Blest Sunday’s This and That

Meowllo and welcome to a new Blest Sunday. As always, we’ve been extremely blest this week. Yes we told you dat it has been stormin’ and mommy’s been in a lot of extra pain, but ‘stead of hidin’ out durin’ those storms, me’s been hangin’ with mommy. Dat’s somethin’ dat always makes mommy happy. Every day mommy says dat nuffin’ makes her happier than bein’ with her girls. And even tho’ mommy had to abruptly leave da bathroom to find da toilet paper cuz it wasn’t on da shelves dat are no more, she said she was just glad dat Raena and me were okay and dat nopawdy had gotten hurt. Me’s not so sure she was all dat happy at dat moment tho’. Anyways…

 Dezi sits on a box

Tomorrow is Labor Day here in da United States. A day dat celebrates da “labor movement” by not laborin’. A little oxy-moronic ifin ya’ ask me, but nopawdy did, so we’ll just be hangin’ out as usual. Oh yeah, me furgot to tell you, Raena furinally got her furst taste of cat grass. Mommy thinks it’s funny dat just like da changin’ of da bed sheets, Raena’s been here fur a while and never noticed any of this till this past week. You know mommy changes da bed sheets regularly, but not till this past week did Raena pay attention, much less insert her playful self into da mix. Mommy also tries to keep some grass growin’ fur us kitties to chew on. This past week da light went on in Raena’s head and she discovered da not at all hidden cat grass. At furst she didn’t know what to do with it, but after watchin’ me a time or two, she planted herself up there and had a nibble. Mommy’s fotography skills ain’t all dat great, but we think you’ll get da idea. Raena must have gorged her little self on da grass, cuz ‘bout 30 minutes later she was horkin’ it up all over da place. MOL

Raena eats her first ever cat grass

       Dat wasn’t funny sis Dezi. I’s not ever horked befur and it kinda scared me.

 Dezi lays on box while Raena looks for her

Me knows Raena. Mommy says you make da same horrified face me does befur throwin’ up. She doesn’t know ifin this is a Ragdoll thing or a just us thing, but she says she wishes it didn’t scare us so much. ‘Course me also knows she would rather we didn’t hork at all. Me knows dat cuz she says it da whole time she’s cleanin’ it up and purrays ever night dat God would help us not to throw up or have hairballs. 

 Raena lays in mommys lap and bathes

       Well I’s all fur God answerin’ dat purrayer sissy. I’s not like dat horkin’. Fankfully mommy cleans it up befur ‘memberin’ to take fotos. 

 Raena lap selfie

Oh Raena, nopawdy wants to see your throw up. Dat’s not somethin’ mommy would ever take a foto of ‘lessen it be strange or pawssibly medical related, and then only to show da VET.

       Phht Phht (Raena spits and acts as if she’s going to hork) Dezi, Don’t ever talk ‘bout da mean place. I’s not wanna go back there ever again. 

 Raena lap selfie

Me’s with ya’ on dat kiddo, me doesn’t like goin’ there either.

So let’s just get back to those blessings. We are so blest to have so many pawsum furiends and furmily. You all are very special to us. Mommy had to go up town last night and on her journey she saw stray cats every where. A few months ago she couldn’t find a stray kitty to save her life, but last night it seemed they were unending. Y Right here in our very own pawrkin’ lot mommy spied one hunched down unnder a car tremblin in fear. We felt so bad fur him, dat when we got back home mommy hollered and hollered fur him to come eat. She was gonna share our noms with da scaredy kitty. But alas, no amount of hollerin’ worked. We never saw kitty again last night. But we’s keepin’ our eyes open.

Dezi and Raena sleep on the lLiberty cat tree
Before Photo shop

Anyways, we’s gonna wrap it up fur now. We’s joinin’ da Kitties Blue fur Selfie Sunday. A lot of you use this Photo Shop fur editin’ and creatin’ works of art with your fotos, so mommy thought she’d give it a look see again. She looked it up once, but it cost real money, so she’s never given it another thought. Well, it turns out there’s a free 30 day trial dat doesn’t require a credit card so she downloaded it to try to beautify some of our fotos. Needless to say, it ain’t all dat easy, but dat’s where we edited da fotos we’re postin’ today and even made a textured foto to play ’round with da filters. ‘Member to take a moment today and every day to give thanks fur da blessings in your life. By da way, mommy says dat foto surroundin’ this pawagraph is one of her favorites. Me doesn’t know why she said dat tho’. Maybe ya’ll can tell me. 

Dezi and Raena sleep on the lLiberty cat tree texturized with photoshop
After Photoshop

Till da next time…………………………………..Be Blest!!!





Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle

38 thoughts on “Blest Sunday’s This and That

  1. Yup, ‘horking’ of woofing the cookies as we call it is not photoworthy at all…at least not in our books. At our den, Minko is the prize winner…he can hork wtih the best of them…though Pipo can thrill us betimes as well, MOL!

    Our petcretary was not allowed to be lazy, let alone labor free, she had to go to her work all three days…phew! At least Pawppy was home…but he too had to be at labor and he mowed our one acre lawn…

    Have a wonderfur week!! Loved seeing the selfies:)

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