Showing Off And Chillin’

Well here we awe Caturday, glad you kuld make it. Me knows you all wanna hear ‘bout meez VET visit, but weez still waitin’ on sum test results and mommy’s still twyin’ to digest everyfin’, and deal wiff sis Lexi’s hissy cattitude cuz me smells different; so fur now we will just say dat meez gunna be okay, but me kuld weally use sum purrayers. And we will tell ya’ dat meez micwochip is fine and still in tact and twansmittin’. Meez black spot was a bwuise and will go away over time. It’s da fings we wasn’t worried ‘bout dat be a purroblem. So again, any and all da purrayers you can spare wuld be purreciated; and as soon as we know sumfin’ fur sure weez’ll update ya’. Me be takin’ sum anti-inflammatory and pain meds wight now. And mommy be duin’ a lot of cwyin’ cuz hers didn’t know there was a purroblem or dat me was in any pain. Me keeps twyin’ to tell her dat it be okay cuz God helped keep da pain away. Hims helps when yous purray and don’t know. In udder words, Hims helps da ignorant on fings like this. And ‘sides, ifin me had weally been hurtin’ dat bad, me wulda made sure she knew ’bout it.

We won this bootyful necklace dat me be wearin' fwum awnty Melissa and angel Truffles.
We won this bootyful necklace dat me be wearin’ fwum awnty Melissa and angel Truffles.


Today be short and sweet. As we twy to do every weekend, weez joinin’ Athena fur da Caturday Art Blog Hop.

OMC Me almost furgot. Ifin yous wanna be added to meez birffday pawrty post on November 2nd, purrlease send yous fotos to us at: by October 30, 2015. Da theme is Gone wiff da Wind. So ladies get out yous ball gowns and gents get out yous suits and dust ’em off. Ifin yous need help foto shoppin’ just send a clear foto of you and weez’ll get ya’ all dwessed up. Weez alweady have sum fotos comin’ in, and they look gawjus. Me weally hopes yous will all come to meez pawrty and celebwate wiff me.

Till da next time……………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi