What’s Your Favorite Flavor?

Meowllo evewypawdy. Suwe hope yous enjoyed meetin’ Samson yesfurday. Wusn’t hims a looker? And yous know mommy sez sis Lexi and me awe hers bootyful angels. And yous all purrawlly figgewed out by now dat weez fink all kitties be gawjus. Weez purrawlly told each of yous dat at one time or anudder. And weez not say it just to be nice or nuffin’ weez say it cuz it be da twuff. But did yous know dat lots of peeps out there fink only certain kitties be bootyful. Mommy sez dat God made all da kitties even da ones that hav purrawlems. And sumtimes those purrawlems hav been bwought on by mean and nasty hoomans. Weez not unnewstand how anypawdy kuld evew hurt a kitty, or how anypawdy kuld fink sum kitties be ugly or skeery. Weally all any of us want is to luv and be luved.


 Paw here to learn mowe ’bout Greyson.

Lexi: Datz rite Dezi. I’z beez a pure bred but cuz minez fur mom wuz killed and I’z bekaym a rezku kitty I’z gawdid laybulled a blak tabby. And I’z mowztlee beez blak soz nawt many peepz wandid me. Az a madder ob fak, da rezku groop dat mommy belawnged too wandid too kill me cuz I’z wuz gunna beez hard too playz. Fank Catnezz mommy wuldn’t let ‘em, cuz I’z wuldn’t beez heer now.

Paw Max's foto to find out mowe 'bout hims.

Paw here to learn mowe ’bout Max.

Dezi: But sissy there’s nuffin’ wong wiff yous. Mommy sez yous be purrfect. Yous mean just cuz yous wuz mostly black they fawt nopawdy wuld want yous? Dat’s just not wight sissy. It’s just not wight at all. 


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Hers stowwy is heartbweakin’ and victorious.

Lexi: Nope Dezi it izn’t, but dat’s da finkin’ ob a lot ob peepz. Lawtz ob peepz like kittiez dat look like youz. And deyz like yung kittiez and hellfee kittiez and fluffee kittiez and… 

Dezi: Dat just dusn’t sound wight sissy, mommy sez dat cat peeps like all kitties. 

Lexi: Long time cat peeps do Dezi, but ven sum of them like certain breedz better.  

Dezi: Wow sis meez so sowwy. Oooops me furgot, weez makin’ a posty Lexi. And me bets yous all wunnewin’ why sissy and me be talkin’ ‘bout all da diffewent kinds of kitties. Well this be Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet week. And yous all know dat Lexi and me wuz wescued. And weez wish evewy kitty in da world had da purrfect furevew home. You know lots of kitties get adopted evewyday, but sumtimes sum of da bestest kitties in da world be ovew looked just cuz of da way they look or don’t in sum cases. Or cuz they’re not purrfect by evewypawdys standawds.

Paw da foto to read mowe 'bout Garielle.

Paw here to read mowe ’bout Garielle.

There awe lots of illnesses dat can be managed wiff medications now so kitties don’t hav to be killed anymowe. And sum kitties be like sis Lexi and be a bit older and nopawdy wants them. Mommy sez weez just get better and better evewy year. So just imagine what yous be passin’ up when yous see dat kitty dat be a little long in da toof. They hav experiences dat a yungun’ like me not hav. They’re also a little less likely to keep yous up at night cwyin’. And do yous hoomans kill evewypawdy dat can’t see? Or how bout all da peeps dat be missin’ a leg or a awm, yous gunna kill them? Well then why is it okay to kill da kitties dat not be 100%? Weez can adjust just like yous hoomans can and liv a nowmal happy life ifin given da chance.

Now me knows dat most of yous dat wead meez bloggy be those long time kitty luvers and so yous know what weez talkin’ ‘bout, but sumpawdy might stop by today dat dusn’t fink weez all purrfect and we hope weez can change their mind. Big kitty, little kitty, fat kitty, skinny kitty, blind kitty, bald kitty, 3 legged kitty, sick kitty, it dusn’t matter, weez all purrfect. Weez all hav luv to giv and shawe. And ifin yous just take a chance, weez know yous won’t be sowwy. Evewy time weez wead a bloggy dat has an adioptable kitty showcased, weez shawe. And ifin weez all cwoss shawed each udders postys wiff adoptable kitties just magine how many peeps weez kuld weach. Mommy can’t hav mowe kitties wight now, and cuz of evewyfin’ dat’s been goin’ on in ow house hers can’t do much in da way of volunteerin’ eevew. But weez can shawe and purray, and weez do.

 D-L card

Weez just hope to weach dat 1 purrsun today and turn ‘em on to da underbelly of da shelters and wescue gwoops. And let them know dat “less adoptable kitties” awe just as purrfect as da west of us. Aaaaw Come on, yous know da one eyed kitty be cute, come on now just say it wiff me. Da one eyed kitty is amazin’, I’ll take it.” And yous know as well as weez do dat kitties missin’ a leg or awm awe just as adowable. They roll wound and hav a gweat time same as those of us wiff two legs and 2 awms. And yous all seen videos of sis Lexi playin’ so yous know dat age didn’t slow hers down much. So come on, let’s spwead da word and get sum of those looked ovew kitties a home this week. Fank yous in advance fur shawin’ evewy adoptable kitty yous wead ‘bout. Me finks dat ifin weez band tugedder weez can all make a diffewence. 

Till da nex time…………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses Red heart 

Dezi and Lexi