and hims has a pawsum life. So me just knows dat Jelly Bean wuld fill yous home wiff so much luv and sunshine yous wuld nevew notice hers missin’ eye or tail. And just look at hers bootyful coat. Isn’t dat spectaculaw? Hers da colow of fall. So this is da purrfect time to adopt hers and giv hers dat purrfect furever home. Hers be located in Tulsa Oklahoma. She is stayin’ at da vets office as there be no room in da foster homes. Hers rescuers awe da Pet Adoption Legue of Tulsa OK which be a 501c3 rescue. Ifin yous innewested in Jelly Bean or any pets they might hav, yous can check out their website and find all da contact infurmation yous wuld need here. Fanks fur shawin’ hers and weez be purrayin’ she gets da purrfect furevew home soon.


 Will you please love me and give me a home? I

Promise to be good and give you all my love.

Weez also wanna take a minute to fank Savannah and hers mommy Miss Linda fur puttin’ up a fundwaiser to help us out aftew da floods here. Weez sent Miss Linda a little note fur an update yesfurday so whedder yous been to da fundraiser alweady or not, purrlease go by and check it out here in da nex day or 2. Be suwe and giv Miss Linda enuff time to get da update posted. And weez wanna send out a meowsy big fank yous to ow sweet furiends, Tucker, Mouse and Dot fur donatin’. And weez wanna say fank you to all of yous. Weez kuldn’t hav magined da luv and support weez wuld weceive. Weez awe so honored and blest to hav yous all in ow lives.

And just wait’ll ya’ hear da news weez  got fur ow nex posty. Weez got so many supwises comin’ up fur yous all dat it’s makin’ ow tails spin. But mommy sed weez gotta keep sum of them secwets a bit longer. Who me?  And as always on Furiday weez be joinin’ up wiff Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Parade Blog Hop. And me furgot so me made mommy edit and add me to Savannah‘s Paw it Forward Blog Hop. Hers mommy’s gunna be payin’ $.50cents fur evewy comment on this posty and a whole dollaw ifin yous comment on hers blog this link takes ya’ too. So purrlease evewypawdy dat comes here today, leave comments. And shawe Jelly Bean too. Fanks.


So, Till da nex time………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


66 thoughts on “It’s A Jelly Bean Furiday

  1. Yow Dezi yer rite dat Jelly Been’z storey needed to bee shared. Mum iz bery eemoshunal n her beein tummy sick iz just ’cause she cuud eemagin da pain diz kitteh endured….
    We shure hope sweet Jelly Been findz a fureber home soon…
    paw kissez
    Nylablue n Mum xxxxx

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