Dezi Learns the Art of Massage

So me was a tiny little girly and as is offen da case wiff rescues me was a little sickly. So meez only real job fur mommy fur a good long time was to alert her afur she passed out. Dat’s not to say dat she wasn’t actively twyin’ to twain me to do udder fings, me just wasn’t weally big nuff. Me weally fawt da fone was cool but meez paws wasn’t stwong enuff to push da buttons. Mommy wuld put meez paws on da nummers but me just kuldn’t push ‘em down. But there was anudder fing me kuld do. Since me was taken fwum meez mommy afur me was weaned me weally liked to “make biscuits”. All us kitties do but those of us taken too yung do it all da time to everyfin’. And meez favowit place to be was mommys lap, kneadin’ hers tummy and legs. Altho’ mommy dusn’t weally need tummy massages, she sez they did feel good, but when me wuld deviate fwum hers legs or awms, she wuld wedirect me. Me also liked to be up high as you saw fwum meez foto Fursday so mommy wuld move me to hers shoulders and help me knead hers shoulders and head.


Help me yous say? Well like me sed all kitties knead sumtimes and you can direct dat behavior to happen when and where yous want it. Dat’s called twainin’. When me was on mommys shoulders she wuld coo at me which wuld turn on meez motor boat (purr) and get meez paws to workin’. Mommy wuld tell me how much she liked dat and how wunnewful me was and me wuld purr da louder and knead da more. Since me was so tiny me kuldn’t push very hawrd so there was no deep tissue massages like sis Lexi duz, but me was learnin’. And mommy sez dat’s what counts. Even tho’ me wasn’t makin’ a big diffewence at da time, me was learnin’ where to massage and to do it when mommy wanted me too. These were all lessons fur da day me was bigger and what me did mattered.


Since me luvved to be wiff mommy and sit in hers lap, she wuld let me lissen to peeps on da udder end of da fone. And mommy wuld coo at me till I wuld “talk” meow to them a little. Me just fawt it was fun, but mommy was twainin’ me fur da day when me kuld push da nummers and wuld need to meow when da mergency peeps picked up. It all helped me not to be fwaid of da fone or da voices on da udder end dat me didn’t wecognize. And me wuld watch sis Lexi and sumtimes me wuld twy to mimic her and da fings she did. Mommy sez havin’ a second alweady twained Service cat is very helpful. Cuz even when da untwained kitty not be big enuff to do sum fings, they be learnin’ by watchin’. And dat makes twainin’ in da future dat much easier.


Now me knows dat you all wunnew ifin weez work 24/7. And da answer is…sort of. Weez always “on call”. Meanin’ ifin mommy needs us or ifin me senses hers gunna pass out, then we immediately stop whatever we be duin’ and help mommy. But as you can see fwum todays fotos, we play too. Mommy sez we work hawd and deserve to play hawd too. So we have purrlenty of toys dat have nuffin’ to do wiff Service animal twainin’. Course mommy also sez toys can be a gweat help in teachin’ too. Toys like da Pet Safe FroliCat Flik awe not only good fur honin’ our feline hunting skills, they’re also good at twainin’ us to turn on fings wiff buttons and carry stuff dat be bigger. Now weez not tellin’ ya’ dat ifin yous get yous own FroliCat Flik yous kitty’s gunna be a Service cat, but we can say dat they will have lots of fun,


Ifin you can’t see da video, purrlease click here.

As wiff all da PetSafe purroducts we have da FroliCat Flik is well made and will stand up against normal kitty play and even a little more aggwessive kitty play as you kuld see in meez video. It’s made of sturdy plasctic and da stwing be a soft fabwic so it won’t hurt yous kitty ifin it hits ‘em. (mommy used to fink it was like a weed whacker stwing) It runs on 3 AA batteries (not included) and has an automatic shut off after 15 minutes. Or you can manually turn it off usin’ da same button you used to turn it on. It also has rubber feet to help keep it from sliding ifin yous use it on a bare floor. Da stwing flings and hides to capture yous kitties attention and mimic da chase and ketch. As you kuld see fwum meez video, me likes to ketch and take away. MOL


Where’s dat on button?

Da wunnewful peeps at PetSafe awe lettin’ me give one lucky U.S. kitty their very own FroliCat Flik. We know you want one. To Enter tween now and Furiday at 11:59 p.m. CST all you have to do is:


1. comment and tell me what yous favowit type of toy is


2. share meez posty or pin a foto.


Weez not want anypawdy to be left out dat wants to enter, so ifin yous have twubble commentin’ or awe not on any social media sites, purrlease send us an email and weez’ll see what we can do so you can enter.


Where is dat on button?!

Till da next time………………..Be Blest!!!


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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi



Disclaimer: We received the FroliCat Flik furee fur our honest opinion. PetSafe is not responsible fur da opinions expwessed here. And as always we only bwing you purroducts we have twied or use and fink wuld be of interest to you.

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