Blest Sunday

Meowllo all, it’s Blest Sunday.  And most of yous be aware of what be happenin’ at ow digs wight now. So yous purrawly askin’ yous selff just what is it weez be fankful fur and why is it weez feel Blest tuday, wight?  Well let me tell ya’ all ‘bout it. Of course weez got a mess and yes mommy be so vewy tiwed. But, ifin yous saw any of ow motel postys wiff da videos and fotos, yous know how much ow mommy luvs us and just how much weez luv hers wight back. See what yous see in da videos and fotos, dat goes on all da time, even when da camewa not be rollin’. Mommy sez dat hers nevew had so much luv in hers life. And hers is eatin’ it up. Now bein’ a kitty meez not know zackly why mommy wuld wanna eat up luv, but hers duz. Fawt weez wuld shawe anudder luv video fwum da motel wiff ya’ even tho’ weez be home now.

ifin yous can’t see da video, purrlease paw here.

And yous know what els? Fwu all of this ow bloggin’ and Facebook furiends hav suppowted us, spoke words of encouragement, and sent purrayers, and even sent us boxes of goodies fur us and fur mommy. And sum hav sent gween papers to ow paypal so dat when all this be ovew, mommy can get a new sittin’ chair and get up off da floor.But mommy sez as uncomfurtable as da floor be, at least hers has a floor to sit on. But hers gunna be pawful glad to hav a chair again. And yous know mommy wuz gettin’ pneumonia fwum all da wet and germs in da pawtment, and now hers is gettin’ well. It be slow, but a little evewyday be gweat.

Meez wuz deep in fawt missin' sweet Andy.
Meez wuz deep in fawt missin’ sweet Andy.

Well weez wuld like to say a meowsy big Fank Yous to all of yous fur evewyfin’. Fur readin’ meez bloggy an commentin’ and likin’ and followin’ us and just bein’ ow furiends and fwamly. It’s so nice to hav yous in ow lives and fur dat weez awe Blest.

dw Lexi Selfie 2

Weez Also gunna fwo us up a kupple selfies and join ow dear furiends da Kitties Blue today. So prowl on ovew there and check out even mowe pawsum selfies. But don’t ya’ go too faw, cuz we be shawin’ sumpawdy special tumowwo. And hav any of yous heard what’s up wiff Savannah?

Till da nex time……………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi


It’s Caturday and yous all showed up to hear ‘bout ow homecomin’ and to see fotos didn’t yous? Well as yous know weez wuz so ‘cited to come home and get back to livin’ and let mommy unpack all da boxes and put away ow fings fur anudder 11 years or so. But as yous know by now, nuffin’ wiff this company be dat simple, wight? So weez checked outta da motel and dwove home. Then weez took da long way home and went into town and video taped ow town fur all those wunnewin’ how small it weally be. And then weez finally weached HOME!!! Weez kuldn’t wait. so mommy got us outta da caw and da camewa and headed fur da door. 

dw Dinin' room

dw kitchen

Mommy unlocked da door and turned on da camewa and pushed da door open and………all ow hearts sank. Mommy turned off da camewa and pushed us on in da house and shut da scween door. Then hers unzipped da stwoller and weez boff jumped out and just stood there a minute lookin’ wound. Where do weez go? How do weez get there? Mommy went back to da caw and got da litter box and sat it in fwunt of da door and then turned on da camewa and stawted takin’ fotos. Nun of da furniture wuz where it wuz posed to be, and boxes wuz piled up in fwunt of evewyfin’ Then da first box mommy looked at in da dinin’ room wuz clothes fwum da walk in closet in da bedroom. So dat meant da boxes wuzn’t even in da wight rooms. Mommy kuldn’t see da dinin’ room table or da micwowave which shulda been on da counter top. But then mommy touched da counter top and it had a thin layer of paint on it fwum da painters spway paintin’ da pawtment. Mommy walked on fwu da pawtment and into da bedroom. Weez kuldn’t even get to da bed, and nun of da furnitire in there wuz where it wuz posed to be. And then on to da closet, there wuz da dirty clothes basket, on da top shelf. Complete wiff dirty clothes. On into da pawdee box/laundwy room. Da washer and dwyer wusn’t hooked up, and mommy kuldn’t even see da hooman pawdee box. But, all of ow toilet paper wuz gone. Okay, fings awe not lookin’ good.

dw bedroom

dw bedroom wall

dw bedroom 2

Back to da kitchen and there be a new, much smaller fwidge. Mommy opened da door, and evewyfin’ fell out onto da floor. Next to da new smaller fwidge is a new range. It’s not plugged in. Wight in fwunt of da new smaller fwidge in fwunt of da food cabinets is mommys sewing table. In fwunt of da sink be 2 gawment boxes blocking mommy fwum da sink and only leavin’ a small space fur mommy to inch fwu and bend down to pick up all da stuff fwum da fwidge. Then mommy turns and sees da dinin’ room table, outta place and wiff a gatorade bottle on it. Weez not dwink gatorade. Mommy picked it up and it be leakin’. It had stwipped mommys antique dinin’ room table. Mommy backs outta da dinin’ room and spots a twash can wiff chili on da twash bag. They had used ow twash bags and ate in ow house and left their gawbage. Mommy looked down into da sack and there wuz foil ashtrays and cigawette butts. Mommy finds one of ow towels wiif excess caulk on it and soakin’ wet. Mommy turned and looked into da livin’ room, and there wuz da hutch up against a wall wiff boxes stacked up as tall as it, and a file cabinet pushed up against da fwunt of it. Fur suwe nuffin’ is where it’s posed to be. Weez just left a motel and came home to a place weez can’t even eat, sleep, sit, shower, or pee at.

dw bedroom 3

Mommy gets on da fone and calls da VEEP. Him’s in a meetin’. So hers calls housin’ and welays all this to da housin’ peeps hoo say they will get ahold of sumpawdy and get back to mommy at da neighbors house cuz weez not got da phones hooked up. Fankfully mommy had taken a fone to da motel and left ow innewnet stuff wiff a neighbor so she bwought it back home and found a plug and got it hooked up so we kuld hav a fone. Finally Cayla da snoopervisor calls mommy and is shocked dat mommy dusn’t fink evewyfin’ be just purrfect. Yous got to be kiddin’ meez, wight? Mommy laid into her and told her all she had found so faw and all da fings hers kuldn’t get too, and Cayla stawted cwyin’ and sed, “We wanted to give you all this new stuff and make you happy.” Happy?? Bull!!! They downgwaded da fwidge, and as weez later learned a foo udder fings too. They left a mess cuz nopawdy cleaned up after themselves and they left twash evewywhere. Weez had paid da went on this pawtment fur da munff and hav a signed years lease. This wuz not sum place they wuz posed to be duin’ whatevew they wanted to in. Mommy went back outside, and looked over and saw ow laundwy soap and litter mat all sittin’ on da fwunt porch. Well da snoopervisor sed she wuld twy to get a hold of sum peeps to figger all this out but she wus suwe they left a paff to da bed and she fawt she had picked up and used a gawbage bag fwum under ow sink to fwo away evewyfin’. And so mommy looked under da sink, and evewyfin’ had been rummaged fwu and ow dish soap is missin’. 

dw bedroom 2

dw bedroom closet

This is da entwance to da walk in closet and da foo fings yous can see in there be all dat’s there. Those boxes closest to mommy, be in da doorway and blockin’ putting anyfin’ there.

So finally housing called back and asked ifin mommy had heard anyfin’ and wunnewed why they didn’t weplace da vanity in da pawdee box room. Da top be covered in a tile of sowts and it has a bwoken awea dat exposes da pawticle board it’s made of, and is gwowin’ mold. Yous wanna know wha they did to it? They painted it. They weplaced da kitchen faucet even. There wuz nuffin’ wong wiff any of da fings they weplaced, and most be less than 4 years old. Da mold gwowin’ vanity…………it be ovew 25 years old. Well da soonest they wus gunna send anypawdy out wuz Caturday. Da maintenance man hoo nevew weplied to mommy when da a/c wuz floodin’ da place, is posed to be here to hook up da washer and dwyer, and hims posed to caulk da toilet, but dat baby toilet ain’t stayin, and mommy ain’t gunna hav da maint. man caulk sumfin’ dat needs to be weplaced ASAP!!!

dw bedroom closet door


 dw dryerdw washer

dw toilet

Weez not know da extent of da damages till da furniture gets put away and mommy can stawt to unpack da boxes. Weez not know which stwanger handled evewyfin’ dat wus in da fwidge, but mommy sez hers feels so violated. Weez found yet anudder towel they used wiff dat caulkin’. They just kinda made themselves at home in ow pawtment. and da mangement nevew once fawt ‘bout hoo lived in this pawtment. Da toilet be a purrime example. This just be da highlights, there be faww too much to go into. Da mover posed to be here Sunday to move all this wound so weez can unpack and get back to livin’ and fightin’ diffewent fights. So ow homecomin’ wusn’t what weez had hoped fur but is paw fur da course as faw as this company is concerned.

dw toilet knee

 Mommy sez sowwy it be blurry and to ignore hers big ghost white knee, it’s there to show dat da toilet not even come up to hers knee.

 dw porch

Till da nex time…………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi