Blest Sunday

Full of Fanks and Questions

Well it’s 6 a.m. this blest Sunday as we begin to write meez posty. fur us it’s still Caturday night cuz we haven’t been to bed yet. Now afur you stawrt worryin’, everyfin’ is alwight. Sissy be duin’ good and me be duin’ good and udder than da normal cooler wevver pain, mommy be duin’ good. Fings just kept happenin’ dat kept us fwum getting’ to bed. We luv mommy very, very, very much, but we awe quite a handful. Mommy DVR’s anyfin’ she wants to watch fwum da teevee, cuz weez likely to innerupt any purrogwam she’s watchin’. She has to watch da DVR’d purrogwams an average of 6 times to actually get da jist of what’s goin’ on. MOL So last night when a show came on called “An American Sniper” dat mommy had wanted to watch, she stawrted da DVR wight away. But she also sed, “Girls, I really would like to watch this show.” And yous know what? We let her. Weez didn’t meow, squeak, pee in da floor, want tweats or extwa noms, or anyfin’ else fur da whole show. Mommy rewarded us big time. We might have to twy this again sumtime……Nah, weez like da udder way better. And we still get tweats. MOL


Anyways, in case there’s anypawdy else on da planet dat hasn’t seen it yet, weez won’t spoil it fur ya’. But we will say a Meowsy Big Fank You to all da service men and women who have and who currently keep us and this kuntwy safe. We awe so blest to live in da gweatest kuntwy on this planet. We ask all Americans to wake up and stand up fur our God given wights dat da foundin’ fathers saw fit to enact in da writin’ of da Declaration of Independence and da Constitution. Now weez gunna jump down off our soap box and get on wiff our Blest Sunday posty.


As most of ya’ know sis Lexi has CKD and takes medicine everyday and eats special noms. Course she eats whatever she wants too, cuz dat’s better than not eatin’ at all. And of course most of da VET visits awe fur her. But, a kupple mumffs ago mommy noticed a little black spot ‘tween meez shoulder blades. Now this ain’t just any black spot. It’s black unner da skin and has turned da skin black. Da fur there still be white, cuz there ain’t posed to be a black spot there. Me hasn’t acted like it’s botherin’ me or nuffin’, but mommy’s been keepin’ a weally close eye on it and it has gotten a little lawrger. It’s in da spot where meez miwochip was inserted and where yous put da stwipe on flea tweatments. Mommy bein’ da worry wart she is has been goin’ a little nuts. She’s wunnered fings like, kuld da micwochip have bwoken? Is there ink in it? Did me get bit by sumfin’? But she didn’t weally have da gween papers to take me to da VET. And it’s not like we twust our current VET anyways. And cuz we need so much help takin’ care of sis Lexi, mommy just kuldn’t ask any[awdy to help wiff me too.

So Caturday night as me sat in mommy’s lap purrin’ and getting’ luv, da fone rang. One of our pawsum awnties fwum Facebook sed she had been finkin’ ‘bout us and wanted to check in wiff us. She generously put sum gween papers in our paypal account so mommy kuld take me to see da VET. Of course mommy had a good cwy ‘bout it but she is so fankful. Meez fankful too, but meez not lookin’ furward to goin’ to da VET. So we wuld like to say a meowsy big Fank You to awnty Anonymous fur helpin’ to make sure me be okay. Mommy’s gunna call wound next week and make me a pointment. She has hers own doctors pointment on Monday, so it looks like it be shapin’ up to be a busy week. Wiff meez 6ff Meowday comin’ up it’ll be good fur mommy to know dat me be okay and healffy. We awe so blest to have so many wunnerful furiends.

Yep, mommy's been playin' in da foto apps again. MOL
Yep, mommy’s been playin’ in da foto apps again. MOL

Has any of you had any purroblems wiff yous micwochips? Has anypawdy ever heard of a kitty or doggy suddenly developin’ a black spot? And anudder fing meez wunners ‘bout…how many of you visit meez bloggy on a smawrty pants fone or tablet?

Till da next time………………………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi