Is That An Eskimo?

OMC Meowllo everypawdy, hope yous had a gweat Monday. Let me tell you we had a funny Monday. Well not all of it of course, but OMC ifin only we had fumms. Just wait’ll yous see da foto we had mommy take of hers selff. MOL Afur me tells ya ‘bout it me must pawlogize fur puttin’ up ow posty so late again. We got it written on time and wuz gunna post it but we had no innewnets. Only it wusn’t da innewnets fawlt. Can yous believ it? Not AT&T’s fawlt? Hmmmph Weez kuld hawdly believ it ow selves. You know mommy sez dat AT&T be one of da foo fings dat she finks kuld make a angel sin. Da udder…Ow management company. As you know we had sum major we-duin’ wound ow pawtment just a foo mumffs ago, and soon discovered dat to save gween papers (course we knew dat fwum da beginnin’) da management company used every short-cut they kuld. And dat they changed out da switchplates all over da pawtment. But they didn’t just change out da switchplates, they changed out da whole fing. And in duin’ so da wirin’ got all messed up. Cuz of course a weal lectwician costs lots more gween papers than sum barely twained maintenance man.

0dw DnL playin attack

Weez playin’ Gotcha

We noticed it first wiff ow fone, and amazinly AT&T fixed it. Then it wuz da teevee, and Dish fixed dat. Well da new light fixtures they put in wiff da ceilin’ fan has gone out a foo times and when mommy can finally get up there to change da light bulbs, all da wigglin’ hers duz to it pawently fixes da short and it comes back on. Cuz it’s not da bulbs, it’s da wirin’. And dat wirin’ connects to da same stuffs (like we know what all dat’s called) dat ow innewnet and fone and fweezer be on. So it knocked everyfin’ out. It wuz so late, mommy sed weez wuld deal wiff it after we got a good nights rest. So first fing this meownin’ mommy had to work on da innewnet connection and move it so we kuld get ow posty up. So, weez late again, but hopefully ow funny will make up fur it.

OMC Fank ya' Miss Ellen.
OMC Fank ya’ Miss Ellen.

And weez wanna fank Miss Ellen fwum 15 and Meowin’ fur da pawsum made wiff luv toys and all da joint tweats. Hers posted and asked ifin anypawdy wanted ’em cuz they wusn’t workin’ in hers house. And wiff sis Lexi eatinn’ and not eatin’ then she isn’t gettin’ much of hers Barley Cat lately, so we jumped on those joint tweats Miss Ellen had. And she sent a whole bunch and a Barley Cat too. WooHoo Specially now dat sissy seems to be eatin’ purretty good again. And she wuz also nie nuff to send us sum made wiff luv toys dat we luvved. 

Weez playin' gotcha.

As you know it’s been cold here lately. Hoo is me kiddin’, ifin yous liv in da U.S. it’s been cold everywhere. Well mommy wishes we kuld all hibernate when it gets this cold, but stead she took half da day off to do sum much needed cleanin’. See since it wuz in da teens wiff even lower wind chill factors, we didn’t even open da door fur a kupple of days. So we had sum twash dat needed to go out and sum sweepinn’ and moppinn’ dat needed to be dun among udder fings. Mommy hadn’t cooked nuffin’ so there wusn’t any food or anyfin’ like dat in da twash, and hers washes out ow canned noms afur frwoin’ ‘em in there, so nuffin’ to cause bugs or stink, just twash dat by it’s very definition is yucky. MOL But Monday wusn’t any warmer than da last foo days.  But mommy hates to hav twash in da house, so she wuz determined to get it out of here. 

Here's mommys selfie as da Eskeemo .
Here’s mommys selfie as da Eskeemo .

So she got all bundled up in hers big, heavy, hooded, it’s fureezin’ coat, a a scawf wrapped wound hers neck and pulled up to hers eyes on hers face, and nice wooley mittens dat one of ow facebook awnties sent her. OMC Yous shulda seen hers. Sis Lexi and me wuz rollin’ wound laffin’ so hawd…ifin only we had fumms and kuld work da camewa fingy. Even da neighbor came out to see ifin mommy wuz okay. She sed yous look like an Eskeemo, to= mommy. (Weez not hav anyfin’ against Eskimos, so this is not meant to be derogitory) Mommy sez dat when yous dwivin’ da wheelchair against da wind, it gets even colder than it alweady is. Anyways when she got back in da house and took all hers gawb off she sed she had to sit down a minute and get warm. Me jumped up in hers lap and twied to warm her up. She felt likd a chilly bowl of ice cweam. Me even got a little chilled sittin’ in hers lap on hers cold bwitches.   But me got hers all warmed up and she went on wiff da house cleanin’. Fank Catness she didn’t hav time to run da cawpet monster, but me guesses dat means she’s gunna be takin’ sim more time away fwum da puter and meez duties to do dat nex.

Meez gettin' warm by da  lectwic fire place
Meez gettin’ warm by da lectwic fire place

Well meez gunna wrap it up fur today so dat meez posty’s not even later, and me can get on wiff meez visitin’. Purrlease come back tomowwo as we be plannin’ one of ow educational postys.

Till da nex time………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi

51 thoughts on “Is That An Eskimo?

  • Oh, I sure don’t like hearing that about the wiring. Just be careful with it.
    Mommy sure does look ready for the cold but I guess not ready enough. Glad you warmed her up.
    Love you all so very much. Hugs and kisses. Stay safe and warm.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fank you awnty Mary, weez bein’ as careful as we can. Da whole pawtment is purrawlly a powder keg since they took so many shortcuts.

      And no, mommy’s never weady fur da cold. It’s funny hers has hers own purrsunal summers and yet fureezes in this wedder. MOL Stay warm.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


  • THAT is a great picture of your Mommy! Yous knows, our condo was rebuilt by “real” electricians. They messed our cable internet wiring really badly. Mommy has to bypass it all by running new coaxial cable behind the radiators. Its still working great, 5 years later!
    Mommy bought the wasp traps at Walmart in the garden section. There was 2 in the box.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fank ya’ Nellie. OMC Yous didn’t call da lectwician back out? Isn’t their work posed to be warranted at least fur a while. Hope y’all awe careful and safe.

      And fanks fur da info.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


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