Pillin’ the Feline Chillun’ and Blog Hops

Well today be Fursday. Course yous all know dat wight? So why me be tellin’ ya’ sumfin’ yous alweady know is what yous askin’ yous selff. It’s cuz me wants to talk a little ‘bout blog hops. As yous also all know weez like to do a Blest Sunday posty evewy week. And weez been asked mowe than once why weez don’t join da Fankful Fursday blog hop. To be honest weez not even know hoo sponsors it, but weez do fink it’s a pawsum fing to do. Of course weez fink it’s a gweat idea to tell da fings yous be gwateful fur or blest by at least once a week. Mommy sits us down evewy day no matter what be goin’ on and weez list at least 5 fings dat weez be gwateful fur. Yes of course mommy be da one duin’ da listin’. Mommy sez this world weez liv in not be da nicest place and it’s so easy to lose sight of ones blessings by bein’ bogged down in da day to day stwuggle to just get by. Yous still wunnewin’ where me be goin’ awen’t yous.  Well let me just tell ya’. 

dw Dezi and Lexi wc

When we stawted meez bloggy me knew nuffin’ ‘bout blog hops or days set aside fur specific kinds of postys or nun of dat. Weez weally wusn’t suwe what to do here. Weez just knew weez had a stowwy to tell and wanted to get dat out. But weez also wanted to hav fun and do sum educatin’. And one Caturday while visitin’ ow furiends weez came acwoss Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop. Me had alweady posted meez posty, and me didn’t unnewstand what weez wuz weadin’, and we didn’t unnewstand why there wuz so many fotos of udder blogs on hers posty. And then weez clicked da “you’re nex” button finkin’ weez wuz leavin’ a comment. Only stead of goin’ to da comments weez went to a diffewent page. Well it asked fur a lot of da fings weez had to fill out to leav comments on udders blog postys so weez fawt nuffin’ ‘bout it and just filled it out. Nex fing weez knew meez foto wuz on Athena’s posty. And do yous know dat Athena wuz nuffin’ but nice to me even tho’ meez didn’t link back to hers bloggy. She visited meez bloggy and made a vewy sweet comment on meez posty and nevew once sed anyfin’ ‘bout da fact me didn’t acknowledge her. Da nex week meez had learned me wuz posed to link back, but no matter what me twied, me kuldn’t get hers linky to show up like a link yous kuld click on. Still Athena was vewy sweet and nevew once gwiped at me. Wiff da help of Sammy’s mommy Miss Pam, me finally learned how to link back to da blog hop. But me still furgot to add da foto of da blog hop to meez posty. And to this day me still dusn’t always get it wight, and Athena still be just as sweet to me today as da first time when me had no idea what me wuz duin’. Fank yous so much Athena and Marie. 


And then me came acwoss da Pet Parade Blog Hop hosted by Rascal and Rocco wiff sevewal co hosts. And yet again half da time me dusn’t get meez linkys wight. And they’ve nevew once gwiped at meez eevew. And now me sumtimes posts selfies on Sunday and join up wiff da Kitties Blue, and yet weez nevew do it wight eevew. And they nevew once tell us not to join ‘em ifin weez can’t get it wight. Well weez did finally get each of their links and badges up on meez side baw even ifin me can’t wemember to put them in meez postys. And fankfully they awe all furgivin’, even though meez not duin’ it wight. Mommy purromises me each week hers will do better and yet each week hers furgets. So fur da most pawt dat’s why weez not join in on da Fankful Fursday blog hop. Weez can’t even do wight by da ones weez wegularly join so da last fing meez wants to do is join annuder one dat will hav to be patient and furgivin’ of me and mommy. And da second weason is dat weez weally like duin’ ow Blest Sunday postys. Bein’ Christians weez do fink of Sunday as da Lord’s day and weez know dat all blessings come fwum da Lord so weez like to post ow blessings then. It’s just a purrsunal fing and not a slight to anypawdy. As yous all know weez still vewy new to all of this so weez still be learnin’ and findin’ zackly what works fur us. 

New Pet Parade button 200x200


Sunday Selfies catonmy head

Weez also wanted to talk a little today ‘bout pillin’ da chillun’ of da feline purrsuasion. Most all of yous hav had to do it at one time or anudder. And no doubt yous hav twied vawious methods fwum pill pockets to favowit noms to da good ole stand by…..da pill pusher. But did yous know dat ifin yous not followin’ dat dose wiff sum water or even butter or cweam cheese yous may be causin’ inflamation or scarrin’ in da kitty dat kuld lead to an inability to even eat or dwink. Now fur suwe this wuld be mowe of a purrawlem fur those kitties dat take wegular medicines than those hoo get pilled a foo times in their lifetime. Now as most of yous know (cuz weez told yous) mommy wuz a Vet Tech. years ago, but sum of da fings hers duz today is cuz of what hers learned there. Back then weez not fink they knew these dangers, but da VET mommy worked fur sed, “you wouldn’t swallow a pill without something to wash it down would ya’?” And so all these years mommy’s been followin’ pills in kittys wiff water or butter. (most kitties luv butter) Yous can wead mowe ‘bout this here.

dw Dezi n Lexi wc n tree


Weez awe away fur a while today cuz weez be gettin’ ow furniture and boxes moved and mommy dusn’t wanna be on da puter and in da way while they be twyin’ to move evewyfin’, so weez will get to all of yous bloggys to visit soon, okay. And again, weez wanna say fanks to Savannah and Miss Linda fur makin’ a fundraiser fur us. Yous can see it and wead why by clickin’ here. And mommy sed last night dat weez wuld post fank yous on ow Blest Sunday postys. Purrlease know dat yous gifts and luv mean da world to us.




Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses  

Dezi and Lexi

Weez Goin’ Shoppin’

Woo Hoo it’s shoppin’ wound da world day. Awe yous weady? As most of yous know by now Fozziemum and Bacon stawted compawin’ purrices a foo munffs back, and fawt; wow now wuldn’t this be fun ifin all da bloggers shawed da purrices of specific items once a munff so weez kuld all compawe. And eevew fank ow lucky staws fur ow low purrices, or wunnew what da cat? So, let’s go shoppin’.

First up on da list be Apples: $1.39 lb. or a 2 lb. bag of da small red apples fur $3.89

Nex up be Stwawberries: Nun of ow stowes had any wight now, so weez givin’ ya’ da purrice da last time they wuz available which wuz $4.99 fur da little basket of ‘em.

Third be cawwots: They be $1.89 fur da small bag (10 oz). Mommy dusn’t eat cawwots anymowe cuz they caused hers to hav hers first and only gall bladdew attack back when she had one. MOL 

Nex be Gween Beans: There wusn’t any fwesh so a 12 oz can of da gweat value bwand be $.89.

And then OMC Lettuce: Mommy’s been cwavin’ a salad fur ovew a year now, but hers sed hers not payin’ them $2.99 fur a head and won’t even pay $1.99 on sale. Mommy sez dat’s just stupid.

It not be da bestest time of year fur da fwuits and veggies in ow awea, or at least what weez call da summer vegs.

So da last 2 items wuz a vegetable and a fwuit of ow choice. Well mommy dusn’ eat much of eevew of these anyways so me chose Taters: mommy likes ‘em but they haven’t been on sale lately and hers won’t pay $3.99 fur 5 lbs. or a so called baker fur $1.00. 

And then gween gwapes, be $1.89 lb. And dat wuld wrap up da shoppin’ twip fur this munff.

ifin yous can’t see da video, click here.

Now in udder news ow sweet furiend Katie kat blogged ‘bout ow howwific situation here and asked hers followers to do sum writin’ on ow behalf. Well supawdy or sevewal sumpawdy’s got fwu and HUD’s big boss stepped in yesfurday and stawted talkin’ wiff da nice lady dat be twyin’ to help us fwum Rural Dev. and they had a 3 way confewence call with da owner of this purropurrty hoo also happens to be da purresident of da managment company, and came to an agweement. So ow toilet will be weplaced wiff da taller one and da management companies veep is comin’ down wiff sum udder company employees to move all of da boxes and furniture on Fursday. And mommy gets hers big tall fwidge back. So paws cwossed and all da purrayers dat Fursday goes off wiff out a hitch. (any purrawlems) Fank ya’ Katie and all yous followers dat spoke out on ow behalf.

 DSCN2030 (800x600)

And ifin dat wusn’t nuff, then Miss Linda and Savannah went and set up a fundraiser fur us to help us get sum gween papews to weplace mommy’s chair. As yous know ows bwoke in da flood and mommy’s been havin’ to sit in da floor. Dat not be so good fur hers, but she did it wiff out complainin’ all da time. And ow mattwess on da hospital bed got all wet fwum all da moisture in da air so weez hopin’ to be able to get anudder one. Then Miss Linda asked ifin there wuz anyfin’ weez needed to help us even mowe. And as yous all know sis Lexi still acts like a kitty, but hers not anymowe and hers needs stairs to get up on da bed to help mommy. And da stairs mommy had bought years ago wuz da little lightweight pllastic ones made fur little dogs. Needless to say they bwoke a long time ago under da weight of a healffy    sissyfur, so weez kuld use sum stairs to help hers to continue to work and help mommy. Weez suwe do purreciate them duin’ dat fur us. Specially since Nana’s been up to sumfin special ovew on hers bloggy. Wunnew what it kuld be?


Yous know when weez came to blogville yous all wuz so warm and invitin’ and acceptin’. You made us twuly feel at home. Fank you all so vewy much. And fank yous fur yous luv and purrayers and suppowt fwu all of this. Weez twuly hope weez at da end and can stawt showin’ yous all fotos of da newness. Hope yous hav a Pawsum Day today. 

Till da nex time……………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi