TruFood With Punkin’

Well weez took most of yesfurday off to take care of sum business wound da house. We have a mumfflly ‘spection comin’ up on Wednesday and mommy wanted to do sum research on meez condition. Mommy still has to run da vacuum but most of da house got finished. She didn’t however get much research dun. So weez purrobly gunna be a little scarce this week while she twies to figger out more ‘bout this Sterile Cystitis. Da battle is on wound meez food plate while she be twyin’ to make hers changes. Da RX food samples da VET sent home wiff us went over like a lead bwick. Me didn’ get any closer than 2 feet fwum da plate and me knew it wasn’t wight. Me wuldn’t even eat da wet noms cuz they was in a plate beside ‘em. So finally on Monday meownin’ mommy finally gave in and gave me sum of meez BB kibble. But she snuck sum of da Nutrish she bought fur sis Lexi when we was twyin’ to get her to gain weight. Yous know, dwy noms be way more fattenin’ than canned. Mommy sez hers next play will be a doozy. Me dusn’t know what she plans on twyin’, but meez sure we awe in fur anuvver battle. MOL


Speakin’ of food, weez got to twy sum weally pawsum food fur Chewy this mumff. Lots of our furiends have been talkin’ ‘bout da new Wellness TruFood Tasty Pairings and now we got to try them out. We got da Chicken, Pumpkin and Turkey Tasty Pairings to try. You know it be punkin’ season so it’s only wight we twy out da punkin’ flavor. These TruFood Tasty Pairings come in 3 ounce tubs and six different flavors. They be wheat and grain free and layered. Protein on da top and da pumpkin fwuit on da bottom. Course when mommy turns it out on da plate they be da udder way wound. MOL They have no fillers, no artificial purrservatives, colors or flavors.

 dw-DSCN5158 (640x479)

dw-DSCN5159 (640x479)

They seem a little spongy when turned out of the container, but once broken up you can clearly see da shwedded meat. Of course mommy added a little water to them and made it a bit bwothier/soupier fur us. So, what did we fink of da Wellness Tru Food Tasty Pairings? Well sis Lexi gobbled it down. She loved every last bite and even asked fur seconds. WooHoo 4 paws up fwum sissy. Me, well me luvved da punkin’, but me only picked wound da meat. It was still a little spongy fur me. But mommy keeps offerin’ it to me specially since meez needs to change up meez diet. So me gives ‘em 2 paws up cuz da punkin’ be gweat. Purrlenty yummy.

 dw-DSCN5160 (640x480)

dw-DSCN5161 (640x555)
Lookit dat punkin’.

What duz mommy fink ‘bout ‘em? Mommy sez she gives 2 fumms up to anyfin’ eever of us will eat dat has such gweat ingwedients. So there ya’ have it, 2 fumms up fwum mommy. Chewy has lots of pawtastic purroducts fur da pet in yous house, auto delivery and flat rate or free shippin’. So yous might wanna check ‘em out fur yous selff. And gwab yous own Wellness TruFood Tasty Pairings while yous there.

 dw-DSCN5163 (640x480)

Disclaimer: As part of da Chewy Blogger progwam we received these noms in exchange fur our honest opinion. Chewy nor Wellness be respawnsible fur da view expwessed here. Our opiniouns awe our own. We only bwing you purroducts dat we use or have twied ourselves and fink wuld be of innerest to you our furiends and readers.

Till da next time…………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi