Merlin’s Hope Munday

Dezi: Welkum to Merlin’s Hope Munday evewypawdy. Yous awe just not gunna believ hoo weez hav waitin’ to meet yous today. Yep, it’s anudder handsum Texas mancat. And ifin yous don’t just fall in luv, yous not hav eyes in yous head. Smile 

Lexi: Good greeb Dezi youz shur arr werdee. Why don’t weez juzt interduz himz and let himz habz a say. 

Dezi: Well sissy it be meez blog yous know. And ifin… 

Lexi: Yeah, yeah, whatebber. Awlrite eberpawdee gibz a warm welkum too Samson. Take it away handsum. 

Samson: Thank ya’ ladies ya’ll just might be sweet enough to make this mancat rethink wanting fursibs. Well let’s see, I’m a 2 year old red-mitted Maine Coon. I really am a lover boy, I’m just a little shy and am not always sure I want’cha touching all over me. I might not sit in your lap, but I sure do wanna be close by. As I already stated, these girls sure are sweet, but I do purrfur to be the only furry in the house. You know they seem alright and then suddenly I’m not so sure I like ‘em after all. So better for all that I be your only fur love.


Speaking of skeery, I find the little humans downright terrifying with all their hands and touching and grabbing and all. But ifin you are familiar at all with my breed then you know I’m still a yung’un too. So maybe in the right home I would love touchin’ and lovin’ and playin’ with the furries and kiddos. After all my foster somtimes calls me Monkey. Cause I play and romp and love to play chase. Just don’t get me all wound up and then go and try to catch and pet me. What self respectin’ mancat wouldn’t have a bit of a conniption I ask ya’? Ya’ know I’m suppose to be faster and stealthier than you humans.


Anyway, my rescuers have discouted my adoption fee, so I sure do hope you’ll come by and give me a look and take me home. I’m missin’ my family jewels,(shakes and drops head a bit) but I’m told that makes me a better mancat, and I’ve had my testin’ and been jabbed with needles to get my vaccinations and make sure I’m good and healthy. (looks up at Dezi and Lxi with a ter in his eye)I sure would like a place of my own with somebody to love who’ll love me back. These girls here promised me that somewhere out there somebody is looking for me they just might not know it yet. I’m in Ennis Texas, and you’d of course have to come and get me cause I can’t drive. But you can check me out some more and find my adoption application here. And you can reach Merlin’s Hope at: MeLinda Hughes; Thank ya’ girls for helpin’ me out today, I sure hope my forever home reads this. 

samson (1)

Lexi: Oh Samson so doo weez. I’z jiz noze youz fureber home be owt der sumwhere. Youz noze mommy had noze intinshunz ob keepin’ me. But youz seez where I’z am 15 yearz layter. 

Dezi: Good luck Samson, weez be purrayin’ fur yous to get a home soon. Merlin’s Hope Ragdoll and Maine Coon Rescue be a non purrofit org. in da purrawcess of obtainin’ their 501c3 status. They be on Facebook and hav a wishlist on amazon. Ifin yous can help out purrlease do, and ifin yous liv wound da Ennis awea and wuld like to volunteer, purrlease send ‘em an email. We suwe do fank yous fur weadin’ Samson’s stowwy and shawin’ hims on social media. Please help this handsum mancat find hims furevew home.

0dwblue cubed Dezi

Til da nex time……………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses

Dezi and Lexi

Email to Belmont

Da “movers” came and did nuffin’. Da followin’ email wuz mommys wesponse.

Email:  9/21/2014 from Mommy



bcc: mommy

Update: 2 men arrived at 3:55 p.m. Sunday. After they said nothing and just walked into my house, I asked if they were the movers and they responded with yes.  I was on the computer and said let me shut down so I can get out of your way. They responded with “you don’t need to shut down just tell us what to move.” And I replied that they couldn’t get to the furniture with me where I was, and that the furniture needed to be put in the correct rooms and boxes in the middle of correct rooms so that I could commence unpacking. Only one of the men talked, and said “we’re not moving boxes.”  I told him there was no way to get to the furniture without moving the boxes and he said “we’re not moving boxes.” I relayed to him that I was told all furniture would be placed back where it belonged and boxes in correct rooms, and that there was a box of hanging clothes sitting in front of the refrigerator to which he replied “because there’s kitchen stuff in it.” I replied there shouldn’t be, (although the few boxes I have managed to open were clearly not professionally packed). He then told me that he and Caylen (?) were here together and did a walk through and there was room for a wheelchair to get through the apartment and to the bed. I told him that was definitely not the case as there wasn’t even a path to walk through to get to the bed and I had photos to prove it. At which point he said he wasn’t going to be griped at and left. I was not griping at him but relaying what the condition is and what needs to be done. I was also told that Priority Movers was being hired to do the job, but I didn’t recognize either man and they didn’t have anything that identified them as such. So, the furniture still needs to be moved to it’s correct place ASAP!!! And the boxes need to be sat away from the furniture so that I can get to it to unpack. I am disabled and this is a clear violation as I am unable to get my wheelchair throughout the apartment.  There is plenty of room, it’s just not been used properly so there is no room.  

As you can see in the first photo I would need to move so that they could get to the furniture which is behind and under those boxes. The second photo again shows that the boxes are in front of the furniture. The third photo shows the small pathway that Mary Barbour was able to create Thursday so that I could even get to the bed. Although as I’m disabled and require wheelchair assistance in the mornings it is not adequate. the 4th photo clearly shows that the furniture yet again is behind the boxes and can’t be moved until the boxes are moved. The 5th photo shows the bed and bedroom when I arrived home on Thursday before Mary moved anything. There is clearly not even a sideways walking path, much less room for a wheelchair. I have lots more photos of the condition the apartment was left in after the things were moved back into the apartment. It is unsatisfactory and unsafe. Again, I am disabled and require the use of a wheelchair, and it is clearly not possible the way the apartment was left. I expect a speedy resolution to this ordeal that has been dragging on now since July 16, 2014. Thank you.

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In Christ, 

Audra High


Purrlease keep us in yous purrayers and till da nex time…………..Be Blest!!!!


Luv and Hugs  and Kitty Kisses