Blest Sunday News And Updates

Well here it is, Blest Sunday again. We do feel blest, altho’ we’ve been havin’ all kinds of troubles this past week. Our catputer is actin’ up so we haven’t been able to get ‘round and visit with you all. It may be dat da fan on da mother board isn’t workin’ cuz our catputer keeps shuttin’ down and claimin it’s reachin’ temps of 900 degrees. Now dat’s hot. Of course we don’t have any tech places here so mommy called ‘round in Ardmore where they have 1 place and found out it wuld cost ‘bout $100.00 and take a week to get it back up and runnin’. So mommy’s had it on ice fur a couple days so we kuld post this update and let you all know why we haven’t been ‘round. And yes, me literally means, Ice. She’s got ice packs in towels placed ‘round it to try to keep it cool enuff to stay on.

Dezi poses atop the Liberty cat tree

In other news, sis Lexi is havin’ a really bad weekend. Me heard mommy tellin’ her dat she had to eat to stay alive. And dat she wasn’t ready fur sissy to not be alive. Folks, me’s really, really worried this time. Me just doesn’t unnerstand why sissy won’t eat. We won her a new eatin’ plate from Dr. Catsby’s in da give away over at Zee and Zoeys, so she should be enjoyin’ not havin’ dat whisker fatigue anymore. But all she wants to do is sleep. Sissy could really use your purrayers right now.

Lexi looks at mommy while sitting in her lap on 3/3/2016

Mommy and me have her monthly doctors ‘pointment tomorrow, and we’s got a notice dat we’s havin’ a big ‘partment inspection this month, not just da regular one; so mommy’s gotta do some extra cleanin’ to get ready fur it. Me’s hopin’ mr. Sunshine comes back tomorrow, cuz me’s tired of da gray skies. And me doesn’t wanna have to have da rain coat on me’s stroller. Me knows it’s there to purrtect me frrom da elements, but it interferes with me’s ability to smell da furesh air. Mommy had to add a piece of material to me’s harness cuz ‘parently me’s gained a few pounds on me’s new freeze dried raw diet. Mommy sez me’s healthy and not fat; me’s just finally getting’ da purropurr nutrition, so all’s good.

Dezi sniffs the Weruva pumpkin' lickin' chicken food gift

On da material blessing side, we got a box of yummy Weruva Pumpkin’ Lickin’ Chicken yesfurday. We don’t know who they be from cuz there wasn’t any infurmation in da box, but we sure do wanna say a meowsy big Thank You. We luv da Weruva pumpkin’ chicken noms. And awnty Anonymous donated some green papers to sis Lexi’s medical care, Thank You bunches and bunches. We really needed it, specially since it appears sissy may be in need of seein’ da VET. And as always we are so blest to have all of you in our lives. We really miss readin’ your blogs and posts. We feel like we haven’t seen our furiends in days. We hope to get somethin’ figured out with da catputer soon so we can get back to normal. Least what’s normal fur us.

Lexi looks up at mommy while sitting in her lap on 3/3/2016

Me’s gunna go now so da catputer doesn’t shut me out afur postin’. Thank you all fur bein’ you and fur bein’ a part of our lives. Purrlease send any purrayers you can spare our way. We’s sendin’ purrayers, hugs and lots of luv to you all. We may not be able to get ‘round to see you all right now, but you are in our thoughts. Me almost furgot. We joinin’ da Kitty’s Blue fur Selfie Sunday. Go by and check out all da pawsum selfies, and say meowllo.


Till da next time……………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi       

45 thoughts on “Blest Sunday News And Updates

  1. dezi & lexi….we hope yur computerz knot like a fillet oh fish, N fried, & ya seez thiz message….pleez ask yur mom…. ta ask de vet ….bout ONE sub Q injectionz……and a B12 injectionz …….az lotz oh times…… thatz all it takes ta get yur ap a tite bak ta wear it shuld bee…we send de blessings of St Francis as all wayz ♥♥♥♥♥


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