A Green Blest Sunday

Well da week’s finally over and it’s Blest Sunday. It stormed all week long. And guess what? We’s expected to get more storms this week. A lot of ya’ commented dat we seem to have a lot of storms and so mommy and me started to think it over and you’re right, we do. Every season in Oklahoma comes with it’s own set of storms. We’s movin’ into spring and summer which is prime tornado season. Mommy says what we had last week was like winter and spring dukin’ it out over who was gonna stay. We had da winds, rain and hail of spring but it was cold as a well diggers…well you know, it was cold. As me writes this posty da thunder be boomin’ and rockin’ da ‘pawrtment and da rains be fallin’ from da skies and we’re under threat of flooding. Now me can tell ya’ dat we don’t want Oklahoma to flood like it did last year, but all dat rain meant fur less wildfires in our pawrts. You can always find a blessing ifin your lookin’ fur one.

Dezi walking around the pet grass

Now dat’s enough ‘bout da weather fur now, let’s move on. You wanna know ‘bout da green in me’s post title don’t ya’? Well back in January sis Lexi and me won a BlogPaws twitter chat. Da prize was 3 months of pre grown cat grass from PetGrass.com. You all know sis Lexi luvved her grass, so we were some kind of excited to win. Long story short we finally got our furst shipment of da lush pet grass last week. Mommy and me were both very sad dat sissy didn’t get to try da full pots of greenery, but me was glad to finally have some decent grass in da house. You know they have an auto ship program you can sign up fur dat will get you 3 pots of fresh grass every month. Since it’s just me right now, mommy was really glad she could put a couple of pots in da fridge to stay fresh while me enjoyed one of da pots. This isn’t somethin’ we could afford to buy on our own, so me feels really blest to be a blogger on twitter so me could have da op-purrtunity to win such a great prize.

Dezi close up with the Pet Grass


Dezi looking for a spot to munch on the pet grass

Speakin’ of blessings, you know we are blest to have each of you in our lives. What a joy to have so many wonderful caring furiends. And we’re so glad you all liked our recipe edition. We will be posting more recipes. We’s thinkin’ ‘bout makin’ it a weekly thing. And we thought we would open it up to you all as well. Ifin you have a recipe fur somethin’ special you like to make fur your furries dat you wanna share, just send us an email and we’ll let everypawdy know. Me was remiss and didn’t say dat Minnie’s Morsels are great treats fur all your carnivorous furries. Lots of you also share your homes with doggies, so these treats could be given to every furry. Well me’s gotta go befur da lightnin’ starts up again. We’ll be round to visit as soon as we can. Member to take a minute each day and give thanks fur da many blessings in your life. Me thinks me will grab a bite of grass befur me heads back under da chair. MOL

Dezi licking the top of the pet grass



Dezi eating her pet grass in front of Dougie the Betta

Till da next time……………………………….Be Blest!!!


To view all da passings in March click here. Fank you fur memorializing me’s sis Lexi.


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


31 thoughts on “A Green Blest Sunday

  • Wow, fresh grass, that isa blessing…and you don’t have to go outside in the storms to enjoy it!

    Are you checking up on Doug to see if the storms are bothering him?? Or are you going to share some grass, MOL!!

    Stay safe and dry!!

    Wow, Its Wednesday and we are just now getting to mew on our furends blog posts from Sunday…sheesh:(

    We are all behind too…but now we are Cat-ching up!

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