Merlin’s Hope Munday and the Sweet Texas Gent

DEZI: Meowsy good Munday to yous all. Hope yous had a gweat weekend and awe weady to stawt da new week off wight.  Weez told yous a while back dat we wuz workin’ on sum new fings fur meez bloggy, and so today weez wanna innewduce yous to a Facebook furiend Merlin’s Hope.  They be a Ragdoll and Maine Coon rescue gwoup. Oh hoo we be kiddin’ they’s a cat wescue, so yous nevew know hoo yous might find there. Smile  Yous know kitty peeps like ‘em all.  Big kitties, little kitties, fat kitties, skinny kitties (they be twyin’ to fatten ‘em up quick). Black kitties, white kitties, and evew color in ‘tween. Cat peeps just like cats. Cat face

LEXIalrite Dezi can we git on wiff it now?   

DEZI: yep sis, we can. Is hims weady?  

LEXI: He’z redee. I’z wanna interduze youz to Tennyson. Y’all say a big howdy and make himz feel welkum.  

Ain't I handsum?
Ain’t I handsum?

Tennyson: Thank you ladies. Meow everyone. I’m looking for my forever home where I can spend the rest of my life and share my purrs and meows and hopefully your bed. (looks down and shuffles feet and grins) Embarrassed smile The nice folks at Merlin’s Hope saved me from a high kill shelter in the Houston Tx area in February. Boy did I get lucky. And I’m hopin’ my luck holds out and you like me enough to bring me into your home and life. But I guess you wanna know a bit more about me don’t ya’. Well I’m ‘bout 3-5 years old and they’re callin’ me a Maine Coon, but they think I must have a bit of the Angora in me cuz of the soft as a rabbit’s fur I have. As you can see from my photos I’m white with greenish gold eyes and I’ve grown quite a bit since joining my lovely foster home here in Ennis Tx. I’m 100% prime Texas kitty lover boy. Adopt me and never be left alone to potty lonely again.

I'm a real Texas gentlemancat. I say purrlease and thank you.
I’m a real Texas gentlemancat. I say purrlease and thank you.

While I do like my naps with the peeps or other kitties, I sure do enjoy chasing that feather wand. Are you up for playin’ with me? Maybe you have another kitty who needs a little company. I’d be just purrfect for that. I’ve been to the stabby place and I’m FIV/FeLV negative, vaccinated, and they stole some of my mancat parts. But I’m told it makes me a better mancat so I guess I won’t  miss ‘em. (looks at his nether regions and shakes head) I don't know smile I’m tellin’ ya’ I’m all ready to go. All you have to do is love me, and of course meet the qualifications of my rescuers. I guess I’ll let the girls tell you all about that. Thanks for letting me be here and please share my photos and plea. Somebody out there wants me, don’t they? 

DEZI: Yes they do Tennyson. All yous hav to do to adopt sweet Tennyson is live within drivin’ distance of Ennis Texas(how faw wuld go fur twu luv?). Fill out da adoption application, get appwoved, and pay hims $150.00 adoption fee. Contact fur da application and mowe infurmation. Yous can read more ‘bout him and watch hims video he made just fur you on hims Petfinder page and check out all da udder pawsum cats they hav. Merlin’s Hope is a not fur purrofit organization in da purrocess of obtainin’ 501c3 status. They hav a wish list in case yous might wanna help ‘em out. Meez knows they wuld purreciate it bunches.

LEXI: Jiz gibz eberpawdy da link awlredee sissy. Oh well I’z will. Goze by amazon and check it owt. Weez do purresheayt youz shayrin’ diz handsum boy and helpin’ to find himz a grayt home. Dezi, are youz gunna kloze owt? 

DEZI: Yep me is. Suwe wuz nice meetin’ yous Tennyson. Hope yous get a furevew home soon. And fank yous all fur shawin’ hims. Til da nex time…………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses Red heart Red heartRed heart 

Dezi and Lexi