Wanna Ride?

WooHoo it’s finally Furiday!!! As yous all know meez been covewin’ sum vewy sewious topics lately, and they needed to be covewed; but me fawt since it be Furiday me wuld lighten up and take yous fur a spin in meez mommy’s wheelchair.  Awe ya’ up fur it? Do yous wanna go fur a ride? It’s okay and purrfectly safe. Mommy sez meez a gweat dwiver and ifin yous weally scawed, there be a seat belt yous can put on. Smile Can yous believe they put a seat belt on a chair dat can’t go any fastew than 10 miles an hour? Well they do. So stwap up and away we go.  Yous know when me came to liv wiff mommy me had no idea what meez life wuz gunna be like. Me knew it wuld be better than what it had been but me kulda nevew magined all da fun me wuz in fur. Winking smile 

Me wuz still a little tyke back when me wuz learnin' to dwive.
Me wuz still a little tyke back when me wuz learnin’ to dwive.

Dwivin lessons wuz sum of meez favowits. this one meownin’ Me wuz suwe me finally had gotten dwivin’ dat chair to da pawdee box room down pat. So when it came time to head fur da pawdee box room me hopped onto mommy’s lap and wight into da dwivin’ spot. Sis Lexi meowed dat she wuld meet us in there, and meez just shook me head at hers and meowed she not know what she be missin’. Me looked up at mommy and hers sed, “Okay Dezi, let’s go.” Oh wow, me wuz so excited. Me put meez mouff on da joystick and pawed da power button and pushed us furward vewy slowly.

As weez inched furward, sis Lexi ran past us, and not wantin’ hers to get to da pawdee box room afur us, meez pushed da joystick furward as faw as it wuld go. It’s okay, mommy turns da speed down to only 2 baws at night so weez can’t actually go much faster than ‘bout a mile an hour. ‘Cept sumtime in da night, Lexi or me (not tellin’ hoo) accidentally tuwned on da chair and hit da speed button and tuwned it up to all da baws. So me and mommy took off like lightnin’, meez means white lightnin’ fur suwe. Weez wusn’t playin’ wound dat’s fur suwe. We wuz flyin’. Soarin’ wiff da twin jets we wuz. Open-mouthed smile Course da jolt weez got fwum da chair takin’ off had purrpelled us boff backwards and me twyin’ to keep hold of da joystick pulled it back so weez went in wevewse. BOOM!!! Wight into da bed, and then….BIG BOOM!!! As da hospital bed whose wheels wusn’t locked went stwaight into da wall. Me let go of da joystick and jumped down quick and looked wound. Surprised smile

now let me see ifin me got this stwaight. Me puts meez mouff on this joystick and bites down and pushes it furward, wight?
now let me see ifin me got this stwaight. Me puts meez mouff on this joystick and bites down and pushes it furward, wight?

LEXI: Yeah rite. Youz jumped outta youz fur an ran under da bed. Soz I’z kaym outta da pawdee box room too chek on mommy. Leezt shez wuz okay, but youz noze herz purrawlee awlmozt peed herz pantz. 

DEZI: It wusn’t dat bad Lexi, and meez came out fwum unnew da bed as soon as yous came outta da pawdee box room.  Who me?

LEXI: Yep youz did, I’z’ll gibz ya’ dat, but I’z gawdid in da chair and drobe mommy too da pawdee box room abter dat.

DEZI: And yous did a pawsum job sissyfur. At least me wuz twyin’. Yous know me wuz still weally yung and just learnin’. 

LEXI: Yep sweet sis youz wuz wunderfull. And youz wuzn’t frayd too tri nubbin’. Youz a grayt driber now. Hope eberpawdy enjoyed der ride wiff ya’ today.

Yep Dezi beez a good driber now.
Yep Dezi beez a good driber now.

DEZI: Yep meez too Lexi. Me suwe had a gweat time dwivin’ yous all into da wall by way of da bed. MOL Hope yous come back fur anudder fun filled time wiff me and sis Lexi. And ifin yous wanna ride, just holler. 

Til da nex time……Be Blest!!!


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Dezi and Lexi