Oh Great Pumpkin Patch-Weruva

Well weez have a weal tweat fur yous today, in more ways than one. You all know how much we luv da Weruva noms wight? Well they contacted us and asked ifin we wuld like to tell you all ‘bout one of their newest purroducts da Pumpkin’ Patch Ups. Well of course we wuld. So weez wrote ‘em back and sed yes, we luv da punkin’ purroducts. So they told us to be on da look out fur a goodie box. WooHoo, they have sum gweat goodie boxes.

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When da box awwived it was full of punkin’ yummies. All our favowits was wight there in da box along wiff a whole box of da Pumpkin’ Patch Ups. They wanted us to just tell ya’ ‘bout our ‘sperience wiff punkin’ in general. We will say dat it seems da innernet kinda blows everyfin’ outta purrpurrtion. Ifin sumfin’ be good da innernet makes it out like a miracle and ifin it’s bad…watch out. So weez wanna say furst, punkin’ isn’t a miracle worker. But it is a safe fiber alternative to feed to yous pets. And fiber can help wiff boff constipation and da runs. As you know me has been goin’ fwu sum food changin’ lately and no matter how quick or slow yous do dat, an upset tummy wiff sum loose stools is bound to happen. So mommy’s been givin’ me a little extwa punkin’ to help wiff dat. And it tastes sooooo good. They also help wiff da hairballs cuz they help mmove fings along ifin yous knmow what meez means.

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dw-WeruvaDSCN5151 (800x600)
Lookit dat plate of food. All dat yummy real chicken and punkin’ pieces.

Punkin’ is a gweat help fur sis Lexi too. As yous age fings kinda slow down. Yous body dusn’t function as normally as it once did and yous sumtimes need a little help keepin’ things movin’ in da wight direction. And wiff da CKD and needin’ da Pepcid, sissy’s not makin’ da acid she needs to bweak everyfin’ down, so punkin’ be pawsum to help keep hers regular too. 

 dw-LexipunkDSCN5174 (640x480)

And wiff da Weruva Pumpkin’ Patch Ups mommy dusn’t have to worry ‘bout cuttin’ up and cookin’ a real punkin’, or readin’ da ingwedients on da can of punkin’ to make sure it’s just punkin’. She can just open a packet and pour it in a plate. Or a spoon ifin yous spoiled like we awe. MOL  It can also be served as a topper over yous favowit noms. Whether yous wanna eat it wight outta da packet or wiff yous meal, da Weruva Pumpkin’ Patch Ups awe convenient and tasty.


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 dw-LexipunkDSCN5173 (615x640)

Now dat yous mouff be waterin’ me has a tweat fur you. Weruva has sed we can give away sum of this pawsum Pumpkin’ Patch Up to 2 of our pawsum furiends. Yous read dat wight, 2 peeps awe gunna get their very own case of Weruva Pumpkin’ Patch Up pouches. Now it’s only open to U.S. residents, but those of ya’ fwum other kuntwies can enter fur yous favowit shelter or rescue. Weez usin’ Rafflecopter again, so paw here to enter. Now yous gunna have to leave a comment here so go ahead and do dat afur yous visit da Rafflecopter. Tell us what yous favowit punkin’ food is.

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Disclaimer: We were given a box of goodies in exchange fur our unbiased review. Weruva is not respawnsible fur da opinions expwessed here. As always, we were not swayed and only bwing yous purroducts we use or have twied and fink wuld be of innerest to you.

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And don’t furget meez birffday pawrty. Purrlease send yous fotos to lexi.dezi@yahoo.com by 10/30/15 to be included ind a psoty. Da theme is Gone Wiff da Wind.

Till da next time…………………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi