All You Need…

Meowllo evewypawdy awe you weady fur da weekend? It’s almost here. Anyways today’s anudder day in da Bloggin’ A to Z challenge. And todays letter is N. Hmmmmm We hear da word No stawts wiff an N, but since mommy rarely ifin ever tells us No, then  maybe me better not talk ‘bout dat. So me fawt fur a long time and finally ‘cided to talk ‘bout Needs. You know fings peeps and anipals must have to survive. There be da obvious fings like food and water altho’ mommy sez dat hoomans can go wiffout faw longer than is fawt. But we hope nun of ow furiends evew have to find out how long. And then there’s da comfurts of a home wiff heat and air conditionin’. A bed and somewhere to sit. Altho’ mommy has lived in hers caw afur, she sez she be way to old fur dat kind of life anymowe. And then there be LOVE. We wish nopawdy/kitty evew had to go fwu life wiffout luv.

 dw Dezi1420


Lexi and me awe so blest to have such a wunnewful mommy and all of you. But there’s lots of animals in da world hoo have never known luv. And sum dat did and lost it, and found themselves in shelters or on da stweets all by themselves. We told you da udder day ‘bout ow towns city council making sum weally stupid statements ‘bout da law and how they like to solve da purrawlem of those unwanted kitty cats dat roam ow stweets, and how mommy wuz on a mission to set fings stwaight. You know those kitties didn’t choose to be outside scwimpin’ fur food and shelter. All they evew wanted wuz a home and luv. To survive tho they must hunt or search fur homes dat will meet their basic needs fur food and water and shelter. And now a community wants to take those fings fwum them as well.

 dw Lexi4064

Mommy finally spoke wiff one of da council members and hims admitted they didn’t know da laws and spoke outta turn and wuld be cowwectin’ dat. And then him went on to say dat anudder of da council members stated he had twapped one of sed cats and wuz fined $20,000.00 cuz it wuz feral. Just when mommy fawt she had heard evewyfin’. OMC Hoo comes up wiff this stuff. Anyways, mommy wesponded wiff, “that’s not a penalty nor is there any such law.” To which she got, “well we’ll have to do some research because we’re a small town and can’t afford a $20,000.00 fine.”  Mommy proceeded to splain dat they kuld hoomanely twap those kitties and hoomanely twansport them to da nearest local shelter to be held fur adoption or hoomanely eufanized. And then you wanna hear what ‘scuses they made? They told mommy dat da shelter chawges them $25.00 fur each animal they turn in. Yep, dat’s mowe than a bullet, but guess what? Accordin’ to state law a bullet dusn’t qualify as hoomane euffanasia. Oh and dat killin’ must be dun by a twained and qualified purrfessional tech or Vet so as not to cause undue stwess on sed animal. So we conclude ow town NEEDs to gwo up and join this centuwy.

 dw Lexi1412

So da last fing weez gunna leave ya’ wiff today is this. Ifin yous feel da need to add a furry to yous household, purrlease ADOPT. Save a life and in turn save yous own. We all have needs and fur us da most purrtant one is luv.

stray cat prayer

Which need is most purrtant in yous life?   

Till da next time……………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  


Dezi and Lexi



36 thoughts on “All You Need…

  • Deer Dezi an Lexi yur Lady A iss a true kat luvver an advo-kat fur reel. An $25. green paypurr$ iss NOT that much! Pawfull thee way yur outdoor katss are treeted…LadyMum cannot even beeleeve butt shee knowss youss’ speek thee truth!
    One of thee reesonss Ladymum ‘dopted mee was beecause mee had a ruff start inn thee barn an had gotten so sick an once bettur no one WANTED mee!! Peeple wood see mee eye an tern away. Even now sum peeple in our buildin say dumm fingss bout mee an LadyMum askss them to leeve an NOT come back! Shee iss so purrtecktive of mee
    Thee one fing mee needed was sumone to see past thee damaged eye an not bee afraid of thee FHV an luv mee just as mee iss…..
    An that sumone iss mee LadyMum!!!
    Mee iss a lucky kittyboy mee knowss…so many are still homeless where wee live.
    Wee must keep spreadin thee werd…
    paw kissess Siddhartha Henry xxxx
    Pee S: Yur fotoss are beeuteefull purr usual. Yur such luvley kittygurlss…. ❤ ❤

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    • Weez luv ya’ too. Peeps can be so mean and cwuel sumtimes and we just don’t unnewstand it. But seems they have this foto in their mind of what a purretty kitty is and ifin yous not look dat way, they snark at ya’. Sumtimes peeps used to be mean ’bout sis Lexi and call hers plain. They wuld tell mommy how bootyful me wuz and then ak why she had such a plain ole tabby too. It kinds hurted ow feelin’s cuz we fink sis Lexi be da mostest bootyful girly in da universe. Anyways, fanks, and we be da lucky ones.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi

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      • How anyone can say Lexi iss plain makess mee shake mee head!! An LadyMum sayss Lexi iss gorgeeuss like you Dezi; just inn a differint way. Sum peeple are snobss 😉
        LadyMum iss not speekin to a few peepss ’round here who made unkind reemarkss bout mee! Shee sayss they are no furendss of ourss!!
        That iss sumfing issn’t it Dezi an lexi???
        paw kissess Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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  • It’s so sad to think about all of the animals that are out, homeless and alone. We wish they would get to experience lots of love too. Hoping your city starts to make some changes in how they treat strays and ferals!
    Sending lots of love!

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  • Once again a most informative and interesting post my friends. Nobody should be out and alone in the world….it is so much easier with love. Knowing someone cares what happens to us makes life worth the struggle. Even having a sister who loves me…helps a lot.


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  • A most excellent post, Dezi and Lexi. It’s very sad, but mom says animals are treated like they are in your town in lots of places still. As long as people like your mom keep trying, things will continue to get better. We are all adopted here and can’t agree with you more that Love is the most important NEED.

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    • Fank you. Yes it’s pawful dat in this day and age peeps still behave this way towards animals, specially cats. But mmommy sed this one was one too many and she ain’t lettin’ it go.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi

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