Monday’s Pizza Party

Meowllo everypawdy.  First up let me fank you all fur yous purrayers.  Sis Lexi be duin’ a bit better.  But ifin yous kuld keep ‘em comin’ we sure wuld purreciate it.  Now let me splain.  Mommy decided dat we wuld take da day off Sunday and just hang out togedder.  It wuz a glorious day.  We played, and yes sissy did too.  We cuddled and luvved and had tweats.  Yep, sis Lexi ate sum tweats too.  Dat’s not da purrawlem.  She luvs da tweats, it’s da weal noms she hasn’t been eatin’.  Anyways, we just had a gweat day.  And so when we got up Monday and got weady to stawt ow visits, suddenly mommy membered hers had a doctors pointment hers self.  Well as you know, doctor day be a busy day wound here.  So we got no visitin’ dun cuz mommy wuz exhausted when we got home.  But there wuz more good news.   

 dw Dezi luvvin mommy-selfie

One of meez angel kitties fwum Christmas, Gracie, sent a Pizza Hut gift cawd.  Well of course they wuz closed on Christmas so no pizza then.  Mommy decided she wuld see ifin she kuld tempt sis lexi wiff sum pizza, so when we finished runnin’ wound and pickin’ up mommys meds and all we stopped by da Pizza Hut.  Order placed mommy and me sat down to wait.  Okay so me wuz alweady sittin’ but mommy took a seat and stwolled me over.  We talked fur a bit while waitin’.  We talked ‘bout sis Lexi and da call mommy had made to da VET.  Hims not seemed concerned and sed mommy shuld keep an eye on her, but dat since she wuz hungwy and innewested in eatin’ then we shuld just keep twyin’ diffewent fings.  Maybe hers taste buds changed when she turned 15 or sumfin’ like dat.  (peeshaw)  Me didn’t completely unnewstand what mommy wuz talkin’ ‘bout.  But da gist of it wuz dat we shuld just luv her and keep watchin’ her fur udder symptoms or purrawlems.  Yous gotta member, hims knows weez not hav munny, and dat weez can only chawge a hunnerd dollaws at a time.  So we fink (hope) hims just twyin’ to keep us fwum accwuin’ chawges ifin nuffin’ is weally wong.  Mommy’s finkin’ dat so long as nuffin’ changes fur da worse then hers will (do what da VET sez and keep an eye on her) and take her in nex week and hope dat da VET will know which test to run first based on hers symptoms.  But ifin hers can get all better afur then…we won’t be complainin’.    

(Meez checkin' on sissy)  How yous feelin' sissyfur? Me luvs you.
(Meez checkin’ on sissy) How yous feelin’ sissyfur? Me luvs you.

‘Bout dat time da nice girly at da counter called out to mommy and told her ow pizza wuz weady.  Pizza in hand, we headed fur home.  Oh catness, ifin me hadn’t been zipped into meez stwoller me wuld been all in dat there pizza.  It smelled so good.  When we walked in da door da smell wafted fwu da house and sis lexi quickly appeared.  Nose in da air, she wuz lookin’ fur da source of dat pepperoni wiff extwa cheese smell.  Mommy got da kitchen all cleaned up and got us all plates so we kuld sit down and hav a pizza pawty.  And da bestest of all…sis Lexi scawffed hers pizza wight down.  It wuz delishus.  They had a new cook and hims wuz twyin’ to impurress da manager.  And wow, he did a gweat job wiff ow pizza, dat’s fur sure. 

I'z feelin' a bit better. Faynkz fur awl youz purrayerz.
I’z feelin’ a bit better. Faynkz fur awl youz purrayerz.

So hopefully we got nuffin’ furgotten or unexpected happenin’ today and we can make it wound to visit.  We wuz finkin’ bout you all yesfurday.  Sum of you we haven’t heard fwum in a while and we hope yous duin’ okay.  Udders of you we know awe havin’ yous own twubbles wight now.  Purrlease know weez purrayin’ fur ya’ and sendin’ lots of hugs yous way.  And weez’ll be wound to see ya’ just as soon as we can.  

Till da nex time………………….Be Blest!!! 

 Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi 

65 thoughts on “Monday’s Pizza Party

  • Oh thee Cusstoadian cleerss thee apartment sidewalkss an there iss a sirvice that cleerss thee parking lot. Butt thee peeple who live IN thee buildin have to shovell their own patioss an a walkway to thee sidewalk 😉
    LadyMum triess to do herss an Aunty Reeni’ss. Shee should not bee doin anyfing butt shee hass to keep her patio cleen an shee wantss to help Aunty beecause shee iss so kind to us!
    Managemint stinkss! 😉
    Luv Siddhartha an LadyMum x0x0x0

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aaaaaw Dat’s very nice of her to do da neighbors too. Da last time it snowed here and management did nuffin’, mommy got da leaf blower after it. OMC wuz dat a sight. MOL

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


  • There iss allmsot 5 feet fo snow here now!!! Iss amazin how it piless up an LadyMum hass to go out an shovell today butt shee iss purrty sore 😉
    Yess pizza ISS nommie good….mee had a bit of Shepherd’ss Pie last nite; that wass good!
    Luv Siddhartha ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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