Blest Sunday

Well it’s time fur anuvver Blest Sunday posty. Our favowit posty of da week. We like to give fanks each and every day fur our many blessings, and we like to dedicate our Sunday post to dat very fing. And even tho’ weez got sum not so good news this week dat weez gunna tell ya’ ‘bout today, we awe still so very blest, cuz now we be awrmed wiff da infurmation we need to beat this.

Pull up a chair and let me tell ya' a stowry.
Pull up a chair and let me tell ya’ a stowry.

So as you know me went to see a new VET on Furiday. We haven’t been happy wiff our current VET cuz we just don’t feel like hims duin’ hims job weally. Well since sis Lexi got da CKD at da furst of da year, any money we get goes towards hers VET visits, medicines and generally takin’ care of her. So when me got a black spot tween meez shoulder blades dat gwu, mommy didn’t know zactly what to do ‘cept purray. And then as you know one of our fcebook awnties called us and sed she had a feelin’, and gave mommy da money to take me to da VET. Mommy called wound and found one she fawt might be good (da hospital’s been in business fur 50 years) and made a pointment. By da time meez pointment rolled wound meez black spot had stawrted getting’ smaller, but mommy fawt “better safe than sowry.”

Wha'choo talkin' 'bout mommy?!
Wha’choo talkin’ ’bout mommy?!

When we awwived da girly at da fwunt desk was weally nice. Da place had just been bought by one of da yunger VETs and they were in da middle of a re-model. We were put in a room dat was a bit of a mess. Altho’ da exam table was made of marble and nice and clean, da sink had moldy water in it and a big sign dat sed, “Don’t use.” Ever hopeful, we waited and a nice girly came in and sed she was doctor Yauks’ tech. She bwought in da micwochip scanner and read meez chip and then sed da doctor wuld be wiff us in a minute. All da while da bawrkin’ dogs was makin’ me a bit stwessed. They seemed to be wight outside da door. 30 minutes later da doctor finally came in wiff yet anudder girly and asked what meez purroblem was. They discussed meez black spot and examined it and it turns out it was just a bwuise dat was alweady goin’ away. But duwin’ da talkin’ back and furff it was decided dat since we was gunna be payin’ fur a full exam me shuld have one. And based on sum of da fings mommy descwibed it was decided me needed a urinalysis. And now’s when everyfin’ turns bad.


Da VET announces to mommy dat they awe gunna take me in da back and draw urine. And mommy sez, “Alright, but I’ll be going with you.” Oh no, they sed. We don’t let people in the back area. Well after what sis Lexi went fwu havin’ hers blood drawn mommy sed then and there dat there was no way on God’s earff any of hers babies wuld ever have to go fwu dat again, and dat she wuldn’t let anypawdy take us outta hers sight. So da VET sed, “Well let us go back here and talk.” We waited anuvver 5 minutes while they talked, but we almost just up and left. Mommy don’t like sneaky. And what happened to da cutesy little tech dat furst came in? Sumfin’ ain’t wight in Denmawk, as they say. Anyways, 5 minutes later they came back in wiff da purrtable sonogwam and a syringe and sed they wuld draw da urine in da room.

dw-DezistrollerIMG_1653 (800x600)

And dat’s when da next bad happened. Dat 2nd little tech gwabbed up meez awrms and yanked me away fwum mommy. Meez Hisssssssssed and Growled and then bit da fire outta her. As ifin meez not alweady stwessed enuff, she kulda asked or even been a little more gentle. And mommy told them dat was unacceptable. Do yous know what their response was? Well our insurance covers us but not you. We’d rather she bite us than you. And mommy sed, “She didn’t have to bite anyone. If you’d just act a little more compassionate and treat us like you value us.” Mommy stwoked meez face and told me it wuld be alwight and me calmed down a bit so they kuld get da urine. They slathered me up wiff alcohol so sissy was sure to hate me and stuck me. Then dat nasty little tech dwopped me on da table. Don’t worry, me whacky clawed hers good as she twied to escape. Notice me sed clawed? Well dat’s cuz all claws was extended. Yep dat’s completely A-typical of a Ragdoll and me, but hey, she asked fur it.

dw-DezistrollerIMG_1648 (800x600)

Anuvver 20 minutes later and da VET was back in da room wiff a $20.00 bag of food and tellin’ mommy she needed to run more tests on meez pee but dat fings wusn’t lookin’ gweat. Mommy told hers me wasn’t gunna eat dat Hill’s RX food and she wasn’t gunna be feedin’ it to me. Da VET then told mommy me was inflamed and in pain. Well dat made mommy cwy cuz hers wuld never want me to hurt. So they sold us sum pain meds and anti-inflammatory meds and sed they wuld call us on Caturday.

Turns out me has what ended up killin’ sis Lexi’s bwofur Lucky, meez just not dat bad yet. And turns out da culpwit be meez favowit guilty purrleasure Blue Buffalo Kibble. Meez too much da carnivore, and accordin’ to da VET, this is common these days among kitty BB eaters. Me has what’s called Sterile Cystitis. Me dusn’t have a UTI and there’s no blood in meez urine, BUT, meez pee pH is way off da chawrts and me kuld develop stones and get blocked and/or require surgery. Mommy feels pawful fur not knowin’ sumfin’ was wrong and dat me was in pain. Weez gunna list a few of da symptoms dat yous might not realize be tellin’ ya’ sumfin’ is wrong.

Purrlease just take me home mommy. Me dusn't like it here.
Purrlease just take me home mommy. Me dusn’t like it here.

Ifin yous kitty be backed up to anyfin’ wiff a stwaight up tail dat looks tense and kinda wiggles, see a VET. Me gets so happy sumtimes dat me duz this a lot, but it also be a sign dat sumfin’ be wrong.

And as always, ifin yous kitty be urinatin’ outside da box, or stwainin’ while twyin’ to urinate, callin’ out while in da pawdee box or you notice blood in da urine, DON’T WAIT, Take yous kitty to da VET. Keep an eye on yous kitty’s urine. It be one of da bestest signs of their healff. Too little or too much is also a sign of a purroblem as is excessive dwinkin’.

Da total was $93.35. Mommy whited out da purrsonal info. But ds test results we wanted a copy of they typed into our receipt and sent it to us.
Da total was $93.35. Mommy whited out da purrsonal info. But ds test results we wanted a copy of they typed into our receipt and sent it to us.

So all this means dat me has to dwink more water, change meez diet to lower meez purrotein intake dat will level meez pee pH out and be re-tested to monitor meez urine pH. Now yous askin’ yous selff what’s da blessin’ in all this wight? Well furst, ifin not fur da black spot what was a bwuise, mommy wuldn’t have wanted to take me to da VET. And ifin not fur meez awnty Anonymous we wuldn’t have had da money fur me to see da VET and have da test dun. And had we not gone to da VET, we wuldn’t have known this is anudder bad one and we need to keep lookin’. And ifin we hadn’t found out me had a purroblem, me kulda ended up wiff sumfin’ very very bad or worse. So yes, mommy be a little distwaught and cwyin’ a lot wight now, but hers is fankin’ God above dat me will be okay and dat we can fix this. Me is terribly finicky so givin’ up meez guilty purrleasure is not gunna be easy. There will be resistance. Me kuld use all da purrayers you can spare. And ifin any of you have any sperience wiff this we wuld weally purreciate any advice you have. You can email us via our contact page.


Now on to even better fings, meez 6ff birffday. Member to send me yous fotos to: by October 30, 2015 to be included in meez Birffday posty on November 2nd. Da theme is Gone Wiff da Wind. Ifin yous need help wiff da foto shoppin’ purrlease send a clear foto of yous selff and weez’ll get ya’ all dwessed up.

Till da next time……………………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi