Blest Sunday

Meowllo all, it’s Blest Sunday.  And most of yous be aware of what be happenin’ at ow digs wight now. So yous purrawly askin’ yous selff just what is it weez be fankful fur and why is it weez feel Blest tuday, wight?  Well let me tell ya’ all ‘bout it. Of course weez got a mess and yes mommy be so vewy tiwed. But, ifin yous saw any of ow motel postys wiff da videos and fotos, yous know how much ow mommy luvs us and just how much weez luv hers wight back. See what yous see in da videos and fotos, dat goes on all da time, even when da camewa not be rollin’. Mommy sez dat hers nevew had so much luv in hers life. And hers is eatin’ it up. Now bein’ a kitty meez not know zackly why mommy wuld wanna eat up luv, but hers duz. Fawt weez wuld shawe anudder luv video fwum da motel wiff ya’ even tho’ weez be home now.

ifin yous can’t see da video, purrlease paw here.

And yous know what els? Fwu all of this ow bloggin’ and Facebook furiends hav suppowted us, spoke words of encouragement, and sent purrayers, and even sent us boxes of goodies fur us and fur mommy. And sum hav sent gween papers to ow paypal so dat when all this be ovew, mommy can get a new sittin’ chair and get up off da floor.But mommy sez as uncomfurtable as da floor be, at least hers has a floor to sit on. But hers gunna be pawful glad to hav a chair again. And yous know mommy wuz gettin’ pneumonia fwum all da wet and germs in da pawtment, and now hers is gettin’ well. It be slow, but a little evewyday be gweat.

Meez wuz deep in fawt missin' sweet Andy.
Meez wuz deep in fawt missin’ sweet Andy.

Well weez wuld like to say a meowsy big Fank Yous to all of yous fur evewyfin’. Fur readin’ meez bloggy an commentin’ and likin’ and followin’ us and just bein’ ow furiends and fwamly. It’s so nice to hav yous in ow lives and fur dat weez awe Blest.

dw Lexi Selfie 2

Weez Also gunna fwo us up a kupple selfies and join ow dear furiends da Kitties Blue today. So prowl on ovew there and check out even mowe pawsum selfies. But don’t ya’ go too faw, cuz we be shawin’ sumpawdy special tumowwo. And hav any of yous heard what’s up wiff Savannah?

Till da nex time……………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

74 thoughts on “Blest Sunday

  • What a sweet video. Sampson likes to talk to Mom and Dad like that too. We are blessed to have you girls as our friends. We send lots of love and hope things are getting better at the apartment!

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  • Hi Beautiful girls! You are such good kitties to take care of your Mama so well! We are glad to hear you are back in your own house and that your Human is feeling better. Sometimes it seems a lot goes wrong at once–we’ve been having a little of that around here too, though thankfully no floods! Thanks for visiting us even when my Human has been such a giant FAIL about helping me visit my friends! See you at the carnival! 😉 XOXOXO

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    • Fank yous Spitty. Sumtimes weez can’t help what ow hoomans do Spitty but weez shuldn’t hav to pay fur it too. Weez luv visitin’ yous bloggy and weez luv yous. Glad yous back at it now, and yep see yous at da carnival.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


  • Oh WOW! OH WOW! Mum and I have just sat and read through all your adventures since we last visited (so sorry to have not been around!) AND we are amazed at so many things! Like for instance how the people that are supposed to be helping could be so unhelpful and uncaring!! What a mess they left. Also we are very humbled by your and your mom’s optimism through it all!!! That is a real encouragement! You girls are special and so is your mom! Lots of smoochies and megapurrs for you and we hope that in the next days and weeks your home will become cosy and restful! xoxoxoxo

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