Blest Sunday

It’s Blest Sunday and awe we ever Blest. Last week it started stormin’ sumfin’ pawful. We wondered when we might see da sun again. See fur days afur da storms started it had been overcast and gray outside. It wasn’t cold, just yucky. Then da storms came and it turned black. Da next few days made us think we lived in Alaska, and we started wonderin’ not only when we might see da sun again but when we might see daylight again. It was like 30 days of night round here. Okay so maybe it was only 4 but when day and night never change you start to go a bit stir crazy and lose all track of time.


These storms also came with high powered winds dat kept knockin’ out our internet. We would try to visit our furiends and it would take 2 and sometimes 3 times to load a site cuz we kept getting’ da no internet connection message. And tryin’ to leave a comment? OMC Dat was crazy. By Furiday we had all but given up on da catputer. Me was posed to be havin’ a blast at Cat Scouts but me kuldn’t comment at all. And da fotos mommy and me made fur our trip? Well they were all question marks and blanks. All our fotos and videos was fur dat matter. So da video mommy was posed to work on wasn’t there. Oh it was there, we just couldn’t see it. MOL 

 dw-LexineckoDSCN3701 (1280x958)

Finally on Caturday da storm let up fur a few hours and me was able to get into Cat Scouts and post a foto or two and let everypawdy know where we had been. And then we shut it down and played wiff mommy. It had turned cooler, wiff da days seein’ da low to mid 70’s and da nights in da low to mid 60’s. When we have this kind of weather mommy gets really slow and sis Lexi and me give her lots more massages. We finally went to bed Caturday and wondered what we might see when we woke up today.

 dw-LexiDSCN4014 (1256x1280)

When we finally got around this meownin’ it was like a scene right outta a Disney film. Da sun was peekin’ thru’ da clouds and we could imagine butterflies swarmin’ da plants and birds flittin’ round with twigs in their beaks fur nest makin’ and bunnies raidin’ gardens. And we could hear ‘da hills are alive with music’. We do have an active imagination, don’t we? MOL  We was just happy to see daylight and sunshine. Weez not sre how long it’s gunna last cuz we’re ‘spectin’ more of those storms, but at least fur today we have da sun. It’s kinda like nature knew it was Blest Sunday and showed up. And as always we are so blest to have each and every one of you in our lives.

dw-DeziDSCN4387 (1280x958)

Looks like mommy’s gunna be workin’ on dat video today. And workin’ on meez birthday party a little more too. Me really can’t wait. Ifin you wanna be included in meez birthday posty on November 2nd, purrlease send yous fotos by October 30, 2015 to:

 dw-Dezi Birthday invite

And you can still enter to win da pawsum Weruva Pumpkin Patch ups. Click here fur more info. on dat.


Till da next time………………………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi