Scattered Tuesday

We’re back and rested up. Well at least we finally went to bed. MOL Mommy got a 2 hour nap on Sunday and well, we don’t count those times she nodded off while visitin’ and readin’ bloggys. Weez didn’t comment cuz she wasn’t coherent enuff to stwing letters togevver and make a sentence. MOL Has dat ever happened to any of you? Mommy sed she finks back to when we furst stawrted bloggin’ and she finks she members a few times when we might have commented when she was like dat and she wunners what in da world yous musta fawt ‘bout us. Me told hers not to worry it’s comments unner da bwidge. MOL But we wuld like to pawlogize ifin yous one of those bloggers when we rambled on and made no sense in da early days.


So sis Lexi and mommy was talkin’ da udder day ‘bout meez birffday pawrty and what they was gunna do. And they ‘cided to have a theme pawrty where weez all get dwessed up. But they kuldn’t decide on just what kinda dwessin’ up we shuld do. So me told ‘em we shuld just ask all of you what kinda pawrty y’all wuld like. We don’t go to any movies so weez not know what be current. By da time they be on teevee so we can watch ‘em they’re alweady old. But we was finkin’ we kuld have sumfin’ all dwessed up like “Gone wiff da Wind”, me is a suddern belle after all. Or maybe sumfin’ like “Carnival” wiff da gowns and suits and masks. So put on yous finkin’ caps and tell me what ya’ fink.


Now ‘nuff ‘bout all dat. Yesfurday was mommys doctor day so we was purretty busy. She’s fine, it was just hers mumffly pointment. Da lawn cwu showed up furst fing in da meownin’ after not bein’ here fur a mumff. And it was rainin’ out so they fwu round wet gwass and weeds and fallin’ leaves. So da allergies be maxed out wight now. Sumtimes dat cwu acts like such idiots. But fank catness it quit rainin’ afur we had to leave. We didn’t have anyfin’ like our furiends on da East Coast this past weekend tho’. Weez so glad yous all okay. And weez sendin’ lots of purrayers fur everypawdy dat was affected.

 dwv-FSCN4910 (800x600)

So meez questions fur ya’ today is, what kinda dwess pawrty wuld you like to see and attend? And just fur giggles, have you (or yous human) ever fell asleep at da catputer?

Till da next time……………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi