Mommy, Why Do Our Friends Have to Die?

5 Ways To Help Your Pet Get Through the Grieving Process


Mommy why duz it have to get cold outside? Why duzn’t da sun always shine? Why don’t all kitties have a home? Mommy, why do our furiends have to die? And why duz me feel so sad when they do?  

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Oh Dezi you sure are full of questions today aren’t ya’? Honey, I don’t know why our friends have to die. I mean, I know that death is part of life, and the Bible says that it’s appointed unto man but once to die. (Hebrews 9:27) And that means all creatures who live on this planet, including our friends baby. Sometimes they just get old and their body gets tired and just can’t go on. And sometimes they get sick and there is no cure for what they have. And sometimes as awful as it is there are accidents that take our friends way before their time. Us humans have control over a lot of things, but only God controls life and death. God allows us all a chance to live and find happiness like we have with each other; until the day He calls us back to heaven. Our friends in heaven are no longer sick or old or in pain. As much as we loved them and wanted them to be a part of our lives forever, they are in a far better place now. The sads we are left with are called grief honey.


Grief comes in stages and no one can escape going through them. For humans the five stages of grief are:

  • 1.  Denial 
  • 2.  Anger 
  • 3.  Bargaining 
  • 4.  Depression 
  • 5.  Acceptance 

But animals grieve as well and we, your care takers should be sensitive to that. When an animal bonds with another animal or human, they grieve the loss of that animal or human. Grief in animals can be harder to spot because often the changes are subtle and can range in severity. Some of those changes are:

  • 1.  Appetite (eating less or not at all) 
  • 2.  Becoming more or less vocal 
  • 3.  Appear lost or confused 
  • 4.  Wandering in an attempt to find their lost companion 
  • 5.  Change in sleep patterns (sleeping more or less)
  • 6.  Spending more time with a toy or item used/favorited by their lost companion (clothing, blanket, bedding, etc.) 
  • 7.  Becoming more clingy to remaining household members
  • 8.  Acting Out 

These are just a few symptoms of grief in animals. As humans we must pick up on these subtle changes and do what we can to help you get through the grieving process. A few ways we can help are: 

  • 1.  Let survivors view the body of their lost loved one. ( funerals are for the living. A last chance to say goodbye and accept the finality of a loved ones’ passing.) 
  • 2.  Spend extra quality time with the surviving pet(s). Grooming, longer walks and more playtime are just a few ways to spend that extra time. 
  • 3.  Maintain your routine as closely as possible. 
  • 4.  Maintain discipline for those pets that act out. 
  • 5.  Depending on the severity of grief, adding a new animal to the household might be more stressful. Know your pets, you will be the best judge of when it’s time to bring home a new furry friend.


Although you can’t speed up the  grieving process, remember that cat’s shouldn’t go without food for more than 24 hours before it starts affecting their health. And if this process drags on, a trip to the vet might be called for to make sure there’s nothing physically wrong. Animals, just like humans will get through it. God has given us all the capacity to love, accept loss and love again. And also remember your anipals pick up on their humans’ emotions.  

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Fank you mommy fur takin’ da time to explain what meez sads are and how to help us anipals get fru it. Me hopes this will help meez furiends too. We have lost so many furiends this year and it’s still January. Me wants it to stop, but at least now me knows dat they are goin’ to a better place and dat me can get over da sads. Weez joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Parade and tomorrow weez’ll be sharin’ meez Carwood Derby entry fur Cat Scouts. Weez changin’ da day we share our adoptable furiends so stay tuned. 

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Do you know any other ways to help you or your pets get through the grieving process? 


Till da next time…………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi   

35 thoughts on “Mommy, Why Do Our Friends Have to Die?

  • Great post! We’ve gone through this a few times, with fellow members of our clowder and with our human grammy who lived with us for a while. Mommy pinned the post to one of her boards on Pinterest, so hopefully it will help someone who sees it on there. Thank you for posting this! Sometimes, a new arrival has helped the others heal and/or distracts them, but sometimes the rest need some time before they’ll accept a new one. More playtime has helped for us, and definitely being able to view/sniff/say goodbye in our own way to the one who has died. Even with our human grammy, who died in the hospital, because we were allowed to sniff her clothes and blanket she had with her when she died.

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    • Fank youo fur sharin’. We hope dat we can help sumone else transition thru da grief. We wish it didn’t have to happen, but if we can make it a little less scary we want too.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


  • It is sad when we lose loved one,we only have one bunny at a time,so it’s just our grief we have to deal with,but if we had more we would spend lost more time with the remaining one to make sure he or she was ok,xx Rachel

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  • We know that the pawrents have told us that when Simba (Kitty Number Two) left his earthly body, Groucho (Kitty Number One), paced and yowled as only a meezer can fur days. He nevfur had a chance to say goodbye, cause no one knew Simba was ill…so after a bit of time we brought him Kitty Number Three (Suki)…and soon they were bonded. Then we got Toki (Kitty Number Four).
    Groucho was about 18 and got really frail and sick…and had to be helped to go to kitty heaven. The pawrents brought back his body , they sniffed it and walked away. And they did not grieve in the way that Groucho had years before, meowmy isn’t even sure they truly grieved at all…cause they knew how sick he had been. And of course they had each other…and the two unfurbros also.

    You kitties asked some deep questions today, and your Mommy helped by giving furry good information and answers.

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  • We grieved when our sisfur Sadie had to go to the bridge since she had been here our whole lives. Mommy paid extra attention to us and played with us to help us feel better. It made her feel better too but even after 3.5 years she’s not really to the acceptance part yet. She misses Sadie a lot.

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    • Sumtimes mommys never get over da missin’ part. Mommy cries every Christmas cuz she misses sis Lexi’s brofur Lucky. He died on Christmas almost 11 years ago, so it’s okay to still miss them. So long as you continue to live and love.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


  • When Butler died, I buried him where his favorite hay bale had been, in the general area where the cats ate. I forget if any of the kitties saw me bury him or not. I know that the week he died, he took a walk down the hill toward the pond. As he was going downhill, his litter sister Parker passed us going uphill.

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  • Dear girls, we shared this post with our twitter followers. So many ways to cope with grief, and our peeps and pets need to find what works best for them.

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