OMC It’s Caturday

OMC Weez finally got ow innewnets back. It wuz like livin’ in da dawk ages wound here wiffout it. MOL At least dat’s what mommy scweamed to da lady when hers told her dat nopawdy kuld come out to fix it fur a kupple days. MOL  Yous shulda seen her. She wuz standin’ outside on da sidewalk purropped up on da rails in da dawk wiff da new neighbor hollewin’ ’bout da snake and twyin’ to get a signal on da cell fone. Weez hav Magic Jack, so no innewnets, no fone. Anyways, there mommy stood twyin’ to get sumpawdy out to fix da net and not get eaten by whatevew kinda snake wuz out there in da dawkness and hers wuz not a happy camper.

They finally came ovew and fixed us up tho’ and while standin’ there talkin’ to mommy hims fone, located in hims shirt pawcket,  flashed. Well mommy didn’t hav on hers makeup, or hers hair fixed and so hers panicked. “Did you just take a photo of me?” she asked. Hims laffed and sed, “Yep, I take pictures of all my clients.” Then hims sed, “No, it flashes to let me know I have a new message. It’s the latest iphone.” Mommy looked at it and sed, “OMC that thing is huge.” Hims sed, “Yeah, I call it my mini mini ipad. It’s 5 inches, so it’s purretty close to the mini.”  After hims left, mommy looked at hers itty bitty old fashioned cell fone and sed, “Now that’s a phone even us old gals can see.” And hers laffed.  So innewnet back on what did mommy do?  Did hers get on da puter and check meez blog or sis Lexi’s Facebook page or twitter, or even emails? No, she didn’t do nuffin’, but sit back down in da chair and welax.  Guess meez mommy needed a day off.  So purrlease furgiv us, weez will be wound to visit wiff yous all shortly. Now fur a little Caturday Art wiff Athena.  

000dw Dezi TG 0dw Lexi green heart

Weez also want to say a meowsy big Fank yous to da anonymous furiends of ow sweet Timmy Tomcat and furmily fur their kind donation to da fundraiser. It’s still goin’ and weez gettin’ closer and closer to ow goal. Ifin yous wanna check it out, yous can do so here.  Weez wanna mention one udder fing afur weez go, National Black Cat Day is comin’ up on October 30ff. It’s a day to raise awareness ’bout da wunnewful black kitties out there and to twy to dispel all da myffs dat keep peeps fwum wantin’ to adopt ’em. Me suwe hopes yous will join us in sayin’ a little sumpin sumpin’ at least ’bout those big black luvvin’ bootys.

So till da nex time…………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi

49 thoughts on “OMC It’s Caturday

  1. First Dezi, I must say your background is lovely all Christmasy. I love Christmas….a fun day but that’s a way ahead of us….not that far….2 months. I’m also very happy with your mom for prodding at the service men till they finally came over.


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