Straight From The Dead Sea

Well!!! Oh, meowllo everypawdy and welcome to miserable Monday. Seems kinda strange me would have a Blest Sunday and then turn round and have a miserable Monday huh? Well it’s just a sayin’, but ifin you was here lookin’ out me’s front door you would think it was miserable too. We don’t have many flowers in bloom ‘round here, but da ones we did got really beat up in yesfurdays’ storm. Me had all these online plans, but we couldn’t even get da catputer online; there was flashin’ red lights everywhere. Pawrently dat’s bad. Those lights are ‘posed to be steady green. So mommy turned it off and said it was too dangerous fur us to be workin’ on da ‘lectrical stuffs. Well ifin me couldn’t be online, then me would just take up me’s spot behind da chair again. MOL

 Dezi cocks head to the side in thought

Anyways, a while back we were asked ifin we would like to try some Dead Sea products by a company called SOOS Pets in Israel. You know sis Lexi used to scratch herself and make little sores cuz of da itchy skin she had befur we got da new humidifiers. Well SOOS has a product called Mineral Enriched Rescue Cream dat can be used fur dat very thing; so mommy said yes, we would luv to give da products a try. Now let me tell ya’ a little about SOOS Pets. They have da only products in North America dat be enriched with minerals from da Dead Sea, and made with 97% natural ingredients like essential oils, vitamins and plant extracts. The products are all cruelty free, SLS and paraben free. And Soos Pets makes shampoos, conditioners, finishing sprays, topical creams, mousse, and remedies for chronic pain for both cats and dogs. SOOS Pets also donates to shelters and organizations to help improve animal welfare.

So as me said we got the Mineral Enriched Rescue Cream to try out. Here’s a list from SOOS Pets dat tells what this cream can be used fur and lists the ingredients. 

• Natural topical treatment for wounds, abrasions & damaged skin
• Treats cuts, scrapes, rashes, hotspots, dry & cracked paws, wounds, eczema, stings, minor infections, sores, bug bites, dry elbows, chronic skin conditions and dry, irritated skin
• Works within seconds
• Speeds healing
• Immediately soothes pain, irritation and discomfort
• Harmless when licked
• Natural antiseptic, antibiotic and antibacterial prevents infection
• Non Greasy formula
• Moisturizes
• Made with 93 natural remedies including: Dead Sea Water, Shea Butter,
Beeswax, Marigold Extract, Aloe Vera, Oregano Oil, Sea Buckthorn, Ginkgo Balboa, Corn Oil, Angelica, Eucalyptus, Siberian Ginseng, Alfalfa, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Dead Sea Salt, Borage Seed Oil, Dead Sea Minerals and Phytocomplexes of 71 Plants, Herbs and Roots
• For external use only
• Nourishes skin and coat with vitamins, minerals and essential oils
• Penetrates hair and skin to deeply hydrate
• Boosts immunity
• Draws out toxins and impurities
• Paraben and SLS (Sulphate) free
• Minimum 2x concentrated
• Safe and great for use on humans and animals
• Cruelty Free – NO testing on animals
• pH balanced for dogs & cats 
• 97% natural



 Lexi with Soos Pets Rescue Cream on chin

When it arrived sis Lexi had scratched a little sore on her chin dat was purrfect fur tryin’ out this cream. Mommy took a little dab and applied it to sissy’s chin. Da Rescue Cream is a very thick textured paste and is white in color. It has a very light fragrance, and a little goes a long way. Unfurtunately sissy left us befur da cream healed her wound. But we weren’t through testing. Me told you all dat me had (accidently) attacked mommy durin’ all da confusion after sissy left, so mommy started using the Rescue Cream on herself. Hey it’s all natural and there’s nothing in it dat says it can’t be used fur humans too. Mommy decided to focus on one scratch in purrticular. A few fotos later and mommy hoped da healing process had started. There was no stinging or pain associated with the application of da cream, and da slight fragrance dissipated quickly. Mommy applied da cream twice daily fur ‘bout a week befur noticing any changes in da scratch. It took a little over a week to completely heal, and she does have a scar, but remember this was a scratch on a human and not a hot spot, etc..

All in all mommy liked da SOOS Pets Mineral Enriched Rescue Cream. Because of da texture and color you can see where it’s applied. It’s a nice size at 1.69 ounces, and as we said earlier, a little goes a long way. We always luv cruelty free and natural products. So me gives it a paw up and mommy gives it a thumb up. You can check out all da SOOS Pets products here.

Disclaimer: We received SOOS Pets products free in exchange for our honest opinion. SOOS Pets is not responsible for the content of this post other than the claims in black taken with permission directly from their website. We only review products we use or have tried and think would be of interest to you our readers and friends.

Do you like natural products?

Do you think natural products work as well as compounded medicines? 



Till da next time…………………………..Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


33 thoughts on “Straight From The Dead Sea

  1. That looks lke a good remedy to use before trying other things…a ‘go to’ product.
    Meowmy could have used something like that for the big owie she had on her shin from when she fell off the treadmill a year ago…she still has a big scar…

    Glad it healed up the big scratch on your Mommy, Dezi.
    Natural is a great way to go, and though some might say otherwise, it fur sure is not old wives tales or snake oil…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A very good post Dezi and Mom A. So glad it healed up nicely and Dad would use it if we ever have a need.
    We really do not use anything medicinally. Dad says he has the immune system of a cat so never ails except for the metal bits in him that hurt. We are all really healthy too knock a nip mousie.

    Liked by 2 people

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