Black Cats and Halloween

Well da week is half over already and so is da month. We saw sumfin’ last night dat said there was only 65 days left till Christmas. Yes there was a panicked gasp here in our house, how ‘bout yours? Mommy says she sure dusn’t remember time flyin’ by so fast when she was younger. Anyways, Christmas will be here soon enuff. We wanna talk today ‘bout halloween and black cats. We talked a little da other day ‘bout safety tips for you, your pets and your children, but today we wanna focus on the least adoptable color of kitties in shelters.

Pull up a chair and let me tell ya' a stowry.
Pull up a chair and let me tell ya’ a stowry.

Black kitties and cats still have a stigma attached to them. It’s hard to believe dat in 2016 these superstitions still purrsist. Oh they’re bad luck, or don’t cross da path of a black cat or you’ll die. We’ve actually heard these just this past year. Seems there was a stray black cat somewhere loose in our town. Unfortunately we never saw him/her, but enuff people did dat it was da talk of da town. Of course we tried to explain to these peeps ‘bout da pawsumness of these little black panthers, and we hope at least some of them heard us and changed their minds. You know black cats purr just da same as other cats and have just as much luv to give.

dw-LexichairFSCN5048 (719x800)
Da rescue didn’t want mommy to take in meez beautiful sis Lexi cuz she was “too” black. Mommy of course said Pshaw

And you know what they all want? They want the same thing da rest of us kitties do. A luvvin’ home, with laps and toys and hands for pettin’ and arms for holdin’ and beds for sleepin’ and food for eatin’. In exchange they’ll give ya’ luv unconditional, purrs a purrlenty and entertain you with their antics fur hours on end. And ifin you’re da home designer type, they fit into any color scheme of home décor. But purrlease, don’t adopt a black cat just to fit into your décor  or halloween decorations. They deserve a furever home with lots and lots of luv.


Now all dat bein’ said, this time of year can be very scary and dangerous for da sweet black kitties. Me knows we like to think dat those groups who gather and make animal sacrifices are a thing of da past or are only in da movies, but alas, they still exist today. And halloween is a big night fur them. Black cats, all white cats and even da woofies are ask risk from these groups.


But maybe da biggest risk comes from bored teens and problem kids. And unfortunately almost every neighborhood has at least one of these. Mommy says no one can be more cruel than an experimenting bored teen. We prefur not to go into the details ‘bout what kinds of things they have done to these sweet helpless kitties, but needless to say da shelter would be a far better place fur da kitties and jail fur da teens. (just our opinion)

A lot of da shelters and rescues round here won’t adopt out black kitties in da month of October, and some do but they are very careful ‘bout da homes they’re placed in. Ifin you have a sweet black panther in your home, purrlease keep them inside and safe durin’ this season. And ifin you have any feral or stray black kitties in your neighborhood, maybe you kuld let them stay in your garage or screened in porch for da night of halloween and surrounding nights. Maybe the ferals won’t be all dat happy bein’ closed in, but at least they’ll be safe. And you know, sometimes mommys do know best and do things we don’t like fur our own good.

Wha’cha lookin’ at sissy?

So me guesses what we wanna say today is keep da black kitties safe this season, and da next time you’re lookin’ to adopt a sweet little purr pal, take a second and even third look at da black cat starin’ at ya’ from inside dat cage. They just might be your soul mate or as some peeps call it, your heart kitty. We have lots of black kitty furiends, but mommy didn’t get it together enuff to ask ’bout sharin’, and she tried to make me black, but as you know her foto editin’ skills are really limited. MOL

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Do you take extra steps to insure the safety of your black cats at this time of year?

Till da next time…………………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi