Did Sumpawdy Say New Carpet?

Well how awe yous all duin’ today? Suwe hope yous enjoyed yesfurday’s blog posty. Wusn’t Tennyson a gweat mancat? Meez suwe hopes yous all shawed hims so he can find hims furevew home soon. See weez wanted to do sumfin’ to help kitties and since mommy can no longer foster cuz of where weez live, and wiff all dat’s been goin’ on lately hers hasn’t been able to volunteer wiff da spay/neuter clinic, so weez ‘cided to shawe a kitty hoo needs a home evewy week. Weez weally ‘cited ‘bout this and hope yous awe too. Weez also wanna fank yous up fwunt fur shawin’ ‘em each week. Ifin weez all band tugedder and shawe fur each udder then maybe, just maybe weez can find a lot of kitties their furevew homes.  

Fanks fur all yous luv and support.
Fanks fur all yous luv and support.

Now fur da yucky pawt of meez posty. An update ‘bout ow pawtment situation. So last week weez sent management an email and cc’d evewypawdy includin’ da Housin’ authowity and put them on notice dat this was an emergency and dat they wuz violatin’ mommys fair housin’ status cuz of hers disablity due to da condition of da pawtment and their lack of action. (they hav weplaced all floors in da next door pawtment where da flood originated, boof times; and da one on da udder side of it since this all began) We also suggested da fair market value of ow pawtment shuld be adjusted. Dat means they shuld be gettin’ less munny. Well, what’d’ya’ know, they called us back Furiday meownin’ and wanted to schedule sumfin’ fur this week. Thweaten thier munny and get sum action. But they wuz still wantin’ mommy to find hers own place to go and pay fur it, and pack and move evewyfin’ hers selff. Well mommy put hers foot down and sed NO. Course it helps dat mommy be sick cuz hers can’t do nuffin’ wight now even ifin hers wuld. 

So today at almost 6:30 p.m. da snoopervisor calls and tells mommy they awe gunna be weplacin’ da cawpets on Wednesday and puttin’ us in a motel Tuesday night (tonight) fwu Fursday meownin’. And dat managers and maint. men awe gunna be movin’ our stuff. But dat they awen’t gunna weplace da tiles in da kitchen, dinin’ room, and pawdee box room. Oh No she did not say dat to mommy after puttin’ hers on hold fur so long. Well………mommy kep hers cool (as she wuz bein’ taped, altho they don’t know mommy knew it) and informed her dat da job wuld not be completed til da tiles wuz weplaced as well. Cuz there wuz water under neaff ‘em and it seeps out evewy once in a while and reeks of uwine and is most likely growin’ mold. 

Da idiot snoopervisor asked mommy what hers meant by contaminated. Mommy had alweady spelled it out in da email hers sent, but hers told da snoopervisor again ‘bout da neighbors dog who used da floor fur hims pawdee and dat hims had worms and God only knows what else. And dat nopawdy evew cleaned da floors ovew there cuz they had intended to weplace them. So then hers tells mommy dat hers wuld need mommy to put in writin’ dat she be wefusin’ da cawpet. And mommy sed she wusn’t wefusin’ da cawpet she’s just sayin’ dat this isn’t ovew and da job isn’t complete (and dat mommy’s gunna stay on them like white on rice) until da tiles be weplaced. Mommy also told hers dat she went to da doctor and hims gav hers antibiotics and sed till mommy not be bweathin’ in those germs anymowe hers wuldn’t get well. Mommy also told da snoopervisor that when da floor peeps wuz here they came to weplace ALL da floors not just da cawpet, and evewypawdy wuz aware of dat fact and so wuz Rural Development (Housing). She told mommy she wuld hav to get back to hers Tuesday (today). so maybe while yous be weadin’ this weez be twyin’ to figgew out how to make suwe dat management duz what they awe supposed to.

Da local manager has hawassed mommy evew since hers took ovew wantin’ mommy to get rid of sum of hers fings. (weez do hav quite a bit, but weez not be hoarders and Housin’ has inspected and sed evewyfin’ is fine) And they awe always wantin’ to take fotos of ow fings and mommy won’t let them. So weez got to figger out a way to say in an email dat puts them on notice, dat even tho’ weez not be here, they still can’t take fotos of our fings due to ow wight to purrivacy, and dat they awe financially wesponsible fur all ow fings since they not be movers wiff insuwance fur these kinds of fings. Cuz as yous know, movers hav insuwance dat covers damages when they pack and move stuff. Yous might hav to pay a bit extwa, but they hav it. And since weez not wesponsible fur any of this, weez not payin’ nuffin and weez not signin’ nuffin’ da weleases them.

Well this isn’t zackly da posty weez had wanted to make today, but weez know yous all been followin’ ow situation and purrayin’, purrin’, and sendin’ well wishes ow way so weez knew yous wuld wanna know what be goin’ on. Fanks fur all yous suppowt and purrlease keep up da purrayers, weez not on da udder side of this yet. Ifin any of yous hav any ideas ‘bout da wordin’ weez shuld use, email us fur suwe. Weez wuld fur suwe purreciate dat. Unfortunately weez not had anyword fwum legal aid and da lady fwum housin’ is outta da office till Fursday, so no help there eevew.  

Till da nex time………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses wlEmoticon-redheart.png